Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4362

Sir, since you were the friend of Sister flourishing, actually with us was not an enemy, even if had hatred before, should still untie sooner or later, your don't must feel embarrassed us.” Sir, if my total Senior Brother, had what place of offending on the same day, we admit mistakes to you for them.” We knelt down to you, your Sir does not cross the villain, forgives us.” Another two people, although is timid, but like before, has not begged for mercy directly. Instead in a persuading way, hopes can reconcile. And during the speeches, they really prepare to kneel down to Chu Feng unexpectedly. „.” However, sees only the Chu Feng big sleeve to wield, fresh breeze from curling up. The knees that two men just must kneel down, were then supported by the arm by Chu Feng. I am curious, that is all.” You handle affairs are extremely really wild, I will urge you to restrain a point in the future.” Inexpensive custom, particularly you, rich/forgive Renchu, and rich/forgive people, the matter of using strength to bully the weak little does.” Chu Feng said that this words, then the big sleeve wielded, left this place. The Chu Feng choice believes them, the choice believes that Yin Zhuanghong is safe and sound in Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect. Naturally, Chu Feng will also definitely go to Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect to find out in the future personally, if these fellows said that has the false. not to mention their three will be retaliated by Chu Feng's, Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect others do not want to feel better. Inexpensive Senior Brother, did he really walk?” After Chu Feng walks, that two people still look nervous, ask in a low voice. How would I know.” The tone of inexpensive custom is not very good, obviously by Chu Feng such suppression, being made its mood very bad. Inexpensive Senior Brother, a wise man does not fight against impossible odds, this fellow, although the technique of World Spirit is outstanding, may eventually be only a junior, where is our Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect opponent?” You, if in the heart is angry, we can go to ask for in the future to that Red Cloaked Holy Land.” That two disciple said that but their these words, did not say outwardly, but in secret sound transmission. They are afraid, is afraid Chu Feng not to leave. If Chu Feng has not left, but hears these words that they spoke, they felt, even if they die here, still has the possibility greatly.

What impudent remark are you speaking?” You do not know that Red Cloaked Holy Land did wait Sister flourishing is not indeed thin?” We, if looks for Red Cloaked Holy Land to be troublesome again, that can feel sorry with Sister flourishing?” Moreover, my inexpensive custom, although is not the good person, but actually also knows, the injustice has a debt to have the main truth.” Today is this is called the Asura fellow, asks us to trouble, even if I must revenge, still looks for him inevitably, why to press Red Cloaked Holy Land these females?” Naturally, Red Cloaked Holy Land that named Zhao Hong, she made me feel ashamed on the same day, I in the future cultivation realm promotion, must challenge with her, even does not injure her, I must make her lose to my hand.” Today, this Asura makes me receive the humiliation, I will also look.” The inexpensive custom said by the tone that is proud very much. But what is worth mentioning is, his saying, although is very unyielding, but these words actually are also in secret sound transmission, not flagrant saying. He, actually also fears Chu Feng very much hidden in the hidden place. Sees this situation, that two men also no longer urged, instead secretly smiled. Actually, they do not want really to press Red Cloaked Holy Land. Because knows that inexpensive custom person, is proud extremely, after the matter, the inevitable mood was extremely previously bad. They want to make the inexpensive custom mood better, therefore spoke these words. Senior Brother, do we also want to continue?” Afterward, that two men the vision, went to that treasure. At this time, the inexpensive custom somewhat hesitates. But quick, he made the decision. Bets one time, bet one time the friend of this Sister flourishing, whether must with my Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect for the enemy.” Inexpensive custom words saying, that two people also understood his meaning. They must continue previously the matter of doing, bets Chu Feng, will not press them. As for Chu Feng, indeed has not pressed their meaning, to press, Chu Feng can definitely use the cruel method, forcing them to say the matter about that treasure. Present Chu Feng, had left there, the preparation continues to trace World's Rare Objects. Chu Feng walked not far, actually stopped.

Is Celestial Master's Whisk in cosmos sack, had the strong reaction. After the beforehand matter, Chu Feng extremely attaches great importance to Celestial Master's Whisk, knows living up to reputation of this treasure, it indeed has, rare strength. But at present the change of Celestial Master's Whisk, unexpectedly compared with previously faced World's Rare Objects the time also big. This makes Chu Feng rush to stop, took Celestial Master's Whisk. Chu Feng grasps Celestial Master's Whisk in the hand, then stimulates to movement. Only then after the stimulation of movement, clear Celestial Master's Whisk meaning. The beforehand stimulation of movement, Celestial Master's Whisk will release blood-color Mist, gives the Chu Feng direction through blood-color Mist. But these had the difference time, when the Chu Feng stimulation of movement blood-color whisks that moment, the information then whisked through the blood-color together, transmits in the Chu Feng's mind. This place, will have the heavy treasure presently. The direction, is south. This information, after entering the Chu Feng mind, tumult anxious Celestial Master's Whisk, then tranquil. If not for prompts, in the south, Chu Feng felt inevitably that heavy treasure is related with mysterious treasure that the inexpensive custom three people of institutes open. But practices the position that three people of institutes are at inexpensively, actually in Chu Feng's Dongfang(east). This indicated that Celestial Master's Whisk directs, with, is not a treasure that the inexpensive custom three people of institutes open. Normal, Chu Feng for so-called treasure, will not delay to track down that World's Rare Objects. After all World's Rare Objects, but is concerning the Ox-nosed Old Daoist life. But Celestial Master's Whisk, will give him so to prompt, this makes Chu Feng realize, this heavy treasure is not very possibly simple. Chu Feng looked in the hand, that has little change the compass as before, knows, even if the present continues to track down, does not catch up with World's Rare Objects immediately. Therefore Chu Feng decided, finds out. Naturally, only goes to the moment, has not planned to spend the too much time. During this period, he has paid attention to the compass to change, so long as the compass rare change, will then pursue World's Rare Objects immediately, even the discovery huge treasure, Chu Feng will not delay. Buzz Suddenly, dazzling radiance, transmits from the distant place. That ray just like a round of tomorrow, emerges in the distant land, is quite dazzling.

But that ray, precisely from the position that the inexpensive custom three people of institutes are. treasure that the explanation, their three people open, has succeeded. It seems like successful.” I dare to walk , to continue to open, the courage is big enough, did not fear that I do keep thinking about their treasures?” Chu Feng should go to the south line, because the curiosity is too abundant, in addition is away from is near, the position line that therefore Chu Feng to the inexpensive custom three people of institutes goes. Chu Feng is to have a look, practices their three people to open inexpensively, is actually any treasure. Chu Feng by Heaven's Eyes, has not approached truly, had seen all. Really was the inexpensive custom three people, opening treasure succeeds. True treasure, has reappeared, is only this treasure, is somewhat special. that is together incomplete goods, although the ray is radiant, is quite dazzling, but actually could not see, actually this goods have what use. At present, the special strength, flows out from the place bottom deep place, melts a body with that goods. Feels that special strength, Chu Feng knows why the inexpensive custom three people will open this treasure in this place. Should be only then here, can open this treasure. This treasure, actually has what use, was not bright. Chu Feng guessed, this should be an incomplete map, even treasure, is still incomplete. Only after having is complete, can appear its true function. This aura?” Chu Feng wants to leave, may feel suddenly, powerful aura from the south. Sure enough, the quick then five forms emerge. But after seeing that five people, Chu Feng is also staggered. It may be said that is enemies often cross each other's path. That five people, unexpectedly are the people who fly to fast on certain days in supplication.