Invincible Leveling King - Volume 47 - Chapter 4678
The 10-Star Devil God ancient grave truly was makes Lin Fei a little excited.

His also know in this different world 10-Star Devil God is very powerful, is Top Grade exist. On is also about some 3-Star 4-Star that for example present Lin Fei meets, most is difficult to deal with/ferocious was also the kings of that ten thousand demon, other can stand out of the way. But now a 10-Star Devil God ancient grave is truly different. I am very curious, how you will look for me, after all I am an intruder, could it be you did not fear that at crucial moment I give you fiercely one!” Lin Fei smiled lightly. Anlan Devil God sits in side has not spoken, decided that gave Lin Fei this right, if after all does not have Lin Fei, cannot obtain solar Sceptre, will not defeat Mike Devil God easily. Thus long relaxing. The lords of in state patted clapping. Because you have the value that is worth me winning over, your strength should is not weak, the one breath froze so many Devil God, 4-Star Devil God, has not had the accidental/surprised words, your should was 5-Star Devil God, even reached the peak, do not know I said was right, naturally you can also be 6-Star Devil God!” Actually did not need to explain, in Lin Fei know the lords of state are what will also look oneself, was because own strength was powerful. After all 5-Star Devil God strength is rarely seen, but the state lord is also 5-Star Devil God. This is powerful. Has this Realm, has this strength, truly can inquire about the 10-Star Devil God ancient grave. Since the lords of state so think highly of me, my ancient grave Complete to this 10-Star Devil God is also interested, that walked one to be good, the do not know what time went, I also had a preparation well!” Lin Fei comes to this different world naturally to harvest strength, but this he also looks for time right the path. In the 10-Star Devil God ancient grave should will have many Top Grade good things, therefore Lin Fei planned that tried one's luck. Three months!” Lin Fei has not forgotten a matter, that is helps Anlan Devil God cut to kill 4-Star Devil God. That time is actually very ample, we three months later comes.”

Lin Fei is also simple. The lords of in state are also the temperament of likes this intruder. Comes straight to the point directly, this was best. That three months later my wait for you arrives, you do not need to worry that the alliance can ask you to trouble, my personally from confesses one with the alliance that side, believes that they will sell my face.” The lords of in state naturally had a liking for strength of this intruder, moreover their here people work the matter that with the intruder also has. But present person strength is also strong, where on otherwise looks for 5-Star Devil God. That this favor I led.” Lin Fei and Anlan Devil God came out on the city of this state. No one follows. Lin Fei displayed flickered to move to the technique greatly, cast off the whereabouts directly. Even some people want to track still can only stare dry/does. After flickering consecutive three times of moves, Lin Fei stopped. At this time even if some Expert want to pursue unable to achieve completely. We now are very safe, even some people cannot follow.” Anlan Devil God naturally also know Lin Fei led to come out is the what reason, that cut to kill that 4-Star Devil God together. These was really thank you, without your words, I cannot think that some day can cut to kill that 4-Star Devil God.” Now Anlan Devil God had solar Sceptre, strength also promoted big difference/great length, but wanted to strike to kill that world 4-Star Devil God, required some time. She and others, must take that 4-Star Devil God. You helped I such big busy, I helped you just am make a minor matter to be good, you first determined the place, we looked for this 4-Star Devil God.”

Used half a month time, Anlan Devil God arrived in Small world with Lin Fei finally. enter this Small world, Lin Fei felt 4-Star Devil God exist. His know this 4-Star Devil God was Anlan Devil God enemy. Our luck is good, your foe has not really left in Small world, like this we did not need to search high and low!” Here world is very big, wanted to find 4-Star Devil God is not a what easy easy matter. Now came to has not run a fruitless errand, on the face of Anlan Devil God hated is also many were many. These could not escape time. Lin Fei had not asked that Anlan Devil God was what must kill this 4-Star Devil God. Does not absolutely need to go to know, so long as understood a matter on know. This 4-Star Devil God died. The summer Devil God was 4-Star peak Devil God. Recently. That side the alliance offered the olive branch to him, so long as his willing coalizes, naturally gives him to be top. Even also to his certain support, therefore the summer Devil God was still pondering, must comply. After all this advantage is obviously and obviously, in Great World, the alliance is also the so-called Devil God alliance, is very influential. Everyone must sell a face. Joined Devil God are quite many, but is High Rank Devil God are not more, is not that easy willing to join, this must need a huge price. The person of this alliance looked for summer to come Devil God. summer Laixiong, this we are time sincerely, so long as you join our alliance, that was High level Elder, had the voting rights!”

What this time lobbied Devil God was in alliance High level Elder is called Dongyun Devil God. Dongyun Devil God thought that this chance of success is very big. So long as can this summer Devil God gathering, their alliance were many 4-Star peak Devil God. When the time comes the resources get down, pounds fiercely, was 5-Star Devil God. strength of alliance will promote big difference/great length, this was the Top Grade Expert use. loud noise. Huge palace instantaneously on earthquake mountain Yao getting up. The summer the Devil God complexion changed follows to have the palace. Dongyun Devil God is also same. Two people just had/left the palace. Shortly this palace will change to the ruins countless form one after another flushed from the ruins, anger soared to the heavens, obviously has not understood a moment ago what happened is the what matter. Which Devil God played such big joke to me, whether to come sees, lets my know, I had the what place to offend you.” The summer in the Devil God heart is very annoyed, unexpectedly some people begin in oneself Small world, but also palace breaking. This does not give itself purely this face any face. Summer Devil God, your facial skin is really thick enough, opened you to make the palace how about it, today I also want you to assign/life.”