Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4527
reckless Feirong they lead everyone to hurry to toward the mountain on, the enormous and powerful 70,000-80,000 people, want climbing mountains quietly radically are the impossible things.

Therefore they do not need to hide, climbed mountains directly frankly and uprightly. In their opinion, the four evil people on mountain noticed that so many people climb mountains, will have two choices inevitably. Either before they have not climbed mountains runs away from the mountain, either is prepares for and their hard war. If had the first situation, no one does not meet happily. However, they also know that four person estimates are impossible to run away. Therefore, their big probability is to face the second situation. Therefore although everyone walking hurriedly on road of climbing mountains, is everyone at heart actually very anxious. Even if since the wild animal or the bird jump out or fly from the forest, their can frighten, even also some people suddenly toward having the place of sound will act, obviously they will have anxiously how. However, they have a dream do not think, now on mountain actually not just four people, but more than 2000 are waiting for them personally. Moreover more than 2000 people two unusual animals wars that after Profound Heaven Sect and Cheng Yu emit fortunately survives. 20,000 people that model/pattern elder they bring had 2000 many Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator, the remaining more than 10,000 people are Great Ascension Stage cultivator, moreover these Great Ascension Stage cultivator are also in toward choosing elite. Can in the person who under the unusual animals fortunately survives, that is elite middle elite, therefore among more than 2000 people majority is Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator, at least accounted for over 60%. In other words, among more than 2000 people at least more than 1200 people are Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator. Although from the population, they also more than 2000 individuals, is from the strength, their 70,000-80,000 people basic on the insufficient families stops up gap between teeth. After all in the middle of their these 70,000-80,000 people, the Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator population are not most over 1000 people, moreover these people are also the worthless people, even the companion, said them like reckless Feirong and Luo Yong, as well as not gentle and mild and became them high, after all was only a few, many people came and went freely. Even if these people gathered, still merely is only a population sum total, cannot form the true alliance battle efficiency. The model/pattern elder their these people of were but different, they may be the well-trained teams completely, everyone is also the brothers of risking one's life. So many experts make a move together, these people even again many, so long as does not exceed the limits of these people, they are the dead ends.Everyone, we are not far from the summit now, everyone gets ready for action. Our enemies are the four evil people on mountain, although their strengths are very strong, but everyone don't certainly be upset, must maintain the unity.

Only then we unite, we can kill them. If some people run away quietly, we must defeat without doubt, when the time comes harms and is not only others, you. Moreover, if our fights does not massacre these four people, then the treasure on this immortal mirror mountain missed with us, therefore everyone must insist, must unite, cannot flinch absolutely! ” reckless Feirong saw has soon arrived at the summit, suddenly stopped, is exhorting to everyone said. Actually he himself is also very anxious, do not look that he has 70,000-80,000 people behind. But his at heart not how much energy. Let alone they are the people of head, if really bumped into that four evil people, their these brothers bear the brunt surely, the danger is highest. reckless Senior please feel relieved, we can certainly massacre that four evil people!” The response of many people sound said. I believe that by everyone's uniting, can certainly massacre their four people!” reckless Feirong sees most people to coordinate very much, but part seems not coordinates very much, the self-confidence of although on the mouth saying, but actually some worried at heart. He knows, 70,000-80,000 people are impossible completely with their heart. Especially not gentle and mild they, so long as they are willing to strive with everyone together are biggest help them. If they have other thoughts again, will unable to do well will only go bad their important matter. To them, now not only need capture the treasure, must revenge for Laosi fifth child. Moreover revenges is most important, after all so many people must snatch the treasure, can snatch the treasure the opportunity is not truly many. Therefore, he must revenging to put the first place, the treasure does not snatch not to relate, but this enmity must report. Therefore these people can be said as their biggest depended on, he does not want any condition. You must be careful, that four fellows are not easy to cope, if the situation is not right, must first assure own security!” Looks that reckless Feirong they lead the person to continue toward the summit to go, not gentle and mild reminded to tall to become and slow Yuan. Relax, by individual strength, we is not the opponent of that four person. But by our strengths, the self-preservation is will definitely not have the issue!” slow Yuan very self-confident saying. Previous war actually they also participated, is only they not with Cheng Yu their head confrontation. They saw situation not to later early descended the mountain smooth. Therefore although they their four people have not fought with Cheng Yu, has very clear experience to their strengths, is insufficient anything not to understand.First should not be so full, these follows difference that words saying time a time, if we really want to keep on this mountain to compete for the treasure, we cannot descend the mountain again smooth like the previous time. Therefore this we have the possibility to fight with that four people time directly, this is very dangerous matter, is not jokes! ” don't gentle and mild serious saying.

