Invincible Leveling King - Volume 47 - Chapter 4680
In the sky broadcast the coldly sound, the summer Devil God also flushed.

First saw that form on sky, the look changed. Anlan Devil God you dare to come unexpectedly, you were really bold, could it be did not fear that this time came unable to escape, previous I have not caught you time, at that time some people told me, has not thought that this time you also dare to come unexpectedly, you refused to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality evidently!” Summer Devil God naturally know this Anlan Devil God. If some people do not greet, Anlan Devil God grasping. Which as for letting the opposite party has stayed outside, naturally to summer to come Devil God, such little strength simply has not cared. Coping is not relaxed. Has not thought this Anlan Devil God came unexpectedly. Also brought a helper evidently. „Before that is time, now I come, this I can want your life time, my parents' enmity my certain bulletin, even if you are 4-Star Devil God are still same!” The summer Devil God gaze also became very ice-cold. But at the same time. Dongyun Devil God also flies, recognized this Anlan Devil God. After all Anlan Devil God beauty is superior, naturally also had a liking for by many Devil God, but so far and has no Devil God to be able to take this Anlan Devil God. Anlan Devil God, are you looked for the summer like this Devil God somewhat excessive, others forgave your life, you also dare to come unexpectedly, is it possible that think he does not dare to begin.” Dongyun Devil God was some fires is also big, oneself gathered the summer Devil God, immediately must be of great success, finally this appeared makes his before painstaking care waste. Whose know summer can Devil God change the idea? Annoyed of this matter Dongyun Devil God Complete. could it be depends on the young people who you bring!” The summer Devil God haha laughed, has not naturally regarded a matter the opposite party. Lin Fei smiled lightly, „is this that 4-Star Devil God that you must kill? Really strength is good, should reached the 4-Star Devil God peak, if gave him again dozens years hundred years, can perhaps become 5-Star Devil God.”

Anlan Devil God selected nod, right, is the summer Devil God, was the homicide my parents, this enmity I had not forgotten, now I can revenge for my parents finally.” Lin Fei before time is still wondering, is the what enmity can make Anlan Devil God stare at a matter strangely not to put. Originally is this matter, truly could not put down. Relax, such 4-Star Devil God, I took for you, how when the time comes you want deal with he, how deal with, to guarantee that makes his know what be called the feeling that fresh not as good as dies!” The summer Devil God smiled with Dongyun Devil God. The former naturally does not care at all. His also know Anlan Devil God strength, is 2-Star Level, wants to cope with itself is too difficult. He is not the general 4-Star peak. Dongyun Devil God felt funnily, this Anlan Devil God too non- known quantity strength, this was the helper who where looked, this tone also big does not make sense. could it be his think summer Devil God is so good to cope? If is really is so good to cope, oneself will not win over. Comes, I am waiting for you here, has a look helper how about it that your time looks, can shoulder the prestige of my striking!” The summer Devil God laughed once again, made a petty action of check finger, eyeful did not care. That asked you.” Anlan Devil God deep breath one breath. On a look forward to Pegasus must arrive. How long on this day Anlan Devil God do not know waited. Finally waited. Even the summer Devil God strength is strong, could it be can block Lin Fei making a move, even 4-Star Devil God was frozen, it can be imagined is fearful strength. Big Frost technique!

Lin Fei simply does not want to waste the what time, began is the big Frost technique, showed 70% might directly. This not simple. Saw only on the trim ruins the instantaneous cold frost to cover directly. The ruins changed to freezing. The person who these surround one after another will also be frozen shortly. The summer Devil God with Dongyun Devil God two Devil God, the complexion instantaneously changed, because they instantaneously on oneself inside cold frost. That fearful strength infiltrates, fell into their within the body, even their treasure, still difficult withstood at this time. Lin Fei puts out a hand to grasp. The summer Devil God flew directly. whole body was frozen. Also cannot shoulder the Lin Fei 70% might. Bang loud noise. Sees only the summer of being wrapped Devil God to work loose unexpectedly, the complexion becomes pale pale. Never expected that you can also look for such a helper, what a pity I have is difficult to deal with/ferocious treasure, the poor point also really made you succeed!” Under finishes speaking. The instantaneous Endless cold frost welled up directly. Again summer Devil God wrapping. But this summer the Devil God entire complexion becomes white is not good. This aura became time is continually feeble. Lin Fei smiled lightly, really think can work loose my method is very good, I cope with you to be relaxed, but lets your happy one, how about it? Now is also uncomfortable.”

Spends big Frost technique can it be that cracking a joke that tens of billions hatred values made. The might that in addition the Lin Fei fearful accumulation, this shows is absolutely best. That side Dongyun Devil God whole body cannot move, but has been full of the fear at heart. They were Expert, in this world was also very top that batch, although is unable to be that batch, but said that was first-class Expert also yes. But is given to freeze now unexpectedly directly by young people, that summer Devil God strength originally on, but shoulders unable to shoulder unexpectedly in the front of this young people, was frozen directly. My know you are Dongyun Devil God, if you also want to help the summer Devil God vent anger, you spoke frankly!” Anlan Devil God also knew that Dongyun Devil God coldly said one. My being glad makes you act as companion with him together!” Where Dongyun Devil God had this thought. Isn't this courts death? The discerning people can look, the summer Devil God was incurable. Such big Expert, at least is also 5-Star Devil God strength. Real do not know this Anlan Devil God looks from the what place. Their influence also has 5-Star Devil God, but absolutely not easy coped with 5-Star Devil God. Melted in Dongyun Devil God Frost instantaneously, even if this also makes Dongyun Devil God be injured. This matter I do not manage, I do not meddle, the murder parents truly are the absolutely irreconcilable enmity, my also know!” Dongyun Devil God first changed the words wind. First remained to say own life again.