Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4188

Is so, more proved this auction is real, otherwise is absolutely impossible to attract so many people!” The Hancheng lords said. This Cheng Family also is really fierce, so many people wait to enter, their auctions conduct, feared that was light/only this admission already not under tens of millions Low Grade Spirit Stone(s).” Saw that the entrance enters a person to put out ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) to come every time, in these city main hearts that envies. Feared that also continues this number, what now we see is only has not entered the arena, before feared already going in many people.” Hong Cheng zhu also envies saying. Perhaps ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) they will not have watched, but after several million even over a hundred million Low Grade Spirit Stone(s), they may have no way not to envy. This, if these people of income field fee/spent taking by force, that gained in a big way!” Has saying that the city lords eyes are red. „Who do you have a look at these are? Dares to take by force them? Feared that does not want to live!” Hancheng main is referring to several old men who around the entrance stood to the people. Crossing Tribulation Stage expert?” Sees that four people, the people are startled immediately. Right, I somewhat understand now actually beforehand that Unification Stage cultivator to those words that we spoke is what meaning. Here presented Crossing Tribulation Stage unexpectedly, it seems like Cheng Family also really attaches great importance.” Hancheng main face heavy saying. Cheng Family Crossing Tribulation Stage is not unusual, matter that even it can be said that everyone knows. Why? Because Cultivation World most influences had submitted Cheng Family, particularly first ten Great Sects, have the larger part to belong to under Cheng Family. These schools have the Crossing Tribulation Stage old ancestor, therefore Cheng Family has the Crossing Tribulation Stage expert is not the important matter. However Cheng Family actually sent here to come these Crossing Tribulation Stage experts, this actually some accidental/surprised. Really are they are also afraid some people to dare to snatch their Spirit Stone(s)?

Thinks carefully, today participates in cultivator of this auction is high rank cultivator, will not present some Crossing Tribulation Stage experts unavoidably. If by some chance some people want to cause trouble, few Crossing Tribulation Stage expert assumes personal command here, perhaps really could not have pressed this gathering place. Even the Crossing Tribulation Stage experts appeared, it seems like we cannot give Cheng Family to be embarrassed!” Gansu city main complexion somewhat ugly saying. Originally also plan, if this auction no rare thing time, they also plan to reveal the Cheng Family hypocritical face. But now looks like, even Cheng Family the auction is unsatisfactory, or does not have good of that imagination, they do not dare to find fault again casually. Otherwise, these Crossing Tribulation Stage experts are are not a vegetarian absolutely, perhaps could not eat to make them capture, that really lost face. Although we possibly cannot give Cheng Family to be embarrassed again as scheduled, perhaps but this auction is also worth participating. Ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s), go to have a look also to might as well.” Hancheng main indifferent saying. Cheng Family took seriously this auction, perhaps obviously this auction really had any important treasure. If by some chance really patted the treasure, who also had the thoughts to go with Cheng Family to haggle over. However, in the speech that they spoke softly, two Crossing Tribulation Stage old men were actually looked toward them suddenly, that swift and fierce look actually frightened them to jump. Everyone do not speak at a venture again, these Crossing Tribulation Stage expert are very fearful!” Sees the look of opposite party, everyone flash frightened, thinks that the opposite party listened to their words the ear. Sees this situation, these cities main do not dare to speak at a venture, honest standing lines up behind others. The person of going were getting more and more, the person who outside lines up also tailed off slowly. These surround the person who watches the fun to see that these people are generous, ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) as if are several stones is in their eyes ordinary, in the heart that envies the envy to hate.

Their strengths were inferior to others even if, what is pitiful, they are still inferior to others the financial resource. Naturally, sometimes the height of strength decided many of wealth. After all resources low rank cultivator of many worth are does not get so far as, but high rank cultivator can get so far as. Therefore high rank cultivator compared with low rank cultivator richly is also very normal. However, this is not absolute, rich low rank cultivator is also has plenty of such people, but is hard to meet. Moreover, even if really has, these people still will be quite generally low-key. The strength is not high also the financial resource to be astonishing, isn't this motion treasure house? Who saw feared can have the thoughts! Naturally more than 20 city lords turn in ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s), smoothly entered later of treasure building, exclaims in surprise this treasure building giant auction market. Buyer seat Yigong has five, the first back row be higher than compared with the front, therefore the following buyer does not need to be worried unable to see the goods in auction market. This auction market also is really magnificent, counts, the person of coming in feared that was already more than ten thousand people?” Saying that cloud Chengzhu exclaims in surprise. I estimate am also, uppermost two are the theater boxes, does not know that is any people!” Hong Cheng zhu raised the head, unceasing is sizing up this giant bidding block. Has saying that the atmosphere of this bidding block, even if their Level 1 City have no way to compare. This absolutely was they have seen the biggest bidding block! Generally speaking, their Level 1 City bidding block also two, most three, below is the ordinary auctioneer, above two are the theater boxes, is some status honored people prepares.

Obviously, on this two theater boxes also prepare for some honored people, does not know that these honored people were any people, curious. „After coming, everyone do not speak at a venture again, that four Crossing Tribulation Stage expert also came, everyone is more careful, so as to avoid some words listened to hear by them, brings in the fatal disaster to oneself!” Sits, Hancheng main reminded the big family fortune again. People cautious looked at one toward the four corners of conference site, really saw these four Crossing Tribulation Stage old men. However, before looked at they that two Crossing Tribulation Stage experts to visit them at this time unexpectedly, frightened they lowered immediately, does not dare to look again randomly. What won't that two old fogies hear? Always why is staring at us?” Saying of some Gansu city main fears. Before he now some regrets, these words that spoke, oneself before had for fear that said these were heard by them to the Cheng Family not good words. „Have they heard do not know, but we now do not speak at a venture again.” The Hancheng main reminder said. Got it, everyone attended the auction honestly.” The Gansu city main does not dare is not dishonest now, does not dare to have over Cheng Family any dissatisfaction and disdaining. txt downloading address: Cell phone reading: