Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4198
Died, they died. This is at present, the ideas in all person hearts. But, sees only a Chu Feng palm to rumble in the meantime. Boundless Martial Power, plunders from his palm. That Martial Power extreme velocity expansion, and creeping motion change. Quick, then changes to a giant Martial Power palm, but that Martial Power palm, reaches as high as tens of thousands meters unexpectedly. Reaches as high as tens of thousands meters Martial Power giant palm, continually void shaken disruption. After seeing that Martial Power giant palm, these Venerable Realm formation huge beast, exude the panic-stricken squeal unexpectedly, later transfers the figure, must run away unexpectedly Originally, these formation huge beast, will be afraid. But is too late, the Chu Feng's Martial Power giant palm, is but loudly. Sees only the Martial Power giant palm place visited, all living things completely destroys, calamity. Has the huge beast form together, in the front of that Martial Power giant palm, was ground. formation huge beast that however shortly, that covering the sky and blocking the sun comes, wrote off completely. But this, not only True Immortal Jin He and cotton garment old monk saw. Clarity that Old Man Zhao, Zhao Menglu, desolate jade, and everyone on the scene, looks. But without exception, almost everyone on the scene, has stared dumbfounded, dumbfounded. On their faces is not shocking, but frightens, they were frightened by a just institute. But at this time frightens them, actually not these formation huge beast, but is Chu Feng. This time Chu Feng, is turning away from them, is built on void of distant place. That form, is tiny like that. But takes to their impact, is actually so huge!!! senior, does not see for a long time.” In the people are shocked, before Chu Feng had actually arrived at the cotton garment old monk body, to cotton garment old monk influence. Chu Feng you......” „Should you, really not step into Supreme Venerable Realm?” Suddenly, True Immortal Jin He opens the mouth to ask. He had suspected Chu Feng before, even thought that Chu Feng possibly received the stimulation, will say such words. But he now, actually starts to suspect itself. Supreme Venerable Realm?”

After True Immortal Jin He asked these words, the cotton garment old monk was also surprised. Although he, saw with one's own eyes, Chu Feng is only a palm, that covering the sky and blocking the sun Venerable Realm huge beast, writes off completely. But looks like in the cotton garment old monk, Chu Feng should be Venerable Realm, many realm. Supreme Venerable Realm? He wants unable to think. But after hearing True Immortal Jin He these words, Chu Feng smiled suddenly. Originally, True Immortal Jin He is suspecting him. Therefore the Chu Feng clothing waves, later from its within the body, then has the boundless aura release. Of that aura, covers the world several tens of thousands li (0.5 km). The mountains, the rivers and streams, the lake, and sea, was blocked by the Chu Feng's aura. The great strength of that aura, grasped all of this side world. He in an instant, may make the mountains crash. He in an instant, may make the rivers and streams flow backwards. He in an instant, may make the sea evaporate. He in an instant, but takes in these several tens of thousands li (0.5 km), the lives of all lives. Among his thoughts, may make all living things completely destroy, lets here all, vanishes in a puff of smoke, nothing left!!! „Is this... then the Supreme Venerable Realm strength?” This... is the Supreme Venerable Realm powerhouse!!!” At this time, other not to mention people, True Immortal Jin He, with cotton garment old monk and others thing, is the facial features delay, was frightened to be nearly silly. How can not fear? The opportunity that so long as a Chu Feng thought that they reflect does not have, then figure to completely exterminate, explodes the body to perish. Naturally, Chu Feng does not want to frighten the people on the scene. Therefore this aura released the flash, was received. But even if so, many people frightened fall down, even stupor in the past. Many people, frightened urination pants, even also some people cry. Especially desolate jade, he lies down on the ground at this time, is not the body shivers, but is the body twitches. Thinks, he previous, provoked existence of Supreme Venerable Realm unexpectedly. And, but also hit a Supreme Venerable Realm fist, he at this moment, was really the heart that died continually has.

