Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4361

Chu Feng has not continued to suppress the inexpensive custom, but is the thought moves, then using formation power, him from place bottom deep place entraining. Swish Swish Chu Feng releases formation power again, brandishes single-handed, then also has formation technique to emerge. That formation technique condenses fine daggers. Like such dagger, has several tens of thousands. Several tens of thousands daggers, just like the mighty force, encircle the inexpensive custom three people. Each, may lose its life. That constriction, lets the inexpensive custom three people of complexions, becomes miserable white as a sheet, is extremely ugly. They have had a premonition, matter that then has, possibly is extremely dangerous, cannot do well them today, will be more unfortunate than fortunate. Chu Feng, we are Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect true line disciple.” You, if dares to harm us, my Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect decides will not let off you.” Inexpensive custom wicked saying. Although he is threatening Chu Feng, is his sound, actually also somewhat shivers, this shows his fear. Right, you will retaliate me.” That matter was quite simple, I killed you directly, not on knot?” Saying that Chu Feng smiles. No, no, this Sir, don't.” You do not want to know the matter that Sister flourishing, we told you then.” That two disciple frightened heavy of Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect, rushes to open the mouth to beg for mercy. What you are saying, our solemn Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect true line can disciple, bow to this ants?” However, that inexpensive custom exhibited one to have the appearance of strength of spirit unexpectedly very much. It seems like, you propose a toast really do not eat.” The Chu Feng words fall, that everywhere formation technique dagger, then ray twinkle. Appearance that is ready to make trouble, their next quarter, will turn into covered with blood the hornet's nest.

Don't, Sir, we said.” Sees such battle formation, that two Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect disciple, begs for mercy again. Begs for mercy meanwhile, looks to the inexpensive custom: Practices Senior Brother inexpensively, but said the matter of Sister flourishing, why so?” Because of this matter, but the life does not guarantee, that was also unworthy, even if Sister flourishing knows, will not agree.” Their two, as if care about the inexpensive custom very much the idea, but does not want dead like this in vain, therefore urged the inexpensive custom time, was really anxious soon cried. As for inexpensive custom, although he was still feigning ignorance, may reveal accommodation of fear. In the front of absolute strength, he was also afraid. Let alone, he and do Chu Feng have hatred? Therefore said: Considers as finished, you want to say that you said that mouth long on you, I cannot provide lodging your mouths.” Was seeing with own eyes the inexpensive custom said this words, that two men were the great happiness, therefore rushed to look to Chu Feng. Sir, you were the friend of Sister flourishing.” Sister flourishing in our Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect, that day passed, but good.” Afterward, that two disciple, then told the matter about Yin Zhuanghong for Chu Feng. After a while, the Yin Zhuanghong itself is the Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect person, is Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect Headmaster, respect chose/point true line disciple. When Yin Zhuanghong or child, had the accident, making Yin Zhuanghong be lost. For these years, Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect has been looking for the Yin Zhuanghong whereabouts, does not want actually to find in Red Cloaked Holy Land. Then happened, on the same day. You said that takes seriously?” The Chu Feng congealing sound asked. This Sir, we said that are true, if not for you do not believe that can arrive at my Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect to inquire, this matter is well-known.” That two disciple said. Actually about this matter, before Chu Feng, has the guess early. Although on the same day, these Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect people, completely not placed in Red Cloaked Holy Land as well as Chu Feng and others the eye.

May regarding the Yin Zhuanghong attitude actually very good, that politeness, has explained Yin Zhuanghong to them, is extremely important. Therefore Chu Feng also guessed from the beginning, they to Yin Zhuanghong should and harmless. But Chu Feng, still some puzzled. Yin Zhuanghong is so important to your Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect, why cannot the word of praise say on the same day, can make into that appearance?” Therefore Chu Feng asked again. My Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect, has certain reputation in Saint Light Galaxy.” result you, do not know my Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect.” Moreover, Sister flourishing past missing, was strange, our Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect cares very much, who knows that in the past missing of Sister flourishing, with you whether has the relations?” However on the same day, we had explicitly explained, Sister flourishing she did not belong to your there, you must detain, can't we be discontented?” But we also know, you looked after to Sister flourishing, therefore even if discontented, but we have not slaughtered, was this insufficient?” In this martial cultivation world, how many influences some, can the heart like my Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect be open-minded?” That inexpensive custom said. He said Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect unexpectedly, on the same day the action was the heart open-minded action, really made people speechless. After all same day they, besides to Yin Zhuanghong polite, is extremely domineering. But Chu Feng also felt, he said that does not have the truth. When martial cultivation world, powerhouse to revere, facing the weak one, indeed many influences, will not go to be reasonable. But the action of Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect same day, although is also extremely overbearing, but thinks carefully, poured also such as this inexpensive custom to say general, they indeed have not slaughtered. old person that especially that has not made an appearance, although is powerful, was the same day Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect genuine card in hand, but he has actually been advising practices and others do not act sloppily inexpensively. On the same day, if not for that old person dissuaded, inexpensive custom to the Chu Feng's offensive, but incessantly was the simple lesson is so absolutely simple. Yin Zhuanghong is so to you important, why doesn't give her to be free?” Chu Feng asked again. Sister flourishing has been free.” Is only she returns to sect, on to undergo closed-door training cultivation.”

When must go out in the future, definitely will return to Red Cloaked Holy Land to report good news, at that time, you also know, we said whether is real.” The inexpensive custom said. This fellow, the attitude is still very strong. Is showing weakness to Chu Feng obviously, is actually the attitude so forces, making Chu Feng some want to smile. This fellow, obviously cared about the matter of same day, is not willing to bow to Chu Feng. But concerned about the strength, actually has to lower the head, considering own dignity and life, this does so contradictory. Although this inexpensive custom, is extremely arrogant, is supercilious, and has the vicious nature of using strength to bully the weak, on the same day injured Chu Feng. But possibly is because, they to the Yin Zhuanghong harmless reason, Chu Feng do not want to feel embarrassed him today but actually. Therefore Chu Feng, looked, body of mysterious treasure the inexpensive custom three people of institutes opened. What is your is making?” In this treasure, what has?” Chu Feng somewhat curious asking. This matter, cannot consider.” In the eye of inexpensive custom, emerged vigilantly. Really didn't say?” Chu Feng narrows the eye to ask. You killed us, betrays the sect matter, my inexpensive custom will not do.” But who once thinks, the inexpensive custom becomes gets tough unexpectedly especially. And that appearance, may not seem like the attire, this fellow, will really would rather die than surrender probably. This makes Chu Feng somewhat hold in high esteem actually. Although this inexpensive custom uses strength to bully the weak, and is also one not the person who the weak one life pays attention. But he to Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect this heartfelt, makes Chu Feng somewhat accidental/surprised actually.