Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4787

Looks at present the scene. Chu Feng also deeply frowns, is faint has the sense of discomfort, emerges in the innermost feelings. These white bones, although no is complete, is all split up. But Chu Feng, can still through these incomplete skeletons, in the mind, piece together their complete appearances. Therefore as can be seen, they are not human race. Should be some monster clan, their build is not only bigger than human race, the structure of skeleton, unlike human race. If Chu Feng has not pushed the dislocation, they should be one type, the appearance originally extremely aggressive race. However in addition, Chu Feng cannot see other. Because, that undercurrent as if there is special strength, can isolate the Chu Feng's induction force. Therefore Chu Feng is unable to conclude when these white bones die. If, they had died for many years . If they died not long, that must consider, is what reason, causing these lifeform dead completely. And has the possibility very much, this place was still concealing the danger. After all, causing so many lifeform dead completely, no matter the disaster or the man-made disaster, were the extremely fearful strengths. If that strength also, that Chu Feng and others, possibly loses the life momentarily. But also because just, does not know the special details, Chu Feng does not dare to enter in the undercurrent now rashly. Therefore, Chu Feng looked to Yu Hong and Yu Yin. „Was this place, before also this appearance?” Chu Feng asked to two people. After all they, are the Yu Celestial Clan clansmen, regarding this place, possibly understood. No, is not this, in this undercurrent except for the world energy, anything does not have.” How like this, where to come so many white bones?” „It is not good, must ask Sir Clan Head to have a look.” Yu Hongyu directs, during the speeches then rushes to swim away to the rivers. As for others, the plan remained same place, wants to continue to observe.

Walks, first leaves here.” But detects not wonderful Chu Feng, is rushes to persuade Long Xiaoxiao and others to leave. Sees that Long Xiaoxiao and others does not neglect, rushes to follow Chu Feng to leave. When Chu Feng and others returns to outside, told Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head and others , after the situation. Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head and others, realized is not wonderful. Therefore, the people sneak daytime in the galaxy completely, wants to verify the truth. After they penetrate daytime the galaxy, Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, Long Family Clan Head and other Martial Venerable Realm expert, is the brow tight wrinkle. Especially Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, his complexion, but others were not quite same. Others, are only curious, that dense white bones come from where. But on the face of Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, actually emerged the visible fear. How can like this?” legend real?” Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, looks that these white bones blurted out, and spoke time, unexpectedly the sound is even shivering. Sees that the complexion of people, is becomes even more anxious. Especially the Yu Celestial Clan person, their first seeing, oneself this Sir Clan Head, shows the so frightened expression. This fully explained, the present situation, is not wonderful. Yu Clan Head, what legend?” Monster Horde Temple Hall Master and others pursues in abundance asks. First leaves here, everyone first leaves here.” Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head really received frightening, his complexion unexpectedly dark green white as a sheet, like contracting the serious illness was ordinary. And during the speeches, leads the Yu Celestial Clan clansman, was separated from the daytime galaxy fast. Sees that others do not dare to stay in this, but rushed to leave the daytime galaxy. After leaving daytime the galaxy, Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head has not stayed, but continues to the distant place grazes to go, until being far away from daytime the galaxy, after leaving that wilderness, this stops. At this time people can see, Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, like just took a bath, whole body water.

Can their strengths, that river water unable to approach the body, let alone contaminated. Therefore, that is not the water, but is the perspiration, is the cold sweat, cold sweat that was frightened. Cold sweat that he was startled, such as the water is unexpectedly common, dyes the wet whole body. Yu Clan Head, what's the matter?” You did not say, this daytime galaxy is safe, how now, are you frightened this appearance unexpectedly?” You lead us, what place went to?” Today, you must talk clearly the words.” Monster Horde Temple Hall Master closely examines again, and his tone is not very good, somewhat loses one's temper. Because he also realized, in just daytime galaxy was very dangerous. If they are really in danger, that does obeisance Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head to bestow. After all is he must lead everyone, arrived here, and returns guarantee, here is very safe. Before enough in 1000, was safe and uneventful, has not thought to turn into this appearance suddenly.” I think that does not exist, thinks inadequately, unexpectedly real.” Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head said. senior, what's the matter?” Chu Feng is also closely examines. He does not want to blame Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, he knows Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, leading them to come this place cultivation, is the good intention. But he actually wants to know, the white bones in that daytime galaxy, what's the matter. Is anything, solemn Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head, frightened this appearance. Things have gotten to this point, my anything does not conceal.” Actually this daytime galaxy, is in my race's discovers on ruins stele.” That stele not only recorded, the exact location about this daytime galaxy, and characteristics of undercurrent, on the stele is also placing, can enter in the undercurrent the cultivation compounded drug.” But in addition, but also recorded other matters.” That can also be said as the warning.”

Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head said. Warning?” Hears this words, the people as if somewhat understood why Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head so feared. But the people have not interposed, but is static is hearing, Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head continues to tell. On stele writes, in daytime galaxy place bottom deep place, but also is settling down in the powerful ancient times race.” It reminded us, that ancient times race strength was quite powerful, and extremely savage.” Although, we can cultivation in the daytime galaxy, but does not may take to disturb that ancient times race, if discovered that ancient times the race person appeared, immediately must escape, cannot stop over.” And, on that stele, but also portrayed that ancient times race appearance.” However now, daytime these white bones in galaxy undercurrent, are close to these appearances of ancient times race extremely.” Unsurprisingly, these white bones, should be these ancient times race corpses.” Really cannot think, daytime under the galaxy, is really settling down unexpectedly, that ancient times race.” legend, unexpectedly real.” Yu Celestial Clan Clan Head said. Then, that powerful ancient times race, by slaughter clan?” The people hear here, the innermost feelings also shock. Actually is, slaughtered that powerful ancient times race? Has more fearful existence, arrived at this daytime galaxy? Said that was ancient times phylogeny internal fight, will therefore have the so frigid scene? The people, are all guessing. ps: Not good meaning, in addition to be defeated today, tomorrow continues to try hard.