Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4141
Is impossible.” Is what method, said directly.” Covering up, is what man?” Zuoqiu Daoyi, air/Qi angrily roars. He felt, Chu Feng is deceiving him. First Rank Venerable Taboo, even if can keep off below Second Rank Venerable Taboo and Third Rank Venerable Taboo. Also is absolutely impossible to keep off below, his Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo. „......”, however, Chu Feng is light smiles, this said: „Aren't you clear?” What meaning are you?” Zuoqiu Daoyi asked. You know quickly.” After Chu Feng this words fall, void above, then has the thunder clouds to reappear. But in that covering the sky and blocking the sun thunder clouds, has the innumerable say/way blood red thunder, gallops to shout. This style, the people of presence have seen. Before this is Chu Feng, Immortal-class Taboo Skill that displays, Immortal Taboo Bloody Thunder Technique. Chu Feng also precisely by this Immortal-class Taboo Skill , contended with Zuoqiu Daoyi First Rank Venerable Taboo. What meaning are you?” The Zuoqiu Daoyi brow wrinkles, he had been confused by Chu Feng thoroughly. He is really not clear, Chu Feng this act, is what goal. First Rank Venerable Taboo that let alone just I used.” Actually, even if I use this Immortal-class Taboo Skill , can still break your Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo.” Chu Feng said. Your fart.” Zuoqiu Daoyi, air/Qi crack cursed. He felt, Chu Feng this is in the shame in him. His Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo, even again bad, impossible not to cope Immortal-class Taboo Skill . Rumble

But, the blood red thunder chops to fall in the meantime together, fell before the body of Zuoqiu Daoyi directly. Although, but fell before his body, not direct hit he. The ripples that but that blood red thunder, swings, actually fly away directly the Zuoqiu Daoyi bang. When falls to the ground, Zuoqiu Daoyi unexpectedly cut and bruised. This......” Sees this, the Zuoqiu Celestial Clan people face changed the color. This Immortal-class Taboo Skill , Chu Feng had displayed before. Although this Immortal-class Taboo Skill , the might is good, but Zuoqiu Daoyi can actually avoid. But just that say/way thunder strike, Zuoqiu Daoyi not only could not avoid, that might is the big astonishment. Clearly, the Chu Feng this Immortal-class Taboo Skill might, obtained the enormous promotion. Sir Clan Head, what's all this about?” When flurried, everyone looked to Zuoqiu Celestial Clan Clan Head. May facing the vision of numerous position clansman, Zuoqiu Celestial Clan Clan Head, actually be the brow tight wrinkle, without reply. He, does not know, this what's the matter. Also suddenly, there are innumerable say/way thunder, chops to fall from void under. After that thunder chops falls, immediately has not vanished, instead still in approaches to Zuoqiu Daoyi unceasingly. The most important thing is, the whereabouts thunder are too really many, has formed a surrounding network, encircled Zuoqiu Daoyi in middle. Saw that the thunder more depends is nearer, Zuoqiu Daoyi then rushes to wield begins Incomplete Venerable Armament, displayed Second Rank Venerable Taboo, wants thunder that broke open that to besiege to come. But that Second Rank Venerable Taboo, is unable to rout the blood-color thunder unexpectedly. Zuoqiu Daoyi, displayed Third Rank Venerable Taboo. But even if Third Rank Venerable Taboo, is unable to rout that blood-color thunder similarly. This fellow, should really unable to utilize this Immortal-class Taboo Skill , contends with Young Master Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo?” Seeing with own eyes, Third Rank Venerable Taboo, is not even able to rout the Chu Feng's blood-color thunder, the Zuoqiu Celestial Clan people, has started to suspect the life. Immortal-class Taboo Skill , can contend with First Rank Venerable Taboo, they are feel inconceivable. But sees with one's own eyes to them, Immortal-class Taboo Skill , after even Third Rank Venerable Taboo can resist, was frightened seriously.

