Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4186

This fellow daoist, this treasure auction what's the matter?” Walks on going to the road of auction, Hancheng main is asking to that cultivator. Cheng Family every half year in a treasure building that cultivates true virtue the small town holds treasure auction a time, these was time to then be one's turn this Yunnan and Guizhou small town.” This cultivator said. „Does that this treasure auction really have many treasures? What treasure is?” Hong Cheng lord to ask. This may be many, has many things in any case is useful to our these high rank cultivator. Therefore now cultivates true virtue the person in small town one by one, even is Cultivation World knows that the news cultivator, had arrived at the Yunnan and Guizhou small town.” This cultivator are Unification Stage cultivator, says high rank cultivator, pours also appropriately. Several cities main looked at several mutually, can let the high rank cultivator useful thing, it seems like also was really some treasures. „Is that this treasure auction everyone can participate casually?” Asking of Han rich doubts. This auction not every cultivates true virtue the small town to hold, but merely is only a Yunnan and Guizhou small town city. But Secular World these cultivate true virtue the small town, each city so lively, is gathering massive cultivator. Even if only all cultivator of Yunnan and Guizhou small town can participate, picture that does not dare to imagine. Moreover, although that treasure building seems like very huge, but absolutely is impossible to accommodate so many people.Of course not, since is the treasure auction, the thing that then auctions naturally basically was also the treasure. Ordinary cultivator cannot afford these treasures, even if went were still not meaningful. Therefore, wants to attend this treasure congress, wants the right and wrong richly the expensive/noble person, therefore enters the treasure building to need to pay ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s). ” This cultivator answered. What? Ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s)? Enters merely?” People one startled, was this Cheng Family too heart black?

Enters the auction to want ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) merely, their what does not do, gained was full? Right, must hand over ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) to enter. However, if you patted the goods in the auction market, in the goods price that this ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) since you pat subtracted directly. This was equivalent has not collected your admission!” cultivator answered. That has not patted to the thing?” Gansu Tang asked. Has not patted, this ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) naturally cannot draw back again to you!” cultivator said. „ Was this Cheng Family too heart also black? Even if really has many treasures to take the auction, but absolutely is impossible to make everyone pat? Do this most people want to give Cheng Family to send out ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) in vain? ” The Gansu city lords said.Words cannot say, with everyone's enthusiasm to Cheng Family this treasure auction, if not raise this threshold, that does not know that will have many people to go into the auction market. A ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) threshold seems like, although is very high, but truly limited person who does not have the resources auction. Let alone, others do not compel you to go, if you do not give up this ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s), no one will demand you to go to look! ” That cultivator looks that Gansu Tang's look has several points to despise. Obviously, he thinks that this person including ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) unable to leave, although cultivation base is higher than them, but was poorer than him. Who said that I did not give up this ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s), I thought the Cheng Family behavior went too far. If their auction goods cannot sell, full that they also gain same.” Saying that Gansu Tang somewhat become angry out of shame. The lord of his solemn city, was looked down upon in this small Yunnan and Guizhou small town unexpectedly, was really is too angry.

Therefore I had said a moment ago, Cheng Family has not compelled others to go. Cheng Family main had said personally, their treasure resources are being Cheng Family have made the person preparation of contribution to these. Considering that is not everyone has enough time or the ability makes the duty, wants directly with the person who Spirit Stone(s) purchases the resources. Therefore, he is willing to put out part of treasures to be used to auction, can have the opportunity of treasure to everyone rapidly. Therefore, person who preparation this treasure auction itself to benefit these has the demand. If everyone wants to go to watch the fun, that did not need. ” cultivator said. Snort! What benefits everyone, nothing but was cheap also showed off cleverness, is it possible that did he also really work as himself the sage? If he is so good, that also auctions anything, issued everyone is not good these treasures directly!” Saying that a Gansu Tang face disdains. He does not believe Cheng Yu is really what good person, bad people are bad everywhere, Cheng Yu is not a sage. Different does not seek, hopes that you one will arrive at the treasure building also to dare to speak, senior said goodbye, will be latter indefinite.” Hears the Gansu city main to disparage Cheng Family and Cheng Family lord repeatedly, this cultivator some hears, one says goodbye submissively then leaves. Saw that the opposite party walked, these city main complexion some are unattractive. Their status is honored, today is actually despised by Unification Stage cultivator repeatedly, in the heart is really angry. But in this city, they do not want to bring to the attention of too many, if were discovered the status by some people, they were very awkward. This fellow is really rampant, here is Secular World, I guarantee him exactly today!” The Gansu city main anger said. By Unification Stage to the resentment, he did not have the opportunity of counter-attack, in heart that air/Qi!

Ok, here is not our domains, do not cause trouble.” The Hancheng lords said. It seems like this Cheng Family is really also popular!” Hong Cheng lord to sigh.What is popular, I looked that will be that fellow will drum up support very much actually real. Causes such a duty the strategy, making many people profit in Cheng Family, they were naturally deeply grateful to Cheng Family. Now adds anything person who to benefit these is not willing to make the duty, but puts out some resources to come with everyone to share intentionally, I! Did he also really regard himself the sage? ” Gansu Tang continues the angry say/way. I looked that was not this Cheng Yu works as the sage oneself, but was he wants others to regard the sage him!” The Hancheng lords said. Therefore everyone understands why now we do want to inform our back influences this matter? If they do not intend to help us suppress Cheng Family, their prestige will be only getting better and better, when the time comes everyone thinks they are the good people, was sold must help him count money.” Hong Cheng lord to say. Right, truly should suppress the Cheng Family imposing manner, makes them make again, feared after is, they must appropriate to oneself Cultivation World!” The Gansu city lords said. Now he approves Hong Cheng zhu idea, he to Cheng Family is the hatred, only hopes that this Cheng Family can deteriorate immediately, looked that they also so put on airs! txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: