Invincible Leveling King - Volume 44 - Chapter 4368

Lin Fei comprehend ability is quicker than everyone. Also realized, analysis these over a thousand old books also are really not an easy matter. This ancient Xuan also is really is difficult to deal with/ferocious, unexpectedly opens the countless share Cultivation Technique, embed character by character into these old books, if powerful Divine Sense, but also real comprehend does not come out. 3 rd day time. Lin Fei finally these over a thousand old books differences discovering, at heart to this profound unusual admiring. Can make into like this, is really no one can achieve. As for comprehend was mainly Test this Divine Sense ability. The Divine Sense ability not strong words, are unable to conduct the calculation of deep Level. Was good because of being this that Lin Fei most did not fear. He was it can be said that well-read, therefore the change of that faint trace cannot hide the truth from Lin Fei both eyes. When 3 rd day has discovered. When 4 th day Lin Fei put together a method. However this is only 1 st, including several days, constantly methods was being pieced together. Lin Fei does not believe ancient Xuan such simple, these typeface crustifications in this old book, will definitely piece together many methods. All such as Lin Fei imagination such, including 6 days. Altogether put together 10 methods. In these 10 methods, Lin Fei conducts the calculation of constantly. When calculated that 9 th day calculated a true method finally. Is false as for other methods. This ancient Xuan, left behind such a trap unexpectedly, but also is really some not cunning.” The Lin Fei corners of the mouth raised slightly, said. But at this time in this palace has been short of many people. Lin Fei this looked that was definitely swindled on know these people carelessly. think understood a method to be able cultivation.

Result cultivation has not become, the words that demonstrates again, were eliminated. For example blood General dragon has disappeared with Liu white. Lin Fei shakes the head slightly. Presents the remaining people is not many. Actually that empty Yuan unexpectedly also. Is calculating earnestly. Lin Fei know and other time are not many. Starts rapid cultivation this method. This method is one is actually not considered as very important method. The eye of named Dong Xu. Sounding probably is similar to Dong Xu Realm. But in fact the eye of this Dong Xu, but is used to observe the danger whether. For example can see through some Formation with the danger of hidden, is a method of unusual weak. Not too major role to Lin Fei, but this does not hinder Lin Fei cultivation this method. Crash-bang crash-bang. Soon after later. Lin Fei succeeded eye of cultivation this Dong Xu. Once displays the eye of this Dong Xu, in the forehead will present one to raise up the eye, partly visible, can see through all dangers. Has the use regarding the strength bad person very much. However Lin Fei has not really cared about this thing. The Lin Fei station, started to promote the eye of this Dong Xu. Several Nascent Soul Expert saw, Lin Fei stands, but does not care, after all this fellow can survive to the present also be not the easy matter. Therefore, does not need to think that the next second of estimate will be eliminated.

Lin Fei the eye of Dong Xu displays, then saw that a god of journeys light fell. Congratulations you, lucky brat.” The illusory form appeared together, random splendid light flashes, Lin Fei vanished in this palace. Remaining these Nascent Soul Expert instantaneous stared in a big way both eyes, held breath a cold air/Qi, filled envied and was jealous. But that empty Yuan in full power comprehend, this is looking at Lin Fei to pass through this pass/test, became somewhat ugly. Everyone can 1 st going, but cannot be this gold/metal pill brat. Originally was gold/metal pill to the utmost, if this obtained Dong Xu treasure again, general Nascent Soul Expert took him not to have idea. Lin Fei enter, more exciting these Nascent Soul Expert. They also wish one could immediately on enter, was this Cultivation Technique too difficult comprehend, various places were the traps. Lin Fei may do not know they think so many. Arrived in a small palace, similarly is empty. However is actually floating three spheres in this empty palace. These three spheres by a mysterious strength covering. Lin Fei cannot completely understand in this sphere to have the what thing unexpectedly. could it be that three Dong Xu treasure in these three spheres, this gave big Test actually.” Lin Fei cannot see through, which Dong Xu treasure on do not know these three spheres also in is quite naturally good. Lin Fei gaze swept this palace, discovery that and has no. Also believed that ancient Xuan words thoroughly. Here also is really only then three Dong Xu treasure, looked how he chose. Lin Fei gaze after on three spheres swept one, instantaneously grasps to middle sphere. How to choose, Lin Fei not too big idea. Purely on optional came. After all Lin Fei are one along with the person of nature.

Crash-bang. That light ball broke to pieces, then Dong Xu treasure falls. Lin Fei put out a hand to grasp this Dong Xu treasure to fall in his hand. When just this treasure with after the hand, Lin Fei brow some wrinkled actually slightly, somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry. I took a token unexpectedly.” This is a very ordinary token, even throws on the avenue no one pays attention, but on this token only has a character. That is one suppresses this town/subdues, even if has a liking for one also to feel this dreadful suppression aura. As if faces Heaven and Earth to be the same. Lin Fei really difficult imagines this thing that seems like the token, unexpectedly is Dong Xu treasure. He understood gap between Nascent Soul and Dong Xu finally. treasure that Dong Xu Expert refines is really different, probably token one thing, has so big deterrent force. Lin Fei first refine to melt this token said again, after all were many strength is also good, as for put out to trade when the time comes, after that was a different matter got down . Lin Fei held breath a cold air/Qi, unexpectedly is such is difficult to deal with/ferocious treasure. Originally this Zhen soul affects in 10 li (0.5 km) around oneself forms an absolute similar domain thing. Can suppress Nascent Soul Expert strength with ease, can suppress high right, 80% strength, can achieve 40% badly. This Dong Xu treasure, truly is to make Lin Fei feel receives this ancient Xuan was powerful. Young people you have selected treasure, you can also leave.” . Sees only the ear to present together the sound, covers with a strength on his body. After next second . Lin Fei appeared in a south cloud Jun mountain. Under the hot sun photo, making him have absent-minded, unexpectedly oneself left this Dong Xu Expert ancient grave.