Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4212
Compares in protection formation technique that white hair man arranges. Yuan Shu this protects formation technique, many that but must be fastidious about. This protects formation technique, translucent, but is quite grand, is a palace. Around the palace, is sits cross-legged Black Tortoise to be beastly, powerful, aggressive extraordinary. The aura of heading on, is indestructible. „, Gaudy.” However, facing Yuan Shu arrangement protection formation technique. That white hair man, is actually contemptuous smiles, later he then starts to arrange formation technique. Quick, in his front, then condenses a golden long sword. But this sword, length one meter. Although looks very fine, but compared in previously attacking of Yuan Shu arrangement killed great formation, from the power and influence, differed simply did not know many. And, this white hair man set up formation time, flies than Yuan Shu. The Spirit Formation technique competition, the set up formation time has the stipulation. But often, so long as does not surpass this scheduled time, yes. Therefore, to be perfect, often World Spiritist within the given time, as far as possible arrangement. But this white hair man, unexpectedly actually this. He chooses to finish ahead of schedule formation technique. This grade of behavior, does not pay attention to Yuan Shu simply. Swish Swish But suddenly, that white hair man acted. His acts, discovered, the golden long sword in his hand, is not simple. That golden long sword, starts to change, suddenly turns into over ten thousand golden long swords. Over ten thousand gold/metal swords, fly above void, covering the sky and blocking the sun, such as the sword rain is common, dense and numerous goes to the Yuan Shu attack. Of that sword rain offensive, but, Yuan Shu presents the potential of difficult support suddenly. How can, such?” The Yuan Shu eyeful startled colors, he had comprehended Dragon Transformation First Level obviously. Even if inferior to the opposite party to be skilled, but is still insufficient disparity such big? …… …… But Yuan Shu also thinks without enough time, his protection formation, has then started to present the fissure. Brother Li, was I defeats.” Yuan Shu knew, continues the support not to need, therefore opens the mouth to admit defeat directly. After may hear the Yuan Shu words, that white hair man, is actually cold smiles, plan that he has not only called a halt, instead is the offensive is fiercer.

Quick, Yuan Shu protection formation technique, was then pierced thoroughly. But that golden sword rain, by the potential of besieging, goes to the Yuan Shu attack. Crash-bang However, that golden sword rain, has not attacked Yuan Shu, then crushes. Attacking of that white hair man killed great formation to be broken!!! Sees this one, the white hair man, reveals the disfavor. Yuan Shu, the formation showdown of reaching an agreement, does not use Martial Power.” „Are you what intention?” That white hair man congealing sound asked. Is Martial Power that the old man uses.” Suddenly, the sound resounds together, together form, fell on the Yuan Shu side. But this, precisely Yuan Shu teacher, Grandmaster Tang Chen. Teacher, you came back.” Sees Grandmaster Tang Chen, Yuan Shu accidental/surprised at the same time, actually the shame of another face. Because he knows that the opposite party is what status. That black hair old person, the named controlling beast respects authority. He is not only Supreme Venerable peak expert, is entire Saint Light Galaxy, famous World Spiritist. As for that white hair man, named Li Fengxue, is close-door disciple that the controlling beast respects authority. The controlling beast respects authority with Grandmaster Tang Chen, is an old friend. But Li Fengxue and Yuan Shu the age is similar. The showdown of technique of this World Spirit, failure of Yuan Shu, not only the one who loses is own person, threw his teacher Grandmaster Tang Chen person. But his teacher, is concerned about face-saving. This lets the Yuan Shu unusual fear. Also thought that is unfair to his teacher, is afraid the punishment of his teacher. Yuan Shu, are you all right?” However, what making Yuan Shu accidental/surprised was, always paid great attention to the face, and extremely severe Grandmaster Tang Chen, not only has not blamed itself, instead extremely cared about itself. Teacher, disciple is all right.” Yuan Shu returns said. Is all right well.” Grandmaster Tang Chen nods, later looked respected authority to that controlling beast. Controlling beast, your is disciple the ear has the issue?” „Hasn't he heard admitting defeat of Yuan Shu?”

