Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4205
In Chu Feng has suspected, this formation all around, has the sound to resound unexpectedly. Right, who no matter you are, may not also live the matter to pass on the old man.” This is to your test.” If the conservative secret, the old man must have the reward in the future.” If dares to pass on, the old man must forgive heavily.” After these words resound, does not have the sound to spread again. But Chu Feng is actually excited, even excited soon jumped. If, previous Chu Feng is unascertainable. Then present Chu Feng, almost can determine, the master of this sound, is Ox-nosed Old Daoist. Ox-nosed Old Daoist, is extremely possibly anxious, possibly is quite optional. He used formation technique afterward, sound that leaves behind, is the Ox-nosed Old Daoist present sound. Originally, Senior Ox-nosed, is Zhuge Yuankong senior.” No wonder, he is grasping so abstruse Spirit Formation method unexpectedly, fuses the Divine Power method to know.” Is only Senior Ox-nosed, since you are also living, why does not use Zhuge Yuankong world, but must change external appearances only „, To fear that Enlightenment Saint Venerable is ruthless When Chu Feng is joyful, had puzzled some. Puzzled is, why Ox-nosed Old Daoist must hide itself also to live this matter. But biggest possibility that Chu Feng thinks, is related with Enlightenment Saint Venerable. After all in Ting and Chu Feng have said that Zhuge Yuanzun in the past and Enlightenment Saint Venerable, has hatred. Does not manage, first found Senior Ox-nosed.” Is only Senior Ox-nosed where” Chu Feng wants to find Ox-nosed Old Daoist as soon as possible, inquired that he enters the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect method. Chu Feng initially with the Ox-nosed Old Daoist distinction time, Ox-nosed Old Daoist told Chu Feng, do not look for him, even if looked, could not find him. When the time arrived, he naturally can look for Chu Feng. Does not manage, first leads the people to leave this place.” Chu Feng this words saying, the thought moves, he then leaves this place. When Chu Feng appears again, had returned to the institute of people housing. Originally people, but also in immersing during Chu Feng's is powerful. But suddenly, Chu Feng emerges out of thin air, this makes everyone be startled. Sir Chu Feng, you came back quickly.” What kind of, may find method of departure Sees Chu Feng, the people great happiness, hurrying asks. Initially they to Chu Feng, may are called as young hero, or little friend.

But now, most people have not dared so, after to seeing Chu Feng's is powerful, their most people, by the Sir are symmetric, awes to Chu Feng. „, My time is limited, cannot 11 deliver to leave you.” Only can open a formation transmission gate, you first leave this place, then passes outside Ancient Teleportation Array, returns to your native lands.” During the Chu Feng speeches, body gives out has black flame, later sees only Chu Feng to void one finger/refers, then has the dark colored formation gate to reappear together. Sir Chu Feng, that is Sees that formation gate, the people are excited, but also somewhat is anxious. Is good in the person who this grows, person but who such as True Immortal Jin He and cotton garment old monk, and Old Man Zhao these, enter this place from outside, they recognize this transmission gate. That, precisely allows them to enter this place the transmission gate. But, that is also makes them be stranded in this place transmission gate. Sees this transmission gate, their mood are exceptionally complex. This transmission gate, not only in can leave this place, but also to the safe place, you steps into, can leave this place.” Is sure to remember, after leaving, on don't must again come back.” If I, cannot lead here you.” Chu Feng said to the people. Although, Chu Feng ran here strength. The strength that but actually Chu Feng runs is also very limited, some lot Chu Feng cannot achieve. For example, formation technique of this place, passes through many Star Region, covers innumerable Upper Realm. In some places, is only together the formation gate, but some places are formation, even hidden innumerable small formation technique, is this place great formation is connected. But Chu Feng now, to this boundless great formation, but also not extremely understood. Even, even opens the formation gate, each time, can only open together the formation gate, cannot also open. Where even to go, Chu Feng must seek for the formation gate that corresponds carefully. This is Chu Feng, cannot these people, arrive at this place the back to them respectively before the reason of position. Said simply, is too time-consuming. And, here formation huge beast, although obeys Chu Feng to dispatch, but Chu Feng actually cannot remove them, is, Chu Feng is in this place, can dispatch these formation huge beast. Therefore if Chu Feng leaves this place, this place is very dangerous. This is also Chu Feng, calls reason that they do not come back again. many thanks Sir Chu Feng.” Sir Chu Feng, simply is our one's savior.” At this time, the people are very excited, but they have not actually left directly, but serves with the big ritual to Chu Feng, particularly some people of older generation, knelt to Chu Feng, even some people cried excitedly. To them, Chu Feng can make them leave this place. Such kindness, simply like letting them regenerates. senior, gets up, leaves this place, goes to meet with the family member.”

