Human Emperor - Volume 24 - Chapter 2400

Another side, Great Army center, crown prince Young Protector Wang Zhongsi similarly dedicated looking to front. pass on my orders, sets out Giant Legion!” Wang Zhongsi opened the mouth suddenly. Human does not have the escape route! Although some decisions are brutal, but actually has to do, in this battlefield, without height division in any case, everyone has itself should responsibility and role completely, but some sacrifices were avoidless. However, depending on the frontline soldier, has not only been able to resist obviously that inexhaustibly, coming invincible force Legion. Yes!” Side Wang Zhongsi, a messenger long relaxes, turns around rapidly, progresses to go rapidly. Is only the moment Roar!” In the shake the heavens roaring sound, an intermittent steel bellow transmits from the rear area, in the rear area of human allied armies, a row has more than 20 zhang (3.33 m) high giant gate steel machineries to stand erect fully-assigned, in the steel gate, a famous body best pupil has more than ten zhang (3.33 m) Giant, the whole body wears armor, in the bellow of landslide tsunami, shoots up to the sky, draws long curves in void, then numerous pounding to battlefield frontline. Giant Legion! Emerges in Caliphate Zhendan Giant earliest. Northwest Tang and Caliphate fight, these Giant almost lose completely, but Caliphate submits , after Great Tang unified world, began using this Giant Legion three years ago, before is only and different, all Giant Legion no longer recruit the manufacture forcefully, but is the volunteer principle . Moreover the scale of choosing is also stricter. In the war of this world life or death, any boost is extremely useful. The people need to resist the day and invincible force Legion with all ways! Bang! More than ten zhang (3.33 m) high Giant, the body curls up bends, rolls one group in the midair, like meteorite numerous crashes, pounds to fall on the battlefield frontline, the bang, in the shake the heavens explosive sound, the mist and dust is billowing, more than dozens invincible forces are calling out pitifully, was shaken to fly directly by the huge impulse. For Great Tang!” Roared, in that billowing mist and dust, Giant shot up to the sky, his muscle dragon knot, the vision was bright as snow, the whole body is flooding the Explosive-Nature strength, was only and former Giant is different, his vision pure brightness, the thought is maintaining the normal level obviously. Bang! That Giant just set out, a fierce fist rumbles, billowing Astral Qi gushes out from his within the body, like the strong winds, spans the invincible force before body to sweep away several, that strength is completely overwhelming. Even the invincible force is still hard to resist! Come! Let me have a look at you strongly!” Is that Giant beard of head is thick, huge body and build entirely different flexible flushed toward the nearby dense and numerous invincible forces, the entire land thunders in his under foot tremor, as if cannot withstand this strength. „!” In that Giant hand raises a Wolf Fang great stick, a fierce stick wields, the steamroll strength keeps off the invincible force of big piece directly horizontally. These tall strong invincible forces, in front of more than ten zhang (3.33 m) high Giant fully, at this time also likes the baby to be generally tiny, the first time, the invincible force met truly their existence in the strength steamroll. Be careful!”

