Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4797

This young girl, Chu Feng did not know, is on her body, actually felt a familiar feeling. Chu Feng starts to take a look at the young girl carefully. Therefore Chu Feng discovered, this time young girl is very painful, that appearance, falls ill probably. But the expression of this pain, Chu Feng is somewhat familiar. Therefore, Chu Feng then starts to observe her body, this discovered, in the head of this young girl, has a special object. That is black liquid, on conceals in the head of young girl, has the life to be the same probably, has fused together with the young girl. Few female student it lives, the young girl dies it dead. That is a parasitic body, an extremely fearful parasitic body. But such parasitic body, before Chu Feng, had seen. The Blood Devouring Hall hall master grandson, within the body also has such parasitic body. At that time Bai Liluo also discovered this parasitic body, but also told Chu Feng and others, was one compared with Black Haired Specter, the vicious tendencies must stronger fearful existence. That is a genuine monster. If it erupts, must slaughter. Initially, precisely because of Blood Devouring Hall hall master grandson's within the body, had such a monster. Chu Feng Blood Devouring Hall hall master, as well as his grandson and others bleeds off. But at that time, Chu Feng also inquired Blood Devouring Hall hall master, origin about that parasitic body. From the Blood Devouring Hall hall master mouth, Chu Feng also knew, his grandson within the body, why will have such thing. That is a mysterious organization does. They that monster, put in the head of Blood Devouring Hall hall master forcefully. The Blood Devouring Hall hall master grandson, is a martial cultivation talent. Since by that mysterious organization, after pouring into that monster, then turned into a fool. And also once for a while suffering a relapse, continuously along with pain. Blood Devouring Hall hall master, does not know where that organization came from. But their strength is extremely strong, Blood Devouring Hall hall master at all is not their opponents.

As for their goals, Blood Devouring Hall hall master is not clear. However they, a martial cultivation talent, turned into a fool, it can be imagined, behind them has certain plot inevitably. But thinks again, the fearfulness of that parasitic body, their back plots, inevitably are the extremely fearful plots. Sees this young girl, the parasitic body in within the body, Chu Feng knows, this young girl inevitably also suffered the violent treachery of that mysterious organization. Stop.” Chu Feng loudly shouts. Does not know is the sympathy, does not know cannot get used to seeing, but Chu Feng decides to make an exception one time. He must help this young girl. Minds others' business?” You do not have a look, who we are.” After Chu Feng appears, that several men, although stops beating the young girl, may look that is actually a face does not fear to Chu Feng's, and during the speeches revealed the token of waist. But on the tokens of their waist, carves is locking the soul sect three characters. They are so self-confident, this lock soul sect is is not very simple. But pitifully, Chu Feng does not know where this lock soul sect is. Even if knows, Chu Feng will not fear. I do not press you, lets loose that girl, this matter.” The Chu Feng's tone, is actually relatively genial. That several male strengths are not strong, strongest , is only First Rank Supreme Venerable, several other are Venerable Realm. Chu Feng copes with them is conveniently the matter, but Chu Feng has not begun directly, gives fully their face. Chu Feng is conservative. But who once thinks, Chu Feng such remarks, that several male faces color on being feeling well, is actually thicker. „The young fellow who where comes, daring manages the matter that I lock the soul sect.” That First Rank Supreme Venerable, this words saying, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards but are actually then vertical.

Only listens to the loud sound of bang, he already pressure release within the body. He has not displayed Martial Technique, without using armament, uses the pressure, directly to Chu Feng killing. Although that pressure is invisible, may contain the strength, actually no small matter. This is not simple lesson Chu Feng is so at all simple, if Chu Feng weak in him, this strikes lightly then makes Chu Feng carry the severe wound, the heavy possible life to fall in this. Pitifully, Chu Feng's cultivation realm, in its above. This pressure from Chu Feng in front , the blown Chu Feng hair chaotic dance, the blown Chu Feng clothing flap flap has made noise turbulently. However Chu Feng, is the clothing is complete, returns safe and sound. Similar to breeze, passed over gently and swiftly general from its front, he is slightly not affected. You!!!” Was seeing with own eyes Chu Feng returns safe and sound unexpectedly, disciple that several lock the soul sect, the complexion becomes ugly. They know, oneself annoy the hard to deal with fellow. Although cannot determine Chu Feng's cultivation realm, but they actually know, this inevitably is one, the existence of strength above them. However Chu Feng has not acted to them, but said a character to them. Go away.” This character, let that several previously also very rampant lock soul sect disciple, frightened scared shitless, without delay, then runs to the inspection location deep place. Suddenly, that several disciple that locks the soul sect, then vanished in the Chu Feng's line of sight. Actually trades to do usually, Chu Feng will not put them to walk simply. Dares under so ruthless the hand to oneself, no matter they have what reason, Chu Feng definitely will make them pay the price. Today is different, Chu Feng arrives at this place, is to rescue Su Rou and Su Mei. Before then, Chu Feng does not want to cause the unnecessary trouble. After all the gentleman revenges for ten years is not late. If Chu Feng really wants to tidy up them, later has greatly opportunity, not eagerly for a while. After expelling that several lock soul sect disciple, before Chu Feng then arrives at the young girl body, his hand grasps elixir, wants to help the young girl therapy.

Thanks the Big Brother!!!” But Chu Feng just approached, that lies in the young girl of ground, then sits to set out suddenly. She seems like, and is not affected much. This young girl, on the face stained the dust, the clothing is also dirty, made looks like a young beggar to be the same. No wonder, disciple of that several lock soul sects, will so not understand suffers this young girl who shows tender affection. Because of this young girl present condition, will not trade basically, showing tender affection of that evil person. But actually, the careful observation, can saw from that fine facial features and facial features outline, this young girl is actually very beautiful long. Should be a rare beautiful woman semifinished product. But that pair of nimble and resourceful beautiful eyes, performs intelligently, absolutely does not have aura of fool obviously. She not silly? But in her head, indeed has, with Blood Devouring Hall hall master grandson's same monster. You......” Chu Feng at once, is somewhat at a loss for words. Properly speaking, within the body of this young girl, has this with the Blood Devouring Hall hall master grandson, same poison. Should also lose the reason, turning into a lunatic or the fool is right. But the present, this young girl clearly is a normal person. Big Brother, you how?” How you think so me , you knew that I am inadequate?” The young girls are blinking the nimble and resourceful big eye, asked to Chu Feng one after another.