Invincible Leveling King - Volume 44 - Chapter 4365

The movement of black Puppet soldier, showed fearful strength instantaneously. No matter blood General dragon or Liu white had the obvious look to change. Even if Lin Fei also feels black Puppet were different. Was careful that this Puppet soldier, should most excels was this speed.” From blood General dragon and fight of Puppet soldier, discovery this Puppet soldier was different. speed numb slip like loach, radically virtually impossible to guard against. For example blood General dragon making a move one time, this black Puppet soldier already making a move five times. This distinguished. Therefore felt a big pressure, moreover strength of opposite party was also strong. Blood General dragon they resist the black Puppet show/unfolds soldier. Nascent Soul Expert of distant place started to begin. In addition these gold/metal pill Expert, they were quite unlucky. Putting in an appearance time striking to kill by these black Puppet soldiers, was decapitated directly. It is estimated that they have not thought, will meet the black Puppet soldier to this one layer / first level, so tyrannical. strength has achieved Nascent Soul Level. I divert am occupied by the Puppet soldier.” Lin Fei besides slightly was startled quick to adapt. Sword Intent turned into the silk to entangle directly. The effect has. Lin Fei each sword moves forward to meet somebody can drive faint trace sword thread, circled on the body of this black Puppet soldier. This was a small shortcut. leaf Xiaolong five lines of Sword Intent merge sword thread that forms together, that is very reliable, therefore is not this black Puppet can break open suddenly. The time is long. speed of black Puppet soldier also slow. Blood General dragon relaxes with Liu white.

Their know this one layer / first level has the Puppet soldier, but has not thought unexpectedly is like their strength. If one-on-one, only if there is an absolute advantage, must otherwise absolutely not be their opponents. Right now they dreaded to that profound Expert. Died continually left behind such is difficult to deal with/ferocious method. Bang bang bang bang bang. Blood General dragon grasps to fight the hammer, pounds to let this Puppet soldier retreat each time, originally the advantage of Puppet soldier is speed. Now vanishes to disappear thoroughly, joins up the time that one has not burnt a joss stick, striking to kill this Puppet soldier. After striking is killing the Puppet soldier, really has the thing to appear. Had the thing to explode. Makes three people somewhat look at each other in blank dismay actually, responded all of a sudden without enough time. Xiao Lin, you contributed to the great merit, you diverted his speed, it is estimated that we may not have to strike to kill him that easily.” Explodes altogether two things, Secret Technique, again in addition one bottle of Medicinal Pill. front section time I am still wondering, here can blow out the what thing, now looks like here thing compared with many that I imagine, struck to kill the Puppet soldier to obtain the good thing.” Blood General dragon picks up Secret Technique with Medicinal Pill. First was he glanced, gave Liu white, later gave Lin Fei. Lin Fei to the Medicinal Pill too big interest, actually this Secret Technique has not been exquisite speed Movement Technique. Medicinal Pill can let Nascent Soul Expert instantaneously Medicinal Pill that restores to consume, naturally in this Lin Fei also has certain interest in this speed Movement Technique. Xiao Lin, this your merit is biggest, you first elected.” Liu white also followed saying that our three people can elect according to the order, first was good on your Xiao Lin, after all you were the big merit.” Lin Fei is impolite, that I wanted this Secret Technique to be good, speed Secret Technique I was very likes.” As for that bottle of Medicinal Pill, three people divided together. Although Lin Fei is not Nascent Soul Expert, but also is gold/metal pill to the utmost. This Medicinal Pill can also resume the consumption in within the body instantaneously. No matter blood General dragon or Liu white are very clear.

Drew in Lin Fei to have very big use. On for example extinguished a moment ago kills this Puppet soldier to benefit. If otherwise, by them estimated that also really must spend some time. Has a look Nascent Soul Expert that not far away these begin, did not have idea with these Puppet soldiers. Slowly coped. That looked like us continues to ask these Puppet soldiers to start.” The Lin Fei corners of the mouth same smiled slightly, stares the Puppet soldier who is braving. It is estimated that this was ancient profound Expert leaves our small benefits.” Three people stared at the Puppet soldier as if by prior agreement. One such as the before fighting method is the same, Lin Fei first ties down this Puppet soldier with sword thread. Blood General dragon opens the attack that gathers greatly to work as the main force greatly, the blank is assisting at the same time. Three people struck to kill the Puppet soldier also become relaxed many. Naturally this also makes these Nascent Soul of distant place tell Expert, was somewhat jealous to be jealous. They just now extinguish a Puppet soldier, others started to extinguish kill the 3 rd Puppet soldier. This comparison, was really exasperating. They somewhat regretted that did not have first to win over Lin Fei to come. Because that Lin Fei sword thread is five lines of Sword Intent, tenacious incomparable. Used to twine on the Puppet soldier, has the unique advantage. They wished one could to themselves a palm of the hand, unexpectedly such good advantage has not seen instead misses. Now in vain cheap blood General dragon and Liu white. Lin Fei also started on likes this one layer / first level, on likes these Puppet soldiers Has not thought that extinguishes kills this Puppet soldier unexpectedly advantage so many, constantly has the thing to explode, all kinds. Blood General dragon and Liu white coordinate was also getting more and more tacit.

Regarding exploding thing also very excited. This is can let their Nascent Soul Expert interested thing. For example Secret Technique exploded several. Has certain help to them. This was past ancient profound Expert remains absolutely. Why does not know, hides unexpectedly in the Puppet soldier. If did not extinguish the Puppet soldier, how know. Here biggest hero or Lin Fei. That five lines of Sword Intent achieved the function of peak. Entangles one, therefore they killed speed of Puppet soldier also to have the advantage more and more. Time that they killed 10 Puppet soldiers. That side Nascent Soul Expert killed two or three. Eyes were red. However without the means that does not seem to kill the present Puppet soldier, will not have the new Puppet soldier to come out. Therefore some of their headaches. Big advantage by these three people snatching. After extinguishing killed 10 Puppet soldiers. Blood General dragon their three people stopped. It seems like we can under enter one layer / first level.” Originally after killing this Puppet soldier, unexpectedly presented a pass. On this pass has the mysterious aura. The King Kong / diamond gate adiantum monochlamy three people are the people of being able to judge the quality of goods, can look, can under enter one layer / first level.