Invincible force both arms intersect in the chest front, eyeful frightened, resists full power, but was hit by a Wolf Fang stick, like kite with broken string, involuntary flew. Rumbling! In that Giant behind, one after another Giant like the squally shower, crashes unceasingly, pounds down layer on layer/heavily, entire invincible force Legion frontline immediately all-round blooming, billowing mist and dust unceasing shooting up to the sky. For this war, three years, the entire world altogether creates hundred thousand Giant Legion, at this moment everywhere blossoms, all passes the rear great section gate, threw delivered to the frontline. But with joining of these Giant, the frontline of collapse consolidated about to finally , occupied the invincible force Legion frontline of overwhelming superiority to fall into a confusion incessantly on the contrary. Kills!” Human allied armies is roaring immediately, launched the counter-attack. Incessantly so, another side, the Zhao Fengchen Black Tortoise Army group had soon been routed by Black-Clothed Man Great Army of Heavenly God organization, cracks, but two hundred thousand dark dragon armies also joined Great Army at this time, slaughters. Clang! The cold light opens in void China , Chad together, figure agile Black-Clothed Man occupies a commanding position a sword that chops, was punctured instantaneously by similarly keen Long Sword, keeps off, but members of dark dragon army soar from the rear area rapidly, dash. Is you!” Black-Clothed Man in midair first is one startled, immediately soon identifies. When big cold wave, at northeast Serene Province that war, he was also involved, regarding this Great Tang specialized training, was used to aim at their dark dragon armies, incessantly was he, now the people of many Heavenly God organization are familiar. Defeated!” Sneers, that Black-Clothed Man look is contemptuous, swoops quickly. Northeast service, although An Lushan defeats, Black-Clothed Man sneaks that army in city also to be extinguished, but in fact, they also killed the person of massive dark dragon army. The apprentices are strong, master! This dark dragon army, trains the technique is imitates directly their, even cultivation method is their, but by the actual combat experience, both sides as before is not a scale. Bang!” the next moment, that Black-Clothed Man within the body Astral Qi thunders, thick black flame sweeps across from his within the body, along the hand in Long Sword spread, is throwing to go toward the opposite party illness/quick. Snort!” Sees this, opposite dark dragon forces soldiers are only cold snort/hum one, the meaning of simply not having made concessions, his intention moves, huge blue black flame similarly from his within the body turbulently. rubs, Fire of Mara!” Opposite, a that originally face arrogant dark dragon army member, the whole face is stunned, does not seem to dare the similar own eye. Fire of Mara is extremely difficult to practice, even in the Heavenly God organization still by practicing low Level Fire of Jubi and Fire of Luwu habitat are many, can practice the Fire of Mara person is not many. However the opposite party not only displayed most High Level Fire of Mara, but also maturity seemed like to be high. How is this possible?! But makes one shock also incessantly so

Lives for human, actually must destroy the entire world, is really the shame, such being the case, makes me take back your Cultivation Power thoroughly!” Calls out in the sound, the members of that dark dragon army hold the sword, another hand lays out rapidly, bang, dark, in the surrounding area more than ten zhang (3.33 m), the void gloomy change, the black and white primal chaos design suddenly appears around the body of that dark dragon army member together. Bang!” the next moment, that Black-Clothed Man Expert within the body billowing Fire of Mara, seems turbulently uncontrolled floods into within the body of dark dragon army member. „It is not good!” Black-Clothed Man Expert in great surprise, a somersault, the overturns will go hastily in the future, but is late. The dark dragon army that Great Tang trains, not only has the Heavenly God organization to have Fire of Jubi and Fire of Mara that has their not some Great Yin-Yang World Fortune Art. The war of Northeast, the dark dragon army just trained shortly, however for three years, all already today we are no longer as we have been. wēng! Shoots in Black-Clothed Man Expert instantly, the member body of that dark dragon army returning in a flash, displays shadow demon movement art that” Wang Chong handed down directly, a twinkle appears in instantaneously is opponent's back's, a sword pricked the body of opposite party. No!” This last thorn, making a that Black-Clothed Man Expert heart thoroughly cool, to dying cannot believe, these imitated the opponent who they established, went to this situation three years later unexpectedly, unexpectedly compared it them to be powerful! Bang bang bang! While this dark dragon army members swoop, but, the rear more and more dark dragon armies jump, cruel, swoops to these Black-Clothed Man Expert. Fire of Jubi, Fire of Mara and Fire of Luwu......, the innumerable fires