Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4082
Originally, he also wants to write off Chu Feng, for these by the person air vent that Chu Feng causes heavy losses. But at this moment, he realized suddenly, he is not the Chu Feng's opponent. This Chu Celestial Clan junior, imagines him is fiercer than!!! You know that who we are?” We are the people of constellation Xiandao.” Sees with own eyes is not the Chu Feng opponent, this Supreme Elder, rushes to lift own influence, wants to retreat in fear Chu Feng by this. But Chu Feng is actually sneers one: I know that you are the people in constellation Xiandao.” You... your avid follower, knows that we are the people in constellation Xiandao, but also dares person to my island to act?” That Sir Supreme Elder asked. „......” Chu Feng smiles lightly. I hit, is the person in your constellation Xiandao.” …… Chu Feng this words saying, vanishes unexpectedly does not see. When appears again, before had arrived at that Supreme Elder body, a fist rumbles, directly soars that Supreme Elder surface gate bang to go. That Supreme Elder, wanted to dodge. Does , the Chu Feng's speed is too fast, he can only look helplessly, the Chu Feng's fist raids to him, is actually moves aside. Bang In a boxing, that Supreme Elder flying upside down goes, falling ruthlessly above surface. When falls to the ground, he face has twisted, cannot move. But Chu Feng is actually follows close on, before arriving at its. Sees only Chu Feng both arms swinging, his fist, such as the rainstorm is then common, unceasing pounding to that Supreme Elder. A fist, ten fists, hundred fists, thousand fists...... Sincerely to the meat!!! When Chu Feng receives the hand, that Supreme Elder, has changed beyond all recognition, the physique is torn to pieces, does not have including a consciousness, seems like has no difference from the deceased person. Even can say, under the Chu Feng body is not a person, but is a beach blood. But he has not died, he also has the one breath. The injustice has a debt to have main. Chu Feng must kill, must kill the island lord in constellation Xiandao, after all was he nearly killed Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head. However, they shame Chu Feng, shames Chu Celestial Clan, is the big crime. The capital crime may exempt, but the suffering is hard to run away. In the Chu Feng eye, they, although already nearly disabled person, but actually is also the punishment is deserved. plop Suddenly, a throwing down sound conveys from the distant place. Originally, the person falls down.

That is the person in constellation Xiandao. He previously had the matter to leave, on come back road, then discovered direction that their clansmen are, has the sound of fight. Therefore he has not approached, but hides in the hidden place observes. Sees by chance, their Supreme Elder, by one that Chu Feng beats savagely. He does not dare to observe with the induction force, can only determine all with the vision. Therefore, these by the fainting past people who Chu Feng hit. In this eye, then becomes the person of dying. Others, powerful Supreme Elder, were still also killed even unexpectedly, this scared this, even frightened fell down. However he does not dare to stop over in this, does not dare to disclose, but rushes to set out, runs away to go to the distant place. But direction that the direction that he runs away, the precisely constellation Xiandao island main is. He is goes to seek help. However what he does not know, after he leaves, Chu Feng's vision, locked him. And Chu Feng this time vision, compared with wild ferocious beast, but also wants fearful several times. ...... Present purple star different, before is entirely different. In many unusual things, even also presented many Heaven and Earth Treasure. Then before, has never had matter. Phenomenon that Chu Celestial Clan Clan Head meets, but is its one. Phenomenon that the time hence, that and other world energy collections become, had appeared three times. Without exception, the world energy of all raising the phenomenon, the island lords by constellation Xiandao is robbed. Now, this island lord, is utilizing the star to direct the stone, absorbs that third, to triggers the phenomenon richly sufficiently the world energy. Compares in the position that Sir Supreme Elder is, this place is relatively peaceful. Except that on void, beyond sound that the phenomenon makes. The people in these constellation Xiandao, all do not dare to say a word. They, do not dare to disturb the constellation Xiandao island lord. Island main Sir, is not good.” But suddenly, is full of the startled sound, resounds in the forest in distant place. Comes along with that sound, precisely that by the man who Chu Feng frightens. What shouted?” Hasn't seen the island main Sirs to refine the world energy?” Some person of cold voice asked. Although his tone full is the anger, for does not affect their island main Sirs, he actually low of very language barometric pressure. But in the meantime, that has arrived at the near, knelt on the ground.

Sir, Sir Supreme Elder died.” Person who my island follows Sir Supreme Elder, entire.” That complained tearfully. What did you say?” Is saying.” The mature and powerful sound resounds together. Is the island lord in constellation Xiandao. Island main Sir, Sir Supreme Elder they, all died.” That complained tearfully. Died, how death?” Met so powerful purple star unusual animals?” The constellation Xiandao island lords asked. No, is not the purple star unusual animals, was killed.” That said. Was killed?” Hears this words, the everyone on the scene are shocked. Because of their constellation Xiandao, in the past his island lord, by one's effort, after defeating six Headmaster, in ten big influences, then no one, dares with them to oppose. Who, dares to kill the person in his constellation Xiandao? Who is, dares unexpectedly the person in my constellation Xiandao?” The constellation Xiandao island lords asked. Is the Chu Celestial Clan person.” That said. What?” Chu Celestial Clan?” Hears the Chu Celestial Clan four characters, the constellation Xiandao people, the face color on shock is stronger. Trivial does Chu Celestial Clan, dare to kill the person in his constellation Xiandao? It is not right, is not the issue that dares. But is they, simply does not have this strength. You have not misread, is really the Chu Celestial Clan person?” The constellation Xiandao island lords asked. Island main Sir, absolutely true.” Is that Chu Celestial Clan junior, Chu Feng.” That man said.

Chu Feng?” Hearsay real, that Chu Feng really powerful hence?” Hears the Chu Feng two characters, thought the inconceivable people, feel the matter suddenly, possibly happened. After all, before they enter this purple star different, that Blue Gowned person has been disseminating the Chu Feng's fact. Therefore the people in constellation Xiandao, heard regarding the Chu Feng's fact. Before, they did not believe a junior, will have the so strong strength. But now, their Supreme Elder are even killed, that is thinks that does not believe is not good. Good Chu Feng.” I looked on the same day in the Purple Star Hall face, lets off their Chu Celestial Clan horse, has shown extreme tolerance.” He now, dares to kill the person in my constellation Xiandao unexpectedly.” Now no one can rescue his Chu Celestial Clan, even Purple Star Hall cannot preserve them.” Not only his Chu Feng must die, I must make Chu Celestial Clan everyone probably die.” I must let as we all know, dares to oppose with my constellation Xiandao, what kind of price is going to pay.” In eye of constellation Xiandao, anger surges. During the speeches, received the hand the star to direct the stone unexpectedly, stops absorbing that boundless world energy. Guides, leading me to look for that Chu Feng.” The constellation Xiandao island lord him, is to look for Chu Feng to do accounts. This island main Sir such remarks, people in constellation Xiandao, is the morale surges upward, killing intent is dreadful. Although, Chu Feng's is tyrannical, making them feel shocking. But if the island main Sirs make a move, they felt, Chu Feng is also doomed dead. Did not need to look.” But in the meantime, has sound together, resounds from the jungle. Waits and sees along the sound, everyone is the look stagnates. Sees only in the jungle, the shadow is approaching to them together. That shadow is the human form, but that eye, is actually blood red!!! That and other vision, are extremely fearful, does not seem like a human to have. But what most made their anxious was, in the subsequent hand of that form, is dragging thing/person unexpectedly. That resembles is a large snake. But is careful looks, people in great surprise. That is not the snake, but is the corpse. Corpses, tied up by it in one, like a large snake, was towed the line by it.