Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4801

Tyrant star mountain village Village Master, first spoke some pleasantries, later iterated, enters that cultivation restricted area the risk, as well as seizes the reward of that stealing. But, immediately , without led the people to enter that cultivation restricted area. Today, several honored guests, arrive at me to dominate the star mountain village.” I introduced for everyone.” Tyrant star mountain village Village Master this words fall, from below square, then two forms treads to be spatial and good, walks toward the tyrant star mountain village Village Master direction. That is two youth, an appearance is handsome, the facial features are fair, looks is the type of playboy. But another, the skin is dark, the facial features are ordinary, such appearance, falls in the crowd, will not look at one. But after these two appear, the crowd then causes a stir immediately. The men send out to cheer, the female sends out the scream. About these two people of discussions, starts to resound through unceasingly. Brother Chu Feng, their two, before are me, with you said that locks talent disciple of soul sect, locks soul sect Sect Master close-door disciple.” That pretty boy, is called the soul forever, this year 99 years old, has Seventh Rank Supreme Venerable cultivation realm.” However that appearance ordinary fellow, is fiercer, he is called the soul rampart, this year 98 years old, are Eight Rank Supreme Venerable Realm cultivator.” These two people, the talent different reported, everyone felt that not 3 rd hundred years, their cultivation realm, can exceed their teachers, becomes now most powerhouse who locks the soul sect.” Song Yun told to Chu Feng. But actually, while Song Yun and Chu Feng