fall from dark dragon army member within the body turbulently, short time, dark dragon army not only blocked their attack, but also suppressed the opposite party. The distant place, the remote antiquity, too jiong and the others saw this, the climate does not hit one. These bastards, cope with us with our things unexpectedly!” No matter Fire of Jubi and Fire of Luwu, are Fire of Mara, is belongs to Heavenly God to organize the exclusive thing, specifically is used to train Expert cultivation method, incessantly so, strict, Caliphate these Giant Legion is the thing of Heavenly God organization. However now, was attacked other shield by the human allied armies with other lance unexpectedly, brings to cope with them, is simply absurd! Sir, wants our take action!” Suddenly, a sound conveys from the rear area, several falling from the sky suddenly goes forward several footpaths. In the Heavenly God organization has a strict hierarchy, although these Black-Clothed Man cannot compare specialized Legion, without that close coordination, but wins in individual strength is extremely powerful, can be used for the unrest opposite party. But judging from the present situation, these Black-Clothed Man are completely not the opponents of these dark dragon armies. Great Yin-Yang World Fortune Art, makes them fall into the extremely disadvantageous condition sufficiently, not to mention, they have extremely fearful movement art. Now also only then falling from the sky can cope with them. In the Heavenly God organization's long history, presented many falling from the sky, their most souls are incomplete, or qi deviation in process of exercising martial arts, either because of all sorts of experiment failure, degenerates into the defective product. However the sole view strength, falling from the sky other are extremely powerful. Many people have Saint Martial Realm, even Fine and Detailed Realm cultivation base, a small number even have half step celestial dwelling fearful strength.

So long as their take action, can definitely easily destroy these to imitate their dark dragon armies shoddily. Does not need!” At this time, Tai Su opened the mouth suddenly, his vision is gazing at the front, the look is faint, seems like radically aloof: This war just started, but also does not need to set out falling from the sky, and Tai Su looks at the front to sneer: No matter Giant Legion, is the dark dragon army, is just the child of that prediction, steals from here. On the true ability, they are bad very with us!” pass on my orders, sets out the Archaic invincible force!” Archaic invincible force four character, surrounding falling from the sky is bewildered, subconscious looking to the front, does not know is completely saying anything, only then a few qualifications extremely deep falling from the sky as if know anything, but actually also shuts tightly the lip, maintains total silence. Actually the remote antiquity and too jiong as if knows to understand anything, touching of face. Sir Tai Su, hasn't the Archaic invincible force......, lost completely? don't tell me God he Nearby, the remote antiquity cannot bear say finally. Invincible force Legion that in the legend, most starts, actually at all is not the present like this. The remote antiquity they also hear faintly, before the long time, before them, the Heavenly God organization has not established present this perfect scale, without so many followers, that time invincible force Legion seemed like another scene, their strengths were extremely powerful, the destructive power is more terrifying than it present, was only the quantity not that. However when perishes some era, the day encountered the powerful ambush, these Archaic invincible forces in the war, the Archaic invincible force caused heavy losses, although successfully eliminated that era finally, but also fell to lose seriously, only the other deserted/few deserted/few Yixie Archaic invincible forces survived. Only latter then fell into the deep sleep. The creation of Archaic invincible force as if is quite in addition difficult, therefore the day on the change attention, concentrated on the quantity afterward, no longer creates the Archaic invincible force. The remote antiquity and too jiong follows day is so long, has only listened, has not seen. Moreover, these finally Purification Plan, all and war related matter, day gave Tai Su to have full authority and responsibility time, the remote antiquity and too jiong was not very clear. Un!” Tai Su nods, but said one lightly: All are the meanings of God!” Tai Su had not said, something do not need to say many. The variable of this era were too many, the biggest variable, presents several tens of thousands years had not appeared „the child of prediction, regarding this time finally Purification Plan, the day must attach great importance to a lot compared with it any era. This was also he can spend for three years, the reason of resurrecting Archaic invincible force. wēng! the next moment, Tai Su said anything again, but the palm wields, a misty radiance, is sending out the powerful space and time fluctuation, immediately position proliferation that is at from him to the rear entire Turkic prairie.