Meanwhile, he knows finally why his hand met the difficult cure. Originally the opposite party, is supreme Supreme Venerable Realm!!! „The Chu Feng little friend, you may really let my expand my horizon.” True Immortal Jin He, said with the cotton garment old monk. If said others, most was frightened by the Chu Feng's strength. But True Immortal Jin He, with cotton garment old monk, but was filled with emotion. After all initially in Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, Chu Feng was the later generation that needed them to shelter. In the blink of an eye, Chu Feng has grown unexpectedly this situation. Grows, the monster that they are unable to contend with, a Chu Feng palm, can write off conveniently all. Several years, this to cultivator, is nothing. But, Chu Feng had the so big change. According to this logic, were you really the Chu Xuanyuan's son?” When True Immortal Jin He is excited, asked again. senior, this matter, how I will deceive you.” Chu Feng does not know whether to laugh or cry, he has not thought, including this matter, True Immortal Jin He will suspect. Was old man stupid, was old man stupid.” True Immortal Jin He said with a smile. Originally is the Chu Feng little friend, seriously the Chu Xuanyuan's son?” Hears this words, the cotton garment old monk is also wild with joy. In Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm, they have suspected Chu Feng, possibly is the Chu Xuanyuan's son. But Chu Feng at that time, does not want to expose itself, therefore has hidden the identity. Now knew, they seriously are delighted. Your father, was once is in the past shocking our.” Has not thought you now, actually gives us bigger shock.” This may really be like father, like son, like father, like son.” True Immortal Jin He and cotton garment old monk, is the sigh again and again. Sir Chu Feng.” Suddenly, there is a sound together to resound.

Originally was Old Man Zhao came, this time Old Man Zhao a face smiling face, but in his hand, but also is pulling his granddaughter, Zhao Menglu. Compares in in high spirits Old Man Zhao. This time Zhao Menglu, actually looked that Chu Feng does not dare, the body was unable automatic control is shivering, the entire portrait silly was the same. Sir Chu Feng, possibly the old man mentions this matter now, is somewhat inopportune.” But I see you and Monroe, is together well, but Monroe to you, is the appreciation.” You , if not shut out, I betroth Monroe in you, but is good?” Old Man Zhao such remarks, not to mention Chu Feng, others was startled. Was this Old Man Zhao too also impatient? At this kind of time, can sets the wedding unexpectedly to Zhao Menglu and Chu Feng? But thinks that can also understand, but after all Chu Feng Supreme Venerable Realm powerhouse. This and others thing, does not know many people, wants to marry Chu Feng descendants. Old Man Zhao, is afraid others to act swiftly to get there first, this offers this bad plan. Zhao senior, this feared that is not good.” Chu Feng said. Isn't good?” Hears this words, Old Man Zhao first stares, but he does not dare to talk too much, but is grinning saying: Sir Chu Feng, even if asked Monroe to be the concubine is still good, Monroe was the concubine is also good, so long as your love, other was not the issue.” Sees Old Man Zhao so, Chu Feng is really helpless, this said: Person who Zhao senior, your granddaughter, has liking.” Person who has liking, is impossible.” Sir Chu Feng, you may probably listen to others to talk nonsense not, my granddaughter, always remains pure and incorruptible, but looks over this place, except for the Sir you, some where people can enter my granddaughter's eyes?” Old Man Zhao answered vigorously. Heard this words, Chu Feng actually shows a faint smile, aimed at that distant place, was frightened, lay down on the ground, the whole body in desolate jade of twitching. That isn't, your granddaughter's loved one?” ps: Really could not bear say several, the honeybee erupted recently, but some people have said, the honeybee for must recommend the ticket to erupt, added that the honeybee was before accumulates the good draft, must recommend the ticket for the end of the month. I said the big brothers, recommending the ticket is the beginning of the month wants, you looked that who is the end of the month erupts to recommend the ticket, at the end of the month finished, missed tens of thousands tickets with others, wanted to be useful? I really do not know that these person of what logic, update scolded also even, update were many also scolded unexpectedly. Moreover I obviously do not recommend the ticket, I am the condition am good, therefore erupted. result they said that everywhere I wanted the recommendation ticket, I cried, did, big was the enmity, like this black I??? 55555, grievance.