Invincible Leveling King - Volume 44 - Chapter 4366

Three people extinguished the Puppet soldier who killed to harvest many things jointly. Hesitation that therefore under enter one layer / first level has no. After stimulating to movement the pass, saw the gateway to appear. Protected three people to vanish in this place directly. But these also with Nascent Soul Expert that the Puppet soldier fights, was somewhat in a daze. Passed? Must be so agile! Blood General dragon their unexpectedly 1 st batch.” Feels sorry for my pass what time to hit.” Could not shoulder, could not shoulder, this Puppet soldier was too difficult to tidy up.” Blames that gold/metal pill brat, his words, how blood General dragon can they under relaxed enter one layer / first level?” At this time many Nascent Soul Expert are envying of face with the envy. Naturally must have the complaint. The person of complaint, naturally was that gold/metal pill brat. If not gold/metal pill brat, how also to meet this matter? Finally now, their originally stands in same even online, now presents the difference. I looked that everyone unites in together, began to besiege these Puppet soldiers to be good together, otherwise, we must fall behind blood General dragon they.” After having such reminder of Nascent Soul Expert . Everyone one wants is also right. If again falls behind in behind, their what advantage could not take. Therefore these Nascent Soul Expert, unions are beginning together. Although the pressure was big, but everyone copes with this Puppet soldier jointly, the effect also came out. But at the same time, blood General dragon their three people appeared below one layer / first level instantaneously. one layer / first level somewhat is then different. Appears in a palace unexpectedly. More importantly in this palace, places in rows of wooden frame. On wooden frame is putting many ancient books.

Filled with the ancient aura. Three people after were startled shortly, started to seek. After all this one layer / first level wants to have a look at the what good thing. But after one searches, three people of some dumbfounded. Even if Lin Fei is also same. I read a here ancient book is very ordinary a moment ago, is not what Cultivation Technique Secret Technique.” This lets they most shocking matter. Your should comparison understanding is clear, can tell here is the what place?” Lin Fei asked. Blood General dragon is also shaking the head of forced smile, I did not have the means that in this place and material complete different, unexpectedly is putting these ordinary ancient books, was not Cultivation Technique, this somewhat was strange.” Nearby Liu white also said that truly was somewhat strange, was impossible not to have the thing, but these old book time were very long, said that the point had the especially special wondrous use.” After three people circled the circle . what a pity does not have what to discover. This palace is big, except for rows of wooden frame was these old books. But these old books cannot see any difference. Lin Fei also inspected several, has not truly seen the what positive result. Naturally also know, this should was another arrangement that profound Expert left behind. I thought that we wait, it is estimated that is the population is insufficient.” Lin Fei smiled one to find a place to sit at will. After blood General dragon listens, is to select nod, „the present can only be like this.” Lin Fei gave before that Secret Technique with. came to can this speed Movement Technique cultivation. Lin Fei comes the spirit world shortly after the time, but also know a matter. This strength aspect is also divided many types, for example in these Puppet soldier strengths truly is very strong. However what is stronger is speed, but after speed is joined to this strength, formed the absolute advantage. Lin Fei seized the life sword on cultivation, although is only 1 st can erupt 10 times of speed, but this Movement Technique missed big difference/great length. At present had Secret Technique to succeed in obtaining, was speed.

The nature has helped Lin Fei. Although Lin Fei have many speed Movement Technique. But is quite abstruse, at this time was unable cultivation. The Movement Technique of present was different. This Movement Technique is called gust of wind Movement Technique. The name of unusual populace. However this speed, Lin Fei has experienced. If not he depends this sword thread is five lines of sword thread, speed of this Puppet soldier to suppression, but also is not really good to cope. If after Lin Fei had this gust of wind Movement Technique, in addition this seizes the life sword, that speed was also naturally quicker. strength also grew big difference/great length, therefore Lin Fei while this time, first cultivation. Gust of wind Movement Technique and ordinary Movement Technique are somewhat different, what need is the fleshly body intensity. This and seizes the life sword to be somewhat similar. cultivation skill also compared with imagination during wanted many of simple. After Lin Fei looks, wants to refine this gust of wind Movement Technique on know thoroughly is very simple. Gust of wind Movement Technique altogether has Third Level. By his present fleshly body, can definitely cultivation to 3 rd. After 3 rd, speed can with seizing speed of life sword probably is consistent. Perfect conducted matching. Lin Fei started comprehend. Gust of wind Movement Technique 1 st. 2 nd! 3 rd! It is not the one hour time. Lin Fei succeeded on thorough comprehend. Although has not displayed, but has grasped. By Lin Fei fleshly body, cultivation what speed Movement Technique is ready proper.

After Lin Fei comprehend good gust of wind Movement Technique . Outside some people came. Also was really before Nascent Soul Expert. At this time they saw blood General dragon some of their also accidental/surprised. After all their also think they took the advantage by blood General dragon first. haha haha, it seems like you suffer a loss here What speech is Nascent Soul Expert of big fellow. Also is strength is quite profound. This big fellow is called the empty Yuan. The empty Yuan is in these Nascent Soul Expert most eyes are red. Especially to this gold/metal pill brat is unusual is unhappy. Naturally this type is unhappy, performance on face, although the opposite party origin is somewhat mystical, but does not hinder him to look down upon this gold/metal pill brat. If this common gold/metal pill, he has begun to extinguish. Will not wait till now. Letting blood General dragon in vain they snatched many small advantages. Blood dragon General cold snort/hum, we had not profited, you are also same, not as good as has a look, here has the what thing, you understood.” They just got down time has not truly seen clearly. However soon discovered that here unexpectedly is some old books. Every large or small old book all has, even some are very strange, is they have not always known. Right now lets their unusual accidental/surprised and shock. Such matter. Right now they also understand finally, is what blood General dragon their one will not have the matter dry/does appearance here. This has not obtained any harvest.