Invincible Leveling King - Volume 47 - Chapter 4677
The lords of in state originally in cultivation, but could not support the might of that big Frost technique to infiltrate directly.

Awakens directly. After awakening, the lords of in state on know the situation in state city. Was disappointed regarding eldest son's performance, could it be he could not look that this person definitely has strength. Although the lords of state have not seen Realm of opposite party until now, but can determine a matter, the opposite party was 5-Star Devil God strength. 5-Star Devil God strength, is such young, might be an old monster, lord of not willing such person state offended even. One should always strive for better, outside the person has the person. Even if the opposite party is an intruder, the lords of in state did not have the what thoughts to cope , the opposite party has not hit luckily in the in state, if hit in the in state, the entire city had no Expert unable to withstand the method of opposite party. This person unusual danger, unusual terrifying, therefore had the previous that words. Shortly after! Lin Fei arrived at the state with Anlan Devil God the main residence. This was a very common palace in the state city in entire, probably such palace were really many. Lin Fei also think this fellow can live in the City Lord mansion, has not thought that unexpectedly lives in other palace, but around this also very peaceful. Welcome two to visit, my small place became you honor my humble home!” Walked in this time form together. It is not others, the state lord, on the face has the smile. He also recognized certainly this Anlan Devil God, but side person of some had not really known. No matter how said, the opposite party has not begun here, gave in him a lord of face state. Lin Fei smiles, „was actually I disturbs in you state, but I did not have the means that always some people felt own very is difficult to deal with/ferocious, wants to hit, without means under I can only begin.” Such 5-Star Devil God, Lin Fei has no interest in what hitting, although his big Frost technique is very strong, if really hits, the opposite party could not have any advantage.

But the words in that case, the Great World person will stare at him absolutely. 5-Star Devil God was so rampant, if this comes out again 6-Star Devil God 7-Star Devil God, no one can guarantee. The low key does not have the fault forever. Where I will mind, is there me child does not make every effort to succeed, I have prepared the banquet, first tastes my local food, the average person may not have the what opportunity to be able to eat!” This little while the lords of state warm does not make sense. Anlan Devil God also walked came, did not have to think oneself will one day arrive at the city of state. Saw the lord of state. In the lord of state regarding this, naturally found that was an unusual is difficult to deal with/ferocious fellow. The in state lord 5-Star Devil God strength also unusual, heard that has been closing up the breakthrough, wants to achieve 6-Star Devil God Realm. 5-Star to 6-Star was really difficult, do not know baffled many heroes. Even if this, 5-Star Devil God strength almost can walk sideways in entire Great World. The in state will become the safe place. In addition under Formation in addition of city of state holds, the in state main strength will also promote big difference/great length. Has not expected the thought that the lords of state have not begun, instead invited the opposite party to do calmly. After two people come , the stone table in courtyard sat. But at this time on the stone table has put completely the food. These food are very precious, at least after Anlan Devil God looked at one, had the appetite. Also know these were some what things, in this lords of state truly were sincere. Even if something even if has demon crystal still not necessarily to buy.

Lin Fei is not worried about the opposite party to be able under the what method. Ate swaggering. Anlan Devil God saw that Lin Fei felt relieved like this, oneself also tasted, unusual getting interested, making one forget to return. Your excellency big energy, could it be you did not fear that I intoxicate in this thing, when the time comes you want to leave here to be possible somewhat to be difficult!” Lin Fei smiled lightly. Actually this is not considered as from the start the what matter, will look people like you not to make this petty action, from the start will have nothing to use, enraged me, the entire state city will change to cities of one snow and ice!” Lin Fei has not really boasted. His big Frost technique displays, but defines based on this, once widened the range, possibility that the entire state has not escaped by luck, how so long as is smart person know to do. The lords of in state naturally were a smart person. What naturally also the know opposite party said was, if really hit, bearing the brunt was the state, when the time comes overwhelming majority people were flickered to kill. In his the lords of state also announced that thoroughly suffered a defeat and fled. My child does the wrong thing, I will punish to him correspondingly, therefore I decided to eliminate his eldest son's qualifications, was sent to frontier service the place of bitter cold, sat for 50 years to say again!” Lord of light a few words of in state, knock down instantaneously the dust from the clouds state eldest son. Anlan Devil God was also admires in this at heart decisive ability of lord of state. Directly eldest son hitting. The place of that bitter cold is not common, anybody went to the place of bitter cold, this day does not feel better. This is 50 years. Has not cared to this Lin Fei actually. How he wants to handle how handles, the state eldest son do not have the what good result to eat that in any case is the affirmations.

These are the matters of child, I have not really recorded on carefully.” Lin Fei was also said very much at will. Now the thing also eats, has the what matter to open the gate, I am not actually difficult to be together, had a look at Anlan Devil God on know.” Lin Fei does not feel in this lords of state to ask favor for the son from beginning to end. Said retaliates for his son, you want absolutely. Any Devil God will not think. Especially after know can erupt 5-Star Devil God strength, that naturally can restrain the heart the idea. Lin Fei also very mysterious, he arrived here strength so is also powerful as the intruder, stood in the Great World top layer instantaneously. „Really is your excellency the happy person, do not know your excellency big grave to the 10-Star Devil God interested?” The in state the main sound is not considered as that resounding. The words that may say made the Lin Fei heart shake actually slightly. 10-Star Devil God! This was not what simple exist, exist of this absolutely inside apex. True super Expert. Probably this Realm, is not the what people can cultivation obtain, the possibility is minimal, is one in a ten thousand with this compared with also falls far short.