Human Emperor - Volume 24 - Chapter 2399

Since you are not willing to submit to Us, that no wonder We!” Last, the day shot a look at Wang Chong one, the facial expression faint smile, then changes into the fuzzy form rapid desalination to vanish together. Day, where walks!” Sees this, the Wang Chong look changes, vanishes rapidly, goes toward the day vanishing position by extremely quick Speed. Bang!” However Wang Chong has not gone out far, suddenly, everything may become vulnerable, along with a kā chā loud sound, entire micro national capital suddenly violent tremor, but suddenly, a giant crack came from the direction spread of Imperial Palace, rapidly an entire national capital crack is two, that jet black crack does not know deeply, the place visited ground sticks out in abundance, flagstones, the roofing tile, the brick wall, under an function of invisible suction, goes toward sky flying upside down in abundance. Incessantly so, with the appearance of first crack, more and more crack as if swords has divided the entire national capital one after another generally, houses collapse in the fierce vibration in abundance. But various places of national capital, in an intermittent pitiful yell sound, the innumerable forms were also attracted to pull the sky by the strength of that destruction in abundance, throws to endless void. Sees this, the Wang Chong look drastic change, these person and the big brother in Wang Clan mansion, the Second Brother, Little Yao they are different, is not the day creates baseless, although they like the puppet, were revised the memory by the day, controlled them, here put up this farce, but essentially, each is colorful lives. Moreover here is located in the universe deep place, if not prevent, everyone will toss into the nihility, meets a cruel death. The day used them, can abandon such as our Lv them, but Wang Chong actually impossible aloof. Hesitation of such moment, the day aura had vanished thoroughly, but Wang Chong could have ignored so many. wēng! in a flash, the Wang Chong palm throws, offered a sacrifice to that light crown divine tool rapidly, one group of golden light of that grinding pan size rose sky over the entire national capital against the wind, changed into one mountain peak huge white day rapidly. Bang! Meanwhile, Wang Chong under foot, the land shivers, immediately the link of space and time grows out of nothing one after another, is centered on Wang Chong, toward spreads to go rapidly in all directions. Beyond dozens zhang (3.33 m), three wisps must steadily the azure clothes scholar was just thrown by the earthquake, but also without falling into void, the next moment, the link of dark golden space and time suddenly appears in his under foot together, the ray flashes, that azure clothes scholar disappears in the midair, was transmitted in the light crown divine tool by the link of space and time. wēng! Sky over the city, more than ten common people are calling out pitifully, flies toward the sky, but the next moment, grinding pan sizes the link of space and time almost appears in their simultaneously, after a twinkle, these people were also transmitted in the light crown divine tool instantaneously. And Two and three......, in the entire national capital, more and more forms sent in the light crown divine tool through the link of Wang Chong's space and time, moreover Speed that transmits is getting quicker and quicker. Is useful? The ants are the ants, toward living, but the evening dies, even if you save them, they eventually will be like the ants, tiny and base and low dying.” At this time, the day sound rumble like the thunder, from transmitted in all directions, resounds through sky over the national capital of entire avalanche: Even if you do that how many also rescued?” Bang!”

The day sound has not fallen, suddenly, ear-piercing sharp howl transmits, Wang Chong has not responded, sees the sky of entire micro national capital, a giant meteorite flaming is burning, is coercing the blazing flame, by fast of as powerful as a thunderbolt, pounds toward the entire national capital. Meteorite Speed is extremely quick, but has fallen nearby the south gate suddenly, then violent pounding in the land, the giant air wave totally destroys nearby 56 streets, houses were exploded the sky, the flaming combustion of flame in the ground. Although Wang Chong has been ahead of time take action, shifts nearby common people to the light crown divine tool in abundance, but still several forms vanishes in a puff of smoke in the flame. Incessantly so, the time of such moment, the meteorites one after another, appear in the sky of this national capital, flame flaming, is billowing smoky, comes in the direction of national capital. That blazing flame shining that the entire national capital shines like the daytime. Bastard!” Flickers merely, Wang Chong understands, the day wants to erase these lives with this way unexpectedly. Thinks without enough time, the innumerable meteorites pound shortly toward the national capital, in a flash, Wang Chong's three big Divine Embryo also appear, immediately a huge barrier bursts out, covered the national capital in entire avalanche. Bang!” The void vibration, everything may become vulnerable, one after another flame meteorite pounds to fall unceasingly, but was resisted entirely by that colored glaze guard/shield, violent explosion outside guard/shield, changes into bunch of brilliant fireworks. But with the aid of the time of this moment, Wang Chong as well as three big Divine Embryo take action, the links of tens of thousands of space and time was found in the entire national capital simultaneously rapidly, flash all person's shadows is transmitted in the light crown divine tool completely. After Wang Chong completes all these, the meteorite shower that in the sky drops unceasingly also vanished suddenly, only the other empty micro national capitals, the unceasing avalanche, the fission, then falls into the endless nihility. At this moment, the day as if also gave up the senseless attack finally. However Wang Chong actually still waits with rapt attention, has not relaxed slightly vigilantly, he is well aware, all these were also far from the conclusion. Really, after the silence of moment, the day sound resounds finally again: Wang Chong, how even if you shifted in them Magical Artifact, since you entered here, you were doomed unable to leave, no matter finally you were they, must die entirely!” You could not save them, could not rescue the entire land world, and finally, you no one could rescue!” This is the destiny!” With the day sound, the whole world accelerates to crash, but several breath, Wang Chong under foot national capital then thorough vanished, but in the center of entire space and time, a point blazing brightly, as if the universe star ray bursts out suddenly, and rapid sweeping across in all directions. Suddenly, in the Wang Chong heart has an intense dangerous feeling immediately. In his heart understands clearly, from now on, day true take action. This is he and between the day, after the seal eradicates fights for the first time truly! ......

