Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4037
Sir, if not for you, our floor iron beast clan, is inevitably hard to run away the disaster of extermination of the clan.” Therefore Sir, in the future you, will if desired open the mouth freely, my floor iron beast clan can achieve, decides however whole-heartedly.” old person holds the fist in the other hand to say to Chu Feng. You, but also does the plan continue to live here?” Chu Feng listens from the old person words, they as if also want to continue to keep this place. Benefactor, our floor iron beast clan, since the birth, in this place multiplication, has had the ancestor to teach, always can not leave this place.” That old person said. Then except for the Tuoba Chengan, but also do some people know you here?” Chu Feng asked. Should not have.” My clan is always careful, basically does not contact with the outside world.” Actually, my clan does not need the bad this great misfortune.” Oh, blamed the old man the heart being friendly in the past, led to the catastrophe.” Words to here, a lamentation of old person face. Then after narration of old person, Chu Feng also knows finally why the Tuoba Chengan will discover this place. Originally, in the past the Tuoba Chengan somehow, carried the heavy losses, just fell beside this mountain range. Floor iron beast clan, although the appearance is aggressive, but the innermost feelings are actually good. Is a good ethnic group. old person looked that the Tuoba Chengan suffocated, then moved the compassion, led in the returns to the clan therapy him. Thinking, before its regains consciousness, sent out this place the Tuoba Chengan, this also avoided troublesome. But has not thought, the Tuoba Chengan woke up suddenly, and its cultivation realm was so unexpectedly tyrannical, above old person. Matter then, naturally was the Tuoba Chengan, did not read the old person life-saving efforts, instead sought after here treasure. Hence, the entire floor iron beast clan, becomes the slave of Tuoba Chengan. Was suffered the Tuoba Chengan, even was killed by mistreatment.

Knows, Chu Feng innermost feelings anger surges. He knew the Tuoba Chengan moral behavior to be extremely bad early, has not actually thought, the Tuoba Chengan was unexpectedly virulent to this situation, the saviors did not let off. If knows this matter early, Chu Feng will decide however will not let the Tuoba Chengan, then cheap dying. However, finally also the good news, that besides the Tuoba Chengan, as if no one knew here. Floor iron beast clan, if continues to keep here, should some people not disturb. But to provide against contingencies, Chu Feng before departure, arranged First Level formidable formation technique. This formation technique, not only makes this place more secret, simultaneously the bystander wants very is not easy. It can be said that gave the safeguard of this floor iron beast clan First Level security. Then, Chu Feng , the floor iron beast clan bestowed to his gift refining up into within the body. Before this strength such as Chu Feng, guessed, not only can integrate the soul, can protect dantian, making dantian firmer, was more powerful. Is the rare quenching treasure. Thinks, initially the Tuoba Chengan, in Ancestral Martial Star Region Great Thousand Upper Realm, was abolished cultivation realm by Ancestral Martial Dragon City city lord, can the restoration of complete unscathed. By is here strength. But strength that Chu Feng obtains, may compared with, wants many many that Tuoba Chengan obtained. Therefore the trip, Chu Feng not only removed the Tuoba Chengan, obtained the unexpected benefit, was trip has not been made in vain. Then, Chu Feng then left this place, returns to Ancestral Martial Star Region Great Thousand Upper Realm. Although this time the time of arriving at All Heavens Star Region and shortly. But Chu Feng to Great Thousand Upper Realm, is actually the very worry. Naturally, is mainly worrying about, Great Thousand Upper Realm these people. ...... Great Thousand Upper Realm, Chu Celestial Clan. Since a same day war, Ancestral Martial Dragon City entrusted Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, after running Ancestral Martial Star Region. This Chu Celestial Clan, one day not peaceful.

All influence, unceasingly in admiration of somebody's fame visit, other Star Region some influences, is comes to visit. Since the liveliness of this grade of scene, Chu Celestial Clan has it can be said that based, has never had. Actually, if trades to make other influences, will not entertain everyone mostly. After all side Overlord, should have a side Overlord appearance. But Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, has not actually rejected. Influence that regardless of comes to visit, the strength is weak, so long as the first time is visited, it can assign/life the person to receive. Naturally, regardless of where the influence comes to visit, to Chu Celestial Clan is respectful. Although Chu Celestial Clan is not peaceful, but this not peaceful at the same time, is actually also withstanding the respect and worships of countless person. Therefore, these days, Chu Celestial Clan small generation, it can be said that very satisfied. Although initial they, were Great Thousand Upper Realm Overlord, experienced personally the respect of Great Thousand Upper Realm all parties influence. But actually is also restricted in Great Thousand Upper Realm. They know, if leaves Great Thousand Upper Realm, Ancestral Martial Star Region, their Chu Celestial Clan status, is actually very low. Has many people, looks down upon them. But now is different, entire Ancestral Martial Star Region any influence, awes to them. This lets their status, promoted not to know many scales. The vanity becomes exceptionally inflates, they also like the change of this status naturally, likes receiving the respect of all influence. However, few of small generation of consideration, immerse in this change in status, can understand. But older generations, but somewhat was sad. They know, the Chu Celestial Clan present mastery, is unable to support a side Star Region Overlord status. They can this status, be completely Ancestral Martial Dragon City, looks in the Chu Feng's face. Therefore they are also very clear, the position of this Overlord, they are unworthy of the name. But the person walk toward the high place, water to low spot class/flow. Since had arrived at this status, is unworthy of the name even if, they do not want to fall.

Because of them, enjoys this type very much, by feeling of entire Star Region respect. How therefore should defend the position of this Overlord, becomes everyone the issue that considers. Naturally, they also know, they biggest trump card is Chu Feng. The Chu Feng talent is astonishing, can say that is not inferior in his grandfather Chu Hanxian, and his father Chu Xuanyuan. All clansmen know, so long as gives Chu Feng enough time, Chu Feng can certainly become Ancestral Martial Star Region most powerhouse, at that time, no one dares to question his Chu Celestial Clan. Before then, what to do should also? They worry, precisely Chu Feng grows the beforehand these days. ...... At this time Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head, Chu Hanpeng, Chu Xuan Zhengfa Chu Celestial Clan many Elder, gather in Chu Celestial Clan completely, beyond a Teleportation Array method. They arrange in order neatly, this stance, is very rare. Now, besides the people in three cities, but few, can make Chu Celestial Clan so drag in lots of people. Originally, they are seeing off a person. But this person, actually not the people in three cities. That is old person, he has an imposing appearance, wears the purple gold long gown, don't sighs his powerful air/Qi field, but this dressing up, seeming like is quite noble. Make people think, this person is not the ordinary person. But regarding this old person, Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head and others, greets with a smile. This respectful attitude, showed this old person is not simple. But when, that old person vanishes after formation technique, Chu Celestial Clan numerous position Elder, actually almost receive on the face simultaneously that stiff smiling face, becomes with a worried look. Chu Hanpeng, with Chu Xuan Zhengfa, is no exception. ps: I am unfair to the brothers, once again cannot fulfill the commitment, actually I promised, wants to oneself the pressure, to compel many update, but sometimes, is really helpless, I do not find the excuse to myself, because this is my issue, the brothers want to scold scold, if you can vent spleen, ruthless point that scolded, hoped in August, my condition can be better, after hoping, can no longer disappoint you, hopes, I can also become your pride, was my pride is the same like you, hehe. sript > ; /sript > https: