Godly Student - Volume 7 - Chapter 4528
What do you mean?” reckless Feirong facial expression, hurries to observe the situation to all around, has not actually discovered others.

Haha, is no interesting, I want to say that, copes with you, Our family Young Master does not need to act!” Feng Chang Boss said with a smile. You planned that three people do deal with our so many people?” Heard a Feng elder such saying, a Qiu Wenbin heart loosen, looks that Feng Elder said. Originally thinks that these fellows have the ambush on the mountain, but saw Cheng Yu stand is so far, originally is he does not plan to act, this may really be good. People also after listening to the words of Feng elder, the whole person mood obviously relaxed. After all the previous many had seen Cheng Yu acts, his strength absolutely also want powerful many compared with these three people. Originally everyone dreads Cheng Yu's specially, now hears he will not act, at least the nervousness stabilized half. Haha, met you to know.” But how Feng Elder will also tell them the truth! Finally his words were the heart that made everyone just put hung unexpectedly all of a sudden. Snort! Is short puts on airs before us, no matter your Young Master does act, today you die, without the opportunity lived again is descending the mountain!” reckless Feirong loud saying. Words that actually these people spoke basic on no credibility, they have four people, even if their Young Master do not act from the beginning, but these three people could not be victorious, is in danger the time, can that fellow also not act? Obviously is impossible. Therefore, the Feng Elder words, that still can only represent even merely for a while, their Young Master are impossible really not to act. Since is this, that also has anything to say. Originally he thinks what these people said is their actually incessantly four people, many people ambush here, this made him be worried. So long as they no longer had the helper, they did not need to be afraid, all deferred to plan to conduct on the line. Rolls to descend the mountain!” Qiu Wenbin loud shouting. Rolls to descend the mountain!” They overwhelm with numerical strength now, some people guide them intentionally, many people immediately somewhat one's blood bubbles up to the brim, followed to create a disturbance. Rolls to descend the mountain!” The increasing number of people follow to echo, the giant clamoring sound reverberates on the entire immortal mirror summit. Feng Chang third child person sees these people to clamor like this, but they have not actually been angry, because they are very clear. These people who today climb mountains will turn into the deceased person completely, regarding a deceased person, what they also has to be good to haggle over? This is regarded as to their life in the middle of last time tolerant!

Shouted? Shouted the words that you can begin, otherwise you feared that did not have the opportunity!” Seeing the voice changes is gradually small, Feng Elder said with a smile. It seems like you really did not plan to descend the mountain, since this, the brothers, everyone should not be lenient, to their any opportunities of reverse, do not kill them!” reckless Feirong loud saying. He really does not hope these people descend the mountain, how otherwise do they revenge for fourth child old king? Sees Feng elder they so to coordinate, he is happy also without enough time, hurries to order, does not hope these people reneged on a promise suddenly. So long as makes war, no matter opposite four people, are their these tens of thousands people, was very at once difficult to withdraw, when the time comes they did not fight must fight. Everyone kills, killing their treasure is our!” reckless Feirong their three people as leader, natural time strategic place in forefront. They have been ready, the voice fell they to kill toward Feng elder directly. No matter how said, their three people are also Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator, although the strength is inferior to opposite three people, but everyone is also the same boundary. In such a short time, they will not be in danger eventually. They want before so many people, displays them the courage as leader, they are not the people of coveting life and fearing death. Everyone kills!” Really, has them to front, the following person also followed to kill. The people are this, fears is person with high aspirations's induction. reckless Feirong they treats as itself the introduction, induces everyone step by step according to their plans conducts. Especially everyone after hearing treasure these two characters, is in the eye is exuding the golden light, as if at this moment stands before them is not Feng elder their several people, but is three extremely precious treasures. Kills!” Everyone was excited. Aren't they four people? Let alone the person has not planned to act, even if he really must make a move, they still first these three people massacring. Rumbling! The war is ready to be set off, no one prevented. At this time, some people will not want to prevent this war, everyone is fighting for own benefit. However, among so many people, the true expert after all is only a few, therefore on this immortal mirror mountain is doomed to become many the burial ground. Whiz! When Feng elder they were surrounded by these tens of thousands people layer on layer/heavily, the sudden signal flare shoots up to the sky from the crowd.