Meanwhile, in the vast incomparable Turkic prairie, war cry shaking the Heaven and moving the Earth, final human Great Army and invincible force Legion takes in the Turkic prairie, violent slaughters. Although before this fights, everyone knows that this time opponent is powerful, to a certain extent, they are God army, but when only fights truly, heartfelt feeling this great strength strong. Bang!” In Great Army, an invincible force fist rumbles fiercely, on the palm golden Gauntlet hits instantly, the chest of that human soldier caves in instantaneously, the fine steel armor of being repeatedly tempered on is equally hollow, only listens to a pitiful yell that the photographic paper sticks, that human soldier mouth spits the blood, was wasted several feet far directly. And Two and three......, each invincible force looks like human form Behemoth, the explosive force, Dexterity, impulse, powerful being hard imagination, but in a minute, entire frontline attacked disorderly, all invincible forces displayed the overwhelming strength! And Two and three......, each invincible force looks like human form Behemoth, the explosive force and Dexterity, impulse, powerful being hard imagination, but in a minute, entire frontline attacked disorderly, all invincible forces displayed the overwhelming strength! Large numbers of human soldiers were flown by the direct bang, body blasting open. However the short time, has the number dead by ten thousand human soldiers in the hand of invincible force Legion. Sees this, in each individual heart heavy. Too powerful! In the past three years, the people spelled to go all-out, want to build one to be able with Pang Great Army group that the invincible force contended with, this 5,000,000-6,000,000 human Great Army, each well-trained, fierce incomparable. However compared with invincible force Legion of these terrors, has a big disparity as before. Withstands!” Cannot make them break through the defense line absolutely!” ...... The violent anger sound that one shouts oneself hoarse intermittently transmits from the front, although some people drop down unceasingly, falls down in the pool of blood, however all soldiers, no one are afraid, no one retreat. As we all know, they do not have the escape route! Bang bang bang! Stormy impact noise along with skeleton breaks off to resound in the battlefield, a famous human soldier mouth spits the blood, flying upside down, so long as receives is not the mortal wound, everyone will disregard, shouts is spelling to go all-out, throws again toward the opposite party. Clash/To!” Some unceasing people drop down , some unceasing people rush. Stupid!” The distant place, in the high altar, Tai Su sees this, look ice-cold, is slightly aloof.

This is these human base and low places, knows not to beat obviously, but also is resisting crazily!” A nearby remote antiquity also face faint say/way. Only has this moment, when these lives in fall from the sky at present unceasingly, they realized once, in the memory was god noble. In the past that time, in the contest of child of that prediction, they realized too many setbacks, but only at this moment, when destroyed a civilization again, visits it, when falls from the sky at present, the people realized that once that was noble and proud. Yes, although has at present these human similar appearances, but before endless years, they have this qualitative to distinguish with them. Before is very long, they are the true gods. Sir?” The distant place, behind human Great Army, all military officers are looking at front this, dark, everyone's vision looked to Great Army Empire Great General, Wang Zhongsi and Bakrham, Wusu, Zhangchou Jianqiong...... The people also look at the front, in the eye are showing a painful look faintly. Sir, needs to remove the front soldier temporarily?” Side Bakrham, a Sassanid military officer looks to him said. In front Great Army, has Tang People incessantly, similarly also has their Sassanid soldier, three years ago conducts the large-scale training to start, Great Army of various countries has started to be enrolled together, except for retaining the elites of few part, most armies has scattered. Does not use!” Bakrham look pain, but actually rejected without hesitation: This is their missions, is their choices, three years ago joins since Great Army that moment, they have known that facing their is anything!” Almost is simultaneously, Usumish Khan and Khitan king and Queen Xi and Mengshe Polity king Feng Gayi issued the similar order. As the soldier, dies in the battlefield, this is the fate. Can fight for the whole world, fights for Promised Land these various countries residual common people, making the civilization of this world continue to continue, this is as a soldier loftiest glory! Dies many types! In order to guard the civilization of human fights, is the innumerable soldiers earnestly seeks for a lifetime, is hard to meet for a lifetime.