The Grandmaster Tang Chen tone, is really not good. Tang Chen, why is so protecting your disciple.” My disciple knows fairly well, decides however will not injure to your love disciple.” The words to here, that controlling beast respect authority, looked I said to Li Fengxue right, wind and snow?” „The side that teacher said is, disciple naturally cannot really harm the Yuan Shu brother, after to break the formation, disciple is plans to receive the hand.” Tang Chen senior, misunderstood the intention of disciple.” When Li Fengxue to his teacher spoke, unexpectedly first serves with a ritual, looked pays great attention to the formality extremely. But previously, he said that obviously Yuan Shu says the name, even the respectful designation of this brother character, after is Grandmaster Tang Chen appears, he opens the mouth. Thus, this Li Fengxue is a true hypocrite. What teacher is really, what disciple has.” Grandmaster Tang Chen sneers, he not only does not approve that Li Fengxue words, instead satirized this to masters and disciples two. That is natural, my disciple, exceeds your disciple, this as if also proved that you and my disparity.” That controlling beast respects authority self-satisfied smiling. Hears this magnificent, Grandmaster Tang Chen complexion, is becomes ugly. Because he respects authority with the controlling beast, some did not cope. Today the failure of disciple, indeed makes him feel embarrassedly. Sir, Asura young hero interview.” But at this moment, beside formation, actually broadcast seven Yangshan lineage/vein Elder sounds. Asura?” Heard the Asura two characters, Yuan Shu looks to Grandmaster Tang Chen. He naturally knows, Asura is Chu Feng. Before again, Chu Feng has come to here, but Grandmaster Tang Chen is not willing to make an appearance, is not willing to see Chu Feng. Therefore Yuan Shu looks to Grandmaster Tang Chen. Sees Chu Feng, must obey meaning of his teacher. Nonsense young hero where comes?” Makes him hurry to get the hell out, that and other weak ones, do not match to see me and other true bodies.” However, but also does not need the Grandmaster Tang Chen opens the mouth, that controlling beast to respect authority then speaks. Controlling beast, here is the old man disciple domain, who can come, who cannot come, calculation that but must say by old man disciple.” Grandmaster Tang Chen said that this words, then to Yuan Shu said makes him come.” „Does teacher, take seriously?” Yuan Shu somewhat hesitates. He knows, his teacher does not want to make Chu Feng come.

At this time is willing to make Chu Feng come, respects authority to mump with that controlling beast completely. Makes him come.” Grandmaster Tang Chen said in the affirmative tone. disciple understands.” During the Yuan Shu speeches, then went out of beside formation. After a while later, enters this place. When comes back again, not only Yuan Shu behind, Chu Feng also with. junior Chu Feng, greets Grandmaster Tang Chen.” Chu Feng had learned from Yuan Shu there, Grandmaster Tang Chen here. Out of the respect, he has not camouflaged the facial features, but met with the appearance/portrait. „It is not Asura, how to come Chu Feng?” „The Yuan Shu brother, your friend, plays tricks?” Li Fengxue satirized said to Yuan Shu, he had guessed correctly probably, Asura was the Chu Feng's fictitious name. But he actually looked that does not look at Chu Feng one. Just like Chu Feng does not match into his eye general. Chu Feng sized up Li Fengxue and controlling beast respects authority, what words had not said that also has not served with the formality. Because of Chu Feng from Yuan Shu there, had known account general. Although knows that controlling beast respects authority with Li Fengxue background is big, may judge according to Chu Feng's, they are newcomer are bad. Regarding this person, Chu Feng is naturally polite. Respects authority as for that controlling beast, just like his disciple, has not paid attention to Chu Feng, treats as Chu Feng not to appear, but looks to Grandmaster Tang Chen. Tang Chen, but also remembers our agreements.” Comparing notes between disciple, victory and defeat already difference.” However according to initial agreement, since were you defeated, you may probably put out the remnant chart of that ancient times spirit territory.” The controlling beast respects authority to say. Ancient times the remnant chart of spirit territory?” Hears this words, Yuan Shu immediately the complexion big change. He is very clear, that the remnant chart of ancient times spirit territory is representing anything. That is his teacher, extremely important thing. But he and isn't Li Fengxue comparing notes, simple comparing notes? What's wrong, will have like that the precious thing, treats as the gambling stake? Should this, not real?