Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4187

Suppresses the Cheng Family imposing manner certainly to want, but do we also want to take a look at this treasure auction now?” cloud Chengzhu said. Goes! Why doesn't go? I must have a look at his Cheng Family to have what treasure but actually to take to deceive everyone. What if they take is not the treasure, when the time comes we happen to let Cheng Family taking this opportunity before everyone embarrassed, we take advantage of opportunity to reveal the masks of their hypocritical person again!” The Gansu city lords said. But we , if not auction the thing, must give Cheng Family ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) in vain. Moreover here, but twenty individuals, in other words, we at least need to give for nothing Cheng Yu more than 200,000 Spirit Stone(s), this Spirit Stone(s) also is really good to gain!” Some city lords said. Their admission want more than 200,000, this quite therefore they gained Spirit Stone(s) that in vain gathers Yuan pill. What means, if we do not enter the auction market, how also to reveal Cheng Family?” The Gansu city lords said. This, since is a treasure auction, perhaps we really can also meet some good things, therefore I thought it is necessary to go to have a look very much. After all this thing a half year one time, since happen to meets now, is not the fate, did not go to be somewhat a pity actually!” The Hancheng lords said. What the Hancheng lords said that this Cheng Family may really have many good things. Before didn't we want to be with Spirit Stone(s) purchase? Now is not just right, if meets these to be useful to us, this is also a good opportunity!” Other city lords said. But we were to think to be able the half price to buy these rare and precious resources before, now entered the auction market, even if we can pat, perhaps still under flower large sum of money, even be higher than compared with the market in comes!” Hong Cheng lord to say.That has what means that has the resources that big uses to us, originally is the scarce resources. Every so often, even if you want to spend the large sum of money to ask, is not necessarily able to ask. Now happen to makes us come across this treasure auction, does not have a look, if really missed some good things? ” The Hancheng lords said. Such being the case, everyone goes quickly, otherwise the auction started, the good thing to make others pat.” Some city main impatient saying. Although must give Cheng Family ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) in vain, but regarding their sale prices, but also really does not lack this Spirit Stone(s). If can pat to again to own practicing helpful treasure, what relations even if multi- flowered ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) also do have? When these city lords arrive at the treasure building, the auction has not started, but outside the treasure building is actually arranging many people.

Although this auction enters the stadium to hand over ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s), person but who can auction the treasure, how can also miss this money? Also, everyone for and other auctions, that simply is a suffering. From the first treasure auction, now the fifth time is, in other words, this treasure auction starts to appear before two -and-a-half years. Moreover, many people who today arrive at have also attended the first five auctions. This means that in addition today this time, they were only pay the admission to have 50,000. However, these had many people to attend several auctions, an admiring thing has not actually patted. Naturally, is not they do not want to pat, person but who can attend this auction, was really rich. Therefore, the thing that they settle on was patted finally by others. Because of this, many people for today's auction, that prepared six months. In half year time, accumulates Spirit Stone(s) that many people do everything possible. Even some people, unexpectedly are crazy receives the Cheng Family duty. Although their duties cannot receive in exchange for Spirit Stone(s), but they can receive in exchange for the resources that some do not limit the quantity with the contribution, then attains the market to sell these resources. Moreover, every so often they in the process of duty, will obtain a lot of duty goods, however the Cheng Family duty quantity only needs part, then they can also take to sell the unnecessary duty goods.

In fact, this treasure auction for the person who to give is not willing to make the duty, but net worth rich person preparation. Regarding person who is willing to make the duty, actually trades with the contribution is cheap. But some people must have the assignment to receive in exchange for Spirit Stone(s), that is because they discovered, at the treasure auction has many resources is Cheng Family does not have with the resources list of contribution exchange. But in these resources exchange lists no resources are they need exactly, therefore they can only gain through such way. Therefore, regarding cultivator, the resources that sometimes to gain oneself needs, truly need so Resorting to all means. Actually, regarding such person, Cheng Family did not oppose. Because this has not affected the Cheng Family fundamental interests . Moreover, resources that since does not limit the quantity, regardless of after they exchange, is used to make anything, they will not interfere. In fact, even they limit the quantity to exchange the goods, how they will not interfere with the opposite party to use. For example breaks through pill, everyone most exchanges three grains, but same level cultivation base pill everyone most exchanges one grain. These exchange records will keep their status jade sign as well as in their Cheng Family record jade Jane/simple, pours does not fear others many collars. As for breaking through pill, if the user used one grain to break through successfully, that remaining was naturally useless, naturally can be used to trade. But same level cultivation base pill everyone actually can only use one time, even two grains are still useless, therefore Cheng Family everyone can only exchange with limited quantity one time.

However, has gotten this cultivation base pill's person, Cheng Family will not request absolutely is he uses or trades give others. They have led one time in any case, oneself use also well, selling to others was also good, that was their things, because they will want to exchange will not permit again. Therefore wants regarding these using the person who the Cheng Family resources make money, generally, they choose the resources that these do not limit the quantity to take away to sell. After all can only exchange resources like this everyone with limited quantity time, if sold to others, although gained many Spirit Stone(s), really but loses is actually they. cultivation base pill do use not well? Why can sell to others? Takes Spirit Stone(s) that is selling, buys a grain of same cultivation base pill to Cultivation World again, perhaps also many Spirit Stone(s). Therefore, these people are not silly, if must sell, will be will not exchange the limit resources to sell absolutely. Although is still lining up to hand over Spirit Stone(s) to enter, but many people have been ready to fight, the whole face is excited, the eyes shone. Obviously many people are quite confident to this auction, seems like confident to the resources that oneself admire. However, the person who lining up enters although are many, but the person who comes this to watch the fun are also many. Although they do not hate flowered ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) to enter the auction market to look, however joins in the fun outside. It seems like we also were really underestimated the Cheng Family the attraction of rallying point and this auction!” These city lords see so the scene, exclaims. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: