Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4015
Wind and thunder sword faction, Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain, you dares so to suffer my brother, I must let your two exterminations!!!” Looks at the Chu Feng like that painful appearance, trembling of secret Dongqun Saint air/Qi. Although they are very weak, may launch a psychological attack because of the anger, sends cursing of Headmaster and Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster to the wind and thunder sword, is actually resounding. Snort, do not want to feel better.” But, their opens the mouth, reminded Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster. Therefore Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster, took out 11 nine stars to bite the corpse insect, later then squeezed in the mouth of secret Dongqun Saint forcefully. The poisonous insect enters the body, their 11 people, is ugly-looking, sent out the pitiful yell of pain, even that pitiful yell sound, wants pitiful several times to continue compared with Chu Feng. But must know, their within the body, but entered nine stars to bite the corpse insect. But Chu Feng's within the body, has three. In this case, some experienced older generations, were somewhat admire to Chu Feng on the contrary. Because they know, nine stars bite the corpse insect, although will not set at the person in the deathtrap. But, that aims at nine stars to bite in the situation of corpse insect. If with the quantity increase, the pain will also promote, the threat of death will also arrive. Three nine stars bite the corpse insect, is one, can set at the person in the deathtrap quantity. Therefore they admire the Chu Feng's will, if not the will is outstanding, that three nine stars bite the corpse insect, should let the Chu Feng nervous breakdown. But Chu Feng he, is still conducting the shoulder. Naturally, extorting evidence at the same time, the wind and thunder sword sends Headmaster and Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster has not been idling. They start to search on Chu Feng, want from Chu Feng, found that mysterious treasure, even also took away cosmos sack of Chu Feng waist. But after the wind and thunder sword sends Headmaster searches cosmos sack, brow tight wrinkle, even the face becomes twists, Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster also realized is not wonderful. But is related to mysterious treasure, he inquired: Can have the discovery?” You look.”

The wind and thunder sword sends Headmaster, stern-faced, lost that cosmos sack to Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster. Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster received cosmos sack, hurries with the special method, opens cosmos sack. After he opens, the climate must clench jaws. In Chu Feng cosmos sack, not to mention mysterious treasure, does not have including valuable thing/person simply. Instead after opening cosmos sack, stinks to high heaven, but inside thing/person, is disgusting. This where is lays aside the treasure cosmos sack, simply is a trap, is used to aim, these want to rob the person of multi- Chu Feng treasure. It is not able from Chu Feng, to find mysterious treasure not saying that instead was so played tricks on by Chu Feng. This lets Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain and wind and thunder sword sends Headmaster, anger even more. They are mad, wishes one could to dismember a body Chu Feng. Obstinate argumentative?” Okay good, I must have a look actually, you can obstinate argumentative to any degree.” Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster, in a blaze of passion, takes out six nine stars to bite the corpse insect unexpectedly. „Were you insane?” Sees this action, the wind and thunder sword sends Headmaster, is frightens the facial features to change, rushes to open the mouth to stop. He is so anxious, because actually not Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster is cruel. If can let the Chu Feng opens the mouth, even killed Chu Feng why not? In fact, he had not planned that makes Chu Feng live departure, so long as Chu Feng hands over that mysterious treasure, he will also silence a witness of crime. He is very clear, regarding the talent of this talent, cannot leave leeway the future trouble absolutely. Now Chu Feng has not handed over that mysterious treasure, if at this time killed Chu Feng, that may owe in a big way. But, three bite the corpse insect, to people are the limit, if adds six again, that may really probably kill.

Relax, I know fairly well.” This small bastard, strong, he will not die, but..., so long as these six put again, he will certainly be asking me, making him die.” Nine Stars Heavenly Mountain Headmaster spoke, then enough six nine stars will bite the corpse insect, admitted Chu Feng's within the body. …… Sure enough, six nine stars bite the corpse insect, after entering Chu Feng within the body, the Chu Feng pitiful yell sound changes was different. People felt the toxicity that these nine stars bite the corpse insect is too strong, thus enabled the Chu Feng's sound to change. But after, Zhao Hong hears this sound, the vision actually suddenly changes. At this time the body of Zhao Hong, at least dozens strange sticks, pierced her body. Each stick, brought the harms in varying degrees to her. Although, she not like Chu Feng and secret Dongqun the Saint, sends out the rending pitiful yell. But in fact, suffering of blood fog Tianzun to her and Han Xiu, is not weak in that nine stars bites the corpse insect. Originally, under suffering of blood fog Tianzun, Zhao Hong could not have withstood weakly, even the eye could not open, she has soon lost the consciousness, felt oneself fall into the endless abyss, by endless pain surrounding, waited for her died. But, at this time, she not only opened the eyes, is staring at Chu Feng, the whole person changed an appearance. Such Zhao Hong, blood fog Tianzun was frightened. After all the reflection of Zhao Hong, surpassed the common sense. He also thinks, is own suffering, was invalid to Zhao Hong. But only some Zhao Hong know, why she can so. The Chu Feng's sound changed, but in fact is, Chu Feng in nine stars bite under suffering of corpse insect, the consciousness starts to crash, in this case, he has had no time to change oneself sound. Therefore, his pitiful yell sound, made the true voice. In other words, pitiful yell sound that at this time Chu Feng exudes, is originally Chu Feng own sound.

Others think otherwise, but Zhao Hong actually listened, she heard the Chu Feng's sound. Originally is you!!!” At this time, Zhao Hong is staring at Chu Feng, in the red eye pupil, exuded the tears unexpectedly. In blood fog Tianzun, under that cruel suffering, she has not shed drop of tears. But this time she, she actually could not stretch, after the tears exuded, then started unceasingly flowed out from the eye socket. She knows finally why this person named Asura, will bravely step forward like this. Understands that all she, the body starts to shiver, but such shivering, actually has nothing to do with the injury. Because, Zhao Hong within the body, had the enormous change. She who carried the heavy losses, forgot probably ache, the vision becomes fearful, the facial features are become ice-cold. Even, lay Zhao Hong above midair, sets out unexpectedly slowly. This girl......” She......” Looks at such Zhao Hong, the blood fog Tianzun vision changes, he as if realized anything, in the eye emerged the color of fear unexpectedly. He who even was frightened, unexpectedly continual backing up several steps. I want you dead!!!” Suddenly, Zhao Hong exuded one to angrily roar. That angry sound, carries dreadful killing intent, sweeps across the world.