Invincible Leveling King - Volume 44 - Chapter 4367

Lin Fei has become this gust of wind Movement Technique cultivation. Does not care regarding the person of getting down very much. However being correct form in this, lets his some accidental/surprised, unexpectedly had killing intent of faint trace to him. Although is not very obvious, but this person made Lin Fei give remember all of a sudden. Makes me think that this fellow called the what name to come.” before time, blood General dragon has introduced with him. Therefore has an understanding regarding these people somewhat. Right, this person was to call the empty Yuan.” Nascent Soul Intermediate Stage Expert. Has not thought that unexpectedly will produce killing intent to him. Even if the empty Yuan has not realized itself to divulge killing intent. Lin Fei here is know, therefore thoroughly on remember this person. Do not let me bump into the opportunity, otherwise I kill certainly you.” The Lin Fei thought flashes past. Immediately on closed eye meditation. His know this one layer / first level, certainly trigger condition, perhaps this trigger condition was these Nascent Soul Expert. After all above Nascent Soul was Dong Xu Realm, but wanted to arrive at Dong Xu Realm is really difficult. So far, the person who can achieve is few. Person who then triggers, naturally was Nascent Soul Expert. The Lin Fei thought is actually very accurate. After Nascent Soul Expert gets down, but also really activated this one layer / first level. Saw only light screens to appear. It is not right, is together the illusory form. Gathering slowly from this palace comes, making everyone somewhat inconceivable.

Because they do not have the slight feeling, as after this person comes . All people felt Vast boundless aura. have guts lets the thought that they submit. Lin Fei also felt such thought. Who first on know this person was, this person was that Dong Xu Expert ancient Xuan. At this time this profound Expert has not revealed the facial features, is only together very illusory form. However Lin Fei can actually feel the fearful lethality, even if the illusory form can also extinguish together kills Nascent Soul Expert. Congratulations you arrived at this one layer / first level, I am you continuously ancient Xuan who wants to look, left behind many good things in my ancient grave, now I set the topic to you, can arrive at this one layer / first level should is original Nascent Soul Expert.” ancient profound voice not very loud, but actually such as the mind reading same fell on the people at heart. My ancient profound entire life most likes three matters refine Medicinal Pill, refines weapon, last is comprehend Cultivation Technique, but my comprehend Cultivation Technique is countless, but in this one layer / first level will have me on Cultivation Technique that leaves behind, so long as you can comprehend come out to be able under enter one layer / first level.” However your time only then 10 days, remember only then 10 days, comprehend does not come out to be expelled this Dong Xu ancient grave, later could not come , the person but who can become aware can under enter one layer / first level.” Under your do not know one layer / first level will have the what thing, but I can tell Dong Xu treasure that under you one layer / first level will have me leaves behind, altogether three, are Top Grade Dong Xu treasure, your should understands that this is the what significance.” The breath of people instantaneously heavy many, after all three Dong Xu treasure, are Top Grade Dong Xu treasure. This was different, can make person difficult dismiss from mind absolutely. Had Top Grade Dong Xu treasure strength to rise suddenly, Nascent Soul Realm was known as that invincible was not the issue. how about it? Everyone was excited, then the excited not as good as action, hurried to start your potential, well comprehend Cultivation Technique, so long as Cultivation Technique comprehend succeeded, trained again, condition that natural triggering, I left behind, but then under enter one layer / first level, three Top Grade Dong Xu treasure were waiting for you.” This illusory sound vanishes to disappear. But this ancient Xuan words, truly produced the enormous sound in everyone's heart. This is a ob­tains Top Grade Dong Xu treasure opportunity. Missed such opportunity, who do not know can have the what time next time. After all Dong Xu treasure is not the what time has. You look at me, I look at you, started to turn these old books without delay.

Everyone wants to understand Cultivation Technique in this old book. So long as obtained the authentication to be able under enter one layer / first level. Three quotas, who wants to become one in these three quotas. Blood General dragon they regretted completely, after all starts they have also glanced through these ancient books. But has not thought will have such a function. It seems like we must depend on the luck.” Blood General dragon smiled bitterly saying that Liu white also said that could not really have thought these old books had such use, it is estimated that this ancient Xuan scattered this Cultivation Technique, in enrolled these books, therefore we seemed like don't think however.” Lin Fei also follows saying that I looked might as well first snatches some old books to come back, must not have these old books otherwise, thinks that comprehend is difficult.” Lin Fei this saying was said without doubt main point, but other Nascent Soul Expert also thought of this point. Started to rob these old books crazily. And most does not worry was Lin Fei, after all he obtains passed the Heavenly God sword. This sword had not been built up, but also was Top Grade. Puts Top Grade on there will pass the Heavenly God sword for what, it is estimated that one compared with missed much with inside these Top Grade Dong Xu treasure. To Lin Fei, relates not in a big way. He has Life God Tree. Refining up under. Unexpectedly can conduct certain promotion to this Heavenly God sword. Although the effect is very weak, only then a faint trace, but Lin Fei can induce clearly. Therefore started to snatch front old book. No matter how about it, tried one's luck said again, if can under enter one layer / first level. That absolutely is the good deed. Dong Xu treasure can receive in exchange treasure that absolutely passes the Heavenly God wooden refinement massively.

Can make his Life God Tree long even more exuberant. Rapidness that strength restores. This was also to a Lin Fei opportunity. When Lin Fei making a move robs the old book, other Nascent Soul Expert are also same. You wave to rob, I also rob. Even occasionally will also happen to collide several times, but no one willing in this time waste time. Therefore Lin Fei has not encountered the big hindrance. After all no one willing fights his gold/metal pill to the utmost. Because of too consumption time. Lin Fei also captured over a thousand old books, are not many. Because some Nascent Soul Expert Divine Ability are very scary, waves to take away several thousand over ten thousand books, causing rows of wooden frames to empty. Lin Fei is good because of being not greedy, having over a thousand old books was also similar. Chose a place, sat. Simultaneously emitted Sword Intent, such as the ripples same protected in the surroundings, started comprehend. With others not Tai Yi type, Lin Fei Divine Sense, originally compared with others. Therefore covered on these over a thousand old books instantaneously. Starts these information records in the mind. Carries on the analysis calculation.