As for us, is predestined friends will meet again.” Chu Feng said. After hearing Chu Feng this words, the people also set out in abundance, holds the fist in the other hand after Chu Feng again salutes, then in abundance leaps the body to go, entered in that formation front door. Chu Feng little friend, you, if comes in earlier, we do not need to be stranded are so here long.” However, in most people, is lining up leaves, True Immortal Jin He and cotton garment old monk, actually not anxiously departure, but arrives at the Chu Feng near. These two, looks at the person of First Rank time Chu Feng grows after all. Initially favored to turn over to favor. But when they, after seeing with one's own eyes the Chu Feng present growth, was still proud. Although, they and Chu Feng, not blood relationship, but they are also proud because of Chu Feng as before. senior, you still remember Zhao Hong Chu Feng asked to the cotton garment old monk. Zhao Hong is that witch/beautiful girl, the old man naturally remembers.” She killing eliminated afterward, although has not restored to remember, but actually resumed normal person's consciousness, was was not the good friend with you.” Although loses the previous generation to remember, but her talent is still excellent, is genius.” The cotton garment old monk said. Zhao Hong the memory restores now, returned to Reincarnation Upper Realm, but she needs that Reincarnation Pearl now.” Chu Feng said. Oh, is this The cotton garment old monk spoke, hurried from cosmos sack, took out that Reincarnation Pearl. senior, precisely this.” Sees this Reincarnation Pearl, Chu Feng also recalls, initially in the Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm day. That time he, was too indeed small and weak, the cotton garment old monk to him, is wrapped in a shroud of obscurity, just like mountain peak general existence. That time he, cannot think, he in a short time, will have present cultivation realm. At once, Chu Feng innermost feelings, is filled with emotion. „The Chu Feng little friend, may know Zhao Hong now where The cotton garment old monk asked. Knows.” Chu Feng said. Such being the case, you help the old man, this Reincarnation Pearl thing returning to rightful owner.” The cotton garment old monk, gives Chu Feng that Reincarnation Pearl, but Chu Feng naturally also accepts. Afterward, True Immortal Jin He then with cotton garment old monk, is the preparation leaves. After one chatted, Chu Feng also knows, their two must return to Great Thousand Upper Realm together. Mentioned also skillfully, here great formation, can lead to Great Thousand Upper Realm unexpectedly directly.

Therefore Chu Feng opened one specially, the formation gate to Great Thousand Upper Realm, returned to Great Thousand Upper Realm them directly. After True Immortal Jin He and cotton garment old monk sends off, Chu Feng then this formation gate closure, started a formation gate. But new formation gate, then leads to Zhuge Yuankong Residence. Chu Feng must look for in Ting, reported a safe and secure to in Ting. But fortunately, in Ting has not left, but is finding the way to rescue Chu Feng. When Chu Feng informs in Ting, own experience, Chu Feng told in Ting particularly, Zhuge Yuankong has not died, and Chu Feng also knew Zhuge Yuankong time. in Tinggeng is wild with joy. First did not say, Zhuge Yuankong knows enters the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect method, after all regarding Ting, Zhuge Yuankong is also a benefactor. The benefactors are also living, to her, naturally is worth the happy matter. Then, Chu Feng returned to this great formation. Because Chu Feng, only then in this big within the array, can open the formation gates to other places. Chu Feng, currently has the destination, he must go to Reincarnation Upper Realm. First, he must first give Zhao Hong Reincarnation Pearl. Next, Chu Feng also wants to look for the Yuan Shu teacher, Grandmaster Tang Chen. Grandmaster Tang Chen, after all is the Ox-nosed Old Daoist good friend, perhaps he knows the Ox-nosed Old Daoist whereabouts. Although, Chu Feng had not seen Grandmaster Tang Chen, but must bump after all tries one's luck. What by chance is, this great formation has the formation gate together, leads to Reincarnation Upper Realm. Perhaps this is Ox-nosed Old Daoist intentionally for it, after all he knows Grandmaster Tang Chen in Reincarnation Upper Realm. Actually, Ox-nosed Old Daoist, for oneself, otherwise impossible in Great Thousand Upper Realm, leaves behind formation entrance. However although grasped here strength, knows probably here formation technique, where can lead. However wants to open the formation gate, does not have one's wish, First Chu Feng must from numerous formation gates, find that corresponding formation gate, can open. At present, Chu Feng, formation gate to Reincarnation Upper Realm. But looks is looking, Chu Feng is actually the look moves. Although he had not found, formation gate to Reincarnation Upper Realm, but actually in the formation gate, discovered the familiar form together. , First looks at the genuine content Martial God Asura Martial God Asura