Invincible Leveling King - Volume 47 - Chapter 4681
Dongyun Devil God where also dares to take care this matter.

At this time the summer the Devil God life with him on does not have any relations, can pull clear pulls clear. 5-Star Devil God really cannot offend! This most shocking was summer to come Devil God. How he does not have to think Devil God that own formidable 4-Star peak, met 5-Star Devil God unexpectedly. The most important thing is this 5-Star Devil God strength was really powerful. The Frost method frozen was occupied by him together. On for example now, his entire fleshly body is flooding various chill in the air, destruction recklessly. Even his strength is strong, could not withstand, he without a doubt was collapses completely. At this time, the summer Devil God could not say any a few words to come, can only look helplessly oneself carried off. Lin Fei brought Anlan Devil God to display directly flickered to move to the technique greatly. Left this place. Found a security the place. Also is unmanned Small world, does not need to be worried that some people will pursue. In general situation, so long as is not the brain has the issue not to come. 5-Star Devil God is difficult to deal with/ferocious, that is can make Sect shock, even exterminates an entire family. 5-Star Devil God basically can walk sideways in the entire different world. Had a look at the lords of state on know. Also invited Lin Fei to inquire about the 10-Star Devil God ancient grave specially together, obviously general. Here should was the safest place, you can definitely feel relieved, how wants to tidy up this summer Devil God how to tidy up.” After Lin Fei stays behind words, toward outside. Left Anlan Devil God enough Space and time. Devil God had been completely abolished strength in this time summer by Lin Fei.

Was being frozen by the big Frost technique. Anlan Devil God forgives, I really do not want to injure your parents, I am also compel to have no other choice, forgave me to forgive me, my what listened your, even if my entire net worth my willing gave you!” Lin Fei has not gone to look. Has not gone to listen. Really gave Anlan Devil God enough Space and time. From falling starting from hand last that moment, the summer Devil God was difficult to escape on being doomed dies. Nothing but is a morning point dies with 1 : 00 pm dies. Such small difference. The entire time continued five days. In these five days of constantly spread the summer the Devil God pitiful yell sound. It can be said that bitter to bone. Naturally this is also Lin Fei contributes many hatred values. Also really must thank the 4-Star peak Devil God summer Devil God. Has not thought that at the point of death can also send a big gift to oneself. This also made Lin Fei realize a matter. That is the kings of that ten thousand demon, no wonder must set up the next big trap, really harvests the hatred value best way. This matter Lin Fei cannot do, this also made his kings to ten thousand demon have the idea. Suddenly where what a pity that fellow do not know escaped to went, if will meet next time, will not make him so with ease pleasant absolutely. Sixth day. Anlan Devil God solved summer to come Devil God finally. But the summer Devil God also gave Lin Fei to contribute the 5 million hatred value. The hatred value were really many.

If suffers again some time, tops a 10 million point not to have the issue. Solved the summer Devil God, Anlan Devil God complexion also became different, on the face also had the true smile. Thank you Lin Fei, helped the matter that I completed me unable to complete for a lifetime.” Trivial matter is worth mentioning, moreover you also help, must my present day not necessarily feel better compared with you otherwise!” Lin Fei truly must thank Anlan Devil God. If not she, oneself want so many hatred values is not from the start impossible, let alone learn/master big Frost technique. Thus progressed by leaps and bounds by own strength. Without you, my big enmity cannot report, this thing does not have what to use in my hand, gave you to be good, when the time comes you went to the 10-Star Devil God ancient grave to be able to apply!” Anlan Devil God put out a bead. This bead is previous time that decides the body bead. But this time deciding body bead ordinary not wonderful, if not Lin Fei has experienced powerful function, but also really a little cannot believe. This thing was too precious, you yourself remain, the critical moment has the big use!” Lin Fei rejected certainly. This decides the body bead is not ordinary treasure, kings of even/including Wanmo the can by the anchorage, it can be imagined. Shaking the head that Anlan Devil God swings. This thing to me quite weak, is the words in your hand, that was different, can play a stronger might absolutely, you were needless to say with me, if you did not leave behind this gift, I felt sorry!” Said, Lin Fei has not said what. Puts out a hand to bring. Built up. After building up, he discovered that this decides the body bead is very truly different. In unexpectedly the small Heavenly Cave world , so long as the energy irrigation that according to Anlan Devil God said in inside, it fulled floaded operation, can stimulate to movement this to decide the body bead. The energy of so long as providing are more, the might that displays will be stronger, the time will also be longer, not seeming like her is the same.

I accepted, right, you really did not plan that goes to experience with me together this 10-Star Devil God ancient grave?” Lin Fei asked. Anlan Devil God is swinging shaking the head, this matter considers as finished, that place went on my little fellow, the what time died do not know, I am honest was good because of outside, but you were different, your method compared with my is difficult to deal with/ferocious, was most suitable this place exploration.” Actually is really also what is all about. That place Anlan Devil God, strength promotes even now much, but wants, does not meet dangerous that definitely unable to achieve. But Lin Fei was different, not only fleshly body even defends powerful also differently, said that not to mention was this big Frost technique. Ok, when I come out after inside I look for you again!” Escorted Anlan Devil God to return to own Small world. Followed to turn around. You really let alone, the in state the main skill is good. Also really alliance here matter pressing. Comes. Lin Fei has not really met the what danger, has not met what troublesome, arrived at the state with ease. „The Brother Lin younger brother, never expected that you came quickly, how to see Anlan Devil God, could it be does not go?” Lin Fei comes. The lords of in state came out to greet personally, has not seen Anlan Devil God, let he a little small accidental/surprised actually. She said that place suits big Expert to go, this small Expert did not mix!” The in state lord haha smiled, but also was really what is all about. That actually what a pity!”