Hateful, I must have a look actually, whether you can keep off below my Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo.” Suddenly, the azure flame shoots up to the sky. Without Zuoqiu Daoyi of means that finally displayed Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo. But after that azure flame ascends, but, the blood red thunder, picked up the speed suddenly, before the twinkling arrived at the body of Zuoqiu Daoyi . The blood red thunder, collides with that azure flame mutually, immediately swung the boundless ripples. The azure flame, with the blood-color thunder, the twinkling flooded entire Heavenly Thunder ancient formation. After the ripples dissipate, the Zuoqiu Celestial Clan people, are more scared. Zuoqiu Daoyi, not only lies down on the ground at this time, is the whole body burned black, carries the heavy losses, the strength of continually standing did not have. But observes Chu Feng again, actually complete unscathed. Chu Feng uses Immortal-class Taboo Skill unexpectedly, routed Zuoqiu Daoyi Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo. At this time, in the world, silent piece. The Zuoqiu Celestial Clan people, all are dumbfounded, in the eye covered entirely at a loss. Although has long known, their say/way Young Master, with this named Chu Feng's young people, has certain disparity. But how regardless of they have not thought, this disparity was unexpectedly big to this situation. At this time two people after the promotion of all sorts of methods, cultivation realm all in Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable Realm. But Chu Feng, by Immortal-class Taboo Skill , broke them to say Young Master Fourth Rank Venerable Taboo unexpectedly, like this vast gap, made their difficult withstand. Now did you understand?” I can beat you, is not because my Martial Technique is fierce, because you were too weak.” Although your I, cultivation realm, promoted Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable Realm.” But in fact, your my strength disparity, actually completely not in a level.” Your my strength disparity is extremely disparate, has endured to compare the First Rank realm disparity.” So under the disparity, you display strong Martial Technique, there is what using?” Finally, Chu Feng opened the mouth, in the words fills, his despising to Zuoqiu Daoyi. Your fart, on you have treasure either, either hid real cultivation realm.” You won won, does not need to hide the strength intentionally, shames in me.”

However, Zuoqiu Daoyi actually does not believe the Chu Feng's words, and air/Qi crack cursed. Actually, he is unable to believe, he and Chu Feng's strength, will have such big disparity. After all he is the talent, under same cultivation realm, is few person can contend with him. He thinks his strength, has been in the peak. Will the peak strength, how with Chu Feng, possibly have such big disparity? Actually, not only he does not believe that Zuoqiu Celestial Clan clansman, does not believe. But above the clouds, that two Long Family old person and young girl, are actually the eye of reveal affirmative vision. It seems like, Zuoqiu Celestial Clan these two talents, the talent has, but can have such achievement, actually is also the Heaven and Earth Treasure merit, therefore causes cultivation realm is not steady.” But this Chu Feng's cultivation realm, actually extremely solid, and strength was astonishing, this will cause two people, had the so disparate disparity.” Long Family old person said. Is only, that Heavenly Thunder ancient formation strength, as if soon vanished.” Then, how will he do?” The Long Family young girl said. …… Suddenly, the Chu Feng big sleeve wields, then has the pressure on release from its within the body. Zuoqiu Daoyi and Zuoqiu Tiancheng two brothers, by the Chu Feng's strength bound, were then all posted are hanging above the midair. Meanwhile, Zuoqiu Daoyi and sword in Zuoqiu Tiancheng hand, was controlled by Chu Feng. At this time that two swords, were aiming at Zuoqiu Daoyi and Zuoqiu Tiancheng respectively. Chu Feng, you must make anything!!!” Sees that Zuoqiu Hanxun and Zuoqiu Celestial Clan many clansmen, cannot bear shout. Sound of threat, lingering on faintly. They are afraid, was afraid Chu Feng really to kill their two talent Young Master. However Chu Feng, has not actually paid attention, instead looked to Zuoqiu Celestial Clan Clan Head. Your these two sons, can only live, you elect.” Chu Feng said.