Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4800

Good.” „Is this you do?” Chu Feng asked to Song Yun. Right, I to thank Brother Chu Feng specially do, you drink quickly, drinks before it's too late, otherwise is not tasty.” Song Yun is urging, while begins. A pair of small hand, is dragging the Chu Feng's arm, bottle gourd that opens, sends to the Chu Feng's mouth. As for Chu Feng, smiles. Cannot think that your girl, such craftsmanship, I a little holds in high esteem.” The words, Chu Feng is also the neck raises, the chicken soup of that full bottle gourd, tosses down. Good good, the flavor is good.” Chu Feng is wiping the mouth, while is saying satisfied. But suddenly, the Chu Feng's complexion solidified, the smile of whole face, changed instantaneously panic-stricken. Chu Feng pinched the smashing the bottle gourd in hand, later was the eyeful scowls looked to Song Yun. „Does your girl, intoxicate in that soup?” Chu Feng looks at Song Yun, the angry sound shouts. Chu Feng had detected that was not right, a strength covered his soul, is in seal Chu Feng's cultivation realm. Not is only Martial Power, even Spirit power was also blocked. Chu Feng martial practitioner cultivation realm, is the Spirit Formation technique strength, was being blocked. But all chief criminals, precisely Song Yun to the chicken soup that he ate. Brother Chu Feng, you should not be angry, I will not harm you.” „Under I feed you to take, is not the ordinary toxicant, but has the toxicant of advantage to you.” Song Yun said. Has the toxicant of advantage?” I am so exactly big, heard that for the first time also has such toxicant.” I help you with good intention, why do you so harm me?” Chu Feng was angry, during the speeches then searched to act, held Song Yun the collar. Chu Feng's cultivation realm, the extreme speed drops, at present is drops in the middle period of Venerable. Present Chu Feng, was not Song Yun the opponent. After all Song Yun was bad, was the Venerable peak. But facing Chu Feng that raids angrily, strange happened, Song Yun has not dodged unexpectedly. But to Chu Feng, held her collar.

Brother Chu Feng, I have not really deceived you.” This indeed is the toxicant, but is actually not the common toxicant, its named Tyrant Xinghun is poisonous.” This poison, after clothing/taking next, cultivation realm by short seal, but quick then can fuse with your soul.” „After the fusion, your cultivation realm will restore.” Not only cultivation realm will restore, so long as can meet the antidote, this Tyrant Xinghun is poisonous, will melt with the antidote, changes to the world energy.” On that day in the energy, contains extremely strong Dao of Martial Cultivation.” Cannot do well, will make Brother Chu Feng cultivation realm promote, even breaks through realm, is not impossible.” Brother Chu Feng, I do not deceive you, waits to enter the cultivation restricted area, you believe me.” Song Yun said. Antidote, that antidote?” The angry look on Chu Feng face still, but the palm actually let loose Song Yun. He felt, this girl is not possibly deceiving herself. At least looks at her pitiful appearance, does not seem like deceives itself. But Chu Feng, still because of Song Yun this behavior, but is angry. Antidote, in the tyrant star mountain village, in that cultivation restricted area.” I come to here, is not to catch that stealing, wants to utilize this Tyrant Xinghun, and antidote in cultivation restricted area , to promote cultivation realm.” But, if I take, can only take part, takes too, my body can unable to withstand.” But Brother Chu Feng, you can, after all you be Fifth Rank Supreme Venerable.” Therefore, I the complete tyrant star soul will be poisonous, hid in that chicken soup Song Yun said. Hears here, Chu Feng is very helpless. This girl is really good to oneself, unexpectedly gave itself to take completely. Is this after all the toxicant? Actually is that antidote what?” Chu Feng asked. „The deep place of cultivation restricted area, there are two caves.” Is collecting, dominates Xiandong of star immortal herb.” However another, then contains, Tyrant Xingmo flower devil's lair.” „That tyrant star demon of concealed in devil's lair is colored, is this Tyrant Xinghun poisonous antidote, so long as spends to eat up Tyrant Xingmo, can obtain the effect that I said.”

Song Yun said. Has the time limit?” If in the time limit, I have not attained the antidote, how can?” Chu Feng asked. Brother Chu Feng, you could rest assured that I will not harm you.” Although this thing, named Tyrant Xinghun is poisonous, but actually besides, short seal cultivation realm, will not be harmful to the body.” Over time, the toxicity will diverge slowly.” Therefore, actually also has the time limit.” Because more takes the antidote early, the obtained world energy is stronger.” Song Yun said. „Hasn't your girl, deceived me?” The Chu Feng congealing sound asked. I have not really deceived you.” Why do I want to deceive you?” You are my benefactor, I only want to repay you.” Song Yun a face was suffering. But Chu Feng is resigned-looking. Repayment? Such repayment, Chu Feng first meeting. Why you did not tell me truthfully, can first deceive me to drink this medicine?” Chu Feng asked. Brother Chu Feng, your status is uncommon, is talented, inevitably is also the experienced person.” You should know, if Tyrant Xinghun poisonous this thing, is the priceless thing.” Frankly, the present tyrant star mountain village, does not have the tyrant star soul poisonous this grade of treasure.” I , if not deceive you, you can under the clothing/taking?” You definitely cannot?” „Should you not give up, drink so precious thing?” Song Yun asked. Chu Feng had not replied, because Song Yun said also right. So precious thing, was Song Yun Elder Sister leaves Song Yun.

Chu Feng also is really not necessarily able under the clothing/taking. I first believe you, if you deceive me, I will not forgive you.” Chu Feng said. Brother Chu Feng, you felt relieved that I will not deceive absolutely your, if I want to do the misdemeanor to you.” On your present cultivation realm, what I wants to make is not good?” Song Yun said. Eh......” Chu Feng does not have the objection to be right, his present cultivation realm, stopped backing up actually. But actually stopped in First Rank Venerable Realm. As for Spirit Formation technique, by the thorough seal, Chu Feng was linked formation power unable to release. Present he, facing Venerable peak Song Yun, but also really lacks the strength to truss up a chicken. Clang Clang Clang Suddenly, a grating ding, transmits in the sky of square. After the ding falls, a loud and clear sound, also resounds. Little friend, thanked you, arrived at me to dominate the star mountain village, helped old man helping hand, apprehended that crime is not possible stealing.” Heard this sound, Chu Feng and Song Yun knows, should be the inspection had finished. Should be quick, can enter in that cultivation restricted area. Although in the heart is also angry, but was also disinclined to haggle over with Song Yun, but went out of the palace quickly. Really, the exit|to speak of that inspection location, has closed. But almost all through the person of inspection, walked from the respective palace. The square center's above, has a bell, bell side is setting up one group of people. That is top expert of tyrant star mountain village, but is the head, is a white hair, actually the man of facial features middle age. He, is Village Master of tyrant star mountain village.