Truly, the previous time is because Cheng Yu their strengths are too terrifying, has a scare everyone, therefore everyone was chaotic at that time, everyone is thinking escaping. But this difference, everyone had known Cheng Yu their fearfulness, but for the treasure, everyone gathers together, the preparation they massacres Cheng Yu together. If not massacre Cheng Yu they, they have not robbed the treasure absolutely the opportunity. Therefore this they cannot think time again ran away, but really must with everyone together altogether onset and retreat, with Cheng Yu their true war. Boss felt relieved not, we know these people are not very simple, but we are not silly, if really cannot fight them, we won't run away?” slow Yuan said. Regarding reckless Feirong words, they will not care. Without the condition, they are willing to unite actually. But if own life had been threaten, the wizard will unite with others. If oneself died, even if when the time comes the remaining people they massacred Cheng Yu, that is also useful? Therefore, with other compared with, no own life was more important. He not silly sacrificed own interests for everyone's interest, this is absolutely the impossible matter. You understand well!” don't gentle and mild nods had not said again. Although they do not know reckless Feirong their abacus, but their goals actually merely are only the treasures that has not been born. If they cannot massacre Cheng Yu they, they also can only choose to give up the treasure, therefore wants the situation is not right, they can choose to retreat momentarily. But regarding reckless Feirong them, they can give up the treasure, actually must massacre the Cheng Yu four people. The summit of immortal mirror mountain is very big, they think that everyone must look for a long time can find them, what has not thought that when reckless Feirong they bring everyone is arriving at the summit, Cheng Yu their four people above have been waiting for them, this surprises them somewhat actually. Compares in Von elder their three people, a Cheng Yu person is actually the distant stand their rear areas, making people helpless. You came finally!” Feng Elder looks at reckless Feirong they, said with a smile. „Are you waiting for us?” reckless Feirong looks at Feng elder their three people, at heart some doubts. These fellows really so calm, their real strengths had been in very terrifying situation, for example to flying upwards Immortal World only had the one pace?

But if they had really arrived at this boundary, what treasure do they also come to snatch with everyone? If they have not arrived at this situation, why they can the so calm free, confident appearance? They altogether on four people, stand in rear Cheng Yu in addition by far, their four person everyone eyes then can see, this does not have any schemes and tricks completely. Are they so really self-confident about oneself strength? Otherwise you think that what we do make here?” model/pattern Elder said with a smile. Snort! No matter I you really are so self-confident, I so many people you also saw behind. You of knowing the limitation hurry to roll to descend the mountain, do not hit this treasure again the idea. Otherwise, but do not blame our these tens of thousands brothers not to show mercy to you!” reckless Feirong adjusted an own mood, looks that Feng elder their three people said. They must massacre these four people, but this goal they cannot other to know. Because they are very clear, others to treasure. If these people are willing to reconcile, these people are not definitely willing to intend to massacre these four people again. Therefore as soon as he opens the mouth not to plan to reconcile, gave directly let the condition that these four people were impossible to accept. By the strengths and dispositions of these four people, they possibly really accept his condition, gives up the treasure descending the mountain? But gentle and mild of not their not far away heard his words to reckless Feirong, actually frowns, at heart indistinctly somewhat anxious. We will not descend the mountain, but you could rest assured that we will not make you descend the mountain!” Feng Elder said with a smile. You really think your four people can keep off is occupied by our so many people?” Sees Feng elder appearance, Qiu Wenbin gets angry said. Who told you, did we only have four people?” Feng elder somewhat self-satisfied saying with a smile.