Bang! Signal flare? Signal flare that who puts?” reckless Feirong noticed that a signal flare blasts out in the space, immediately has doubts. They had explained the situation of war before climbing mountains, however in all plans, has not launched signal flare step, how will some people fire the signal flare at this time? Naturally, saw that this signal flare blasts out, reckless Feirong they are very not just stunned, others are also in the heart strange. The enemies are so powerful, everyone does not think the means to massacre these three people diligently, they will have more people dead. At this time where also had the mood to have what signal flare? Also, did their people, whom they send this signal flare to give completely here? Will some people also save them? Big brother, isn't these people of profound light outer court?” Luo will say the startled say/way forever. Has the possibility, but we just now make war a moment ago, they make a move quickly, was too early?” reckless Feirong gawked staring, thought that this profound light outer court was also too impatient? Although has thought these people who profound light/only outer court estimated will be plotting against them in secret, but never expected that they wanted to act quickly. Now they with these three people of fighting so intense, do they also want to go to battle directly? If is really they, this but actually not necessarily is a misdemeanor!” reckless Feirong then thinks to say. Feng elder their strength is truly strong, this just made war, they have killed many people. After all their three are Crossing Tribulation Stage top expert, so many people clash, they select these strength weak killing specially, they are means do not have. However their experts are also many, this is these three people that compels does not dare to be extremely rampant but actually, can only evade not to fight to these experts, selects these fruit cakes to pinch specially. If these people of profound light/only outer court also enter the war, that war was more chaotic, while randomly perhaps is when the time comes easier to massacre these three people. Although these people of profound light outer court are also very strong, so long as they gave to massacre Feng elder, that others died with do not die actually they not to care. When the time comes the profound light outer courts and their person casualties are serious, isn't that? At least compared with them with the mutual wounds that these three people hit, but the person of profound light outer court is actually seizes the chance to take advantage of a mistake, that is most dangerous, to their absolute disadvantage. Now they go to battle ahead of time, when the time comes these three people even included Cheng Yu also to be killed together, but they were mutually wounded with profound light outer court both sides, if at this time the treasure were born, they not only enmity to report, but also the treasure was also even easier to go well.

What makes them unable to think, at this time has more than ten people to hide in the southeastern direction of summit is visiting them to make war in secret. However they regarding this signal flare actually are also the unusual doubts, such far distance . Moreover the signal flare sends from the crowd, they do not know that who this signal flare is sends. Is these people also has the reinforcements under the mountain?” The Rwandan elders have doubts to say. Should not be possible, their such tens of thousands people feared that considered too little, how also to leave behind few people to take the reinforcements?” thanks Elder shakes the head to say. „If not these allied armies, can be the signal flare that four people send?” The Rwandan elders said. This is more impossible, if some of their four person also people, that has called previous time, how also to wait till now?” thanks Elder denied again. Was bad, our people noticed that this signal flare cannot be mistaken is we sends, climbed mountains directly?” At this time the high elder said suddenly in great surprise. Your several first descend the mountain to inform the forest elder they, this signal flare is not we sends, making them temporarily first do not climb mountains!” Thanked the elder to accompany to say to behind several. Yes!” That several accompany to nod rushes toward the mountain under directly. !! But these accompanied just descended the mountain shortly, heard several pitiful yell sounds on hearing under. What's the matter?” Thanked the elder one startled, hurried to flush away in that pitiful yell sound direction, but the high elder they also followed. „Who are you?” But thanked the elder they just to clash not far, then saw that one group of masked men flushed toward them, immediately loudly shouted. Delivers the person who you start off!” This group of masked men have no idle talk, acts neatly, comes up to kill people directly. Crossing Tribulation Stage?” Saw with own eyes that these strength slightly weak suddenly times were cut to kill by these masked men, particularly after seeing their strengths, are in great surprise. Here little said that also 20-30 individuals, unexpectedly is completely Crossing Tribulation Stage cultivator. What's all this about? Who are they?” However, surprised not only then thanked the elder they, at this time was on the summit the person of war more surprised. They must encircle Feng Chang third child person kill, but does not know suddenly where braved lots of wearing a mask experts, these wearing a mask experts encircled them in turn, saw the person to kill, very crazy!