Invincible Leveling King - Volume 46 - Chapter 4542

Big Senior Brother tall Fan thought that this Lin Fei is very interesting, is completely different from others. In passing Catholicism dares to speak to him also is really not many. At least, had to learn from another's mistakes in before, had a look at behind these proud Son of Heaven on know. This request truly is not very excessive, is not some flowers and plants, this very small request, I such as you am truly willing to result, came to my these also brought many things to come back, did not have what to use in any case, pouring not as good as gave to you to be good.” Big Senior Brother tall Fanxiao. This think said that was also OK, has not thought Lin Fei said that that must look I can have a liking for the eye, after all is not the what flowers and plants can make me satisfy.” Big Senior Brother tall Fan somewhat regretted, before time early not should in such a few words. Now if he thing takes, the opposite party is unsatisfied, on some actually faces could not hang. After spreading, will only say that his big Senior Brother such ordinary flowers and plants cannot take continually. Is flashing past on such thoughts at heart, big Senior Brother tall Fan pressed got down, the reveal that had no came out, flowers and plants should that still such indifferent saying with a smile, I can bring was the good thing and ensure you can have a liking for the eye, if you really looked do not glance, I did not mind that helped you make a good thing to come back, everyone same side Senior Brother younger brother request, I must satisfy your, everyone said that was?” Stands in big Senior Brother high every following proud Son of Heaven, smiled. Big Senior Brother words effective and influential word, who doesn't believe?” Lin Fei Junior Brother, I thought that you traded one to request well, this small request felt all right to raise, poured not as good as to take several Divine Weapon or Medicinal Pill or Cultivation Technique, must always be better than your flowers and plants.” I, if Lin Fei Junior Brother, will not want this flowers and plants absolutely, this thing does have what to use? Oneself Pill Refining, might as well will also not take some treasure things.” This saying became Lin Fei unable to differentiate good from bad on the contrary, raises including a small request, isn't this cannon hits the mosquito? Uses a talented person in an insignificant position.

Big Senior Brother tall Fan actually prevented, do not say, after all various people have the hobby, Lin Fei Junior Brother, since the likes flowers and plants, I let his electing slowly.” Lin Fei smiled one at heart lightly, the false fellow, is was not worried can't oneself have a liking for these flowers and plants? When the time comes embarrasses him, thought is actually very far. Lin Fei will also really do that the flowers and plants that after all he cannot have a liking for took not to have the meaning. Crash-bang crash-bang. Big Senior Brother tall Fan also really took the thing toward outside, what first was a flower, this flower was colorful, finally changed to the black, is glittering the gloss of difference. After made one call out in alarm instantaneously. This is not the black soul grass, heard that this black soul grass has the function of strong divine soul, very rare.” The thing that the 1st type takes made everyone call out in alarm. Later is 2nd, thing being able secret being flabbergasted that 3rd, each takes is some good things. To Lin Fei these things, although is good, but has not made him pleasant, complexion throughout tranquil. Big Senior Brother tall Fan is also observing Lin Fei, his these things take an opposite party actually sound not to have, even disdaining, but lets his accidental/surprised slightly. Can't could it be these things have a liking for? This fellow absolutely is intentionally, is gives itself absolutely hard to deal with. do not know these thing to you how about it, were some good things, outside any attained must snatch to break the head.”

Big Senior Brother tall Fan or quite satisfied, the thing that at least these brings time are really many. Had not seen that these proud Son of Heaven eyeballs protruded quickly, breath rapid many, other think these flowers and plants were not valuable, in fact was really valuable of quite, was not inferior in these Saint king treasure with Medicinal Pill. Is also same, without what is good, if these, I really look do not glance, not as good as you with precious came out.” Lin Fei shakes the head with a smile, very earnest saying. These things are truly good, but does not have what to use to him from the start, sound that Life God Tree also has no. If can make Life God Tree have a sound, that Lin Fei some interests, what a pity Life God Tree cannot have a liking, then naturally was also not the what good thing. Bears, 10 million cannot be angry, must this banquet also on the plain boiled water, draw on these proud Son of Heaven unable otherwise today with great difficulty because of Lin Fei, but went bad an entire banquet. „The thing that since you want to favor, I such as you hope that came to also makes everyone open mind, the line of ten thousand li (0.5 km) world, ten thousand li (0.5 km) Experience, goes out to be good.” In fact, stands also truly planned that in big Senior Brother high every behind these proud Son of Heaven outside travels, but this strength does not go through a strategic pass, outside danger may want the dangerous compared with the spirit world many. In spirit world you, so long as guarded against these evil spirit to be good, may arrive at outside, that may be different, the what time was extinguished do not know, therefore did not arrive at certain strength, basically does not dare to go out. Passes Catholicism has do not know many disciple dead outside, therefore also had learned from another's mistakes. Exceedingly high Founder also said continually, does not arrive at Son of Heaven Realm, basically did not need to go out. Is good because of these years, so long as cultivation to Saint king peak Realm , can outside. Now is not easy cultivation to the Saint king peak.

Arrived outside the mountain that goes to such as one unable to cross. I will certainly open the eye to look, big Senior Brother brought the what good thing to come back, do not seem like these flowers and plants to be the same, without the what value.” Standing phoenix one by one also feels special satisfying a craving. Cannot fight with big Senior Brother a moment ago, by opposite party making a move, was made phoenix one by one feel the infinite pressure on the contrary gently, was actually very at heart aggrieved. But this little while felt proud and elated actually, Lin Fei Junior Brother will speak, made big Senior Brother tall Fan in a dilemma in a few words, either put out the thing, either was...... I also heard that big Senior Brother to outside went to many places, should can find many good things, came to can also make us open mind, since even Lin Fei Junior Brother said that looks does not glance, that must put out the goods.” Phoenix one by one also added a fire on this saying, must stimulate big Senior Brother tall Fan, in any case also lets his know. Phoenix one by one this little while is intentionally, can let big Senior Brother high every in a bad mood, own was also happy, as for other, her did not consider so many. do not know, Lin Fei Junior Brother had heard the destiny, in came to my hand has a good thing to be called the destiny divine wood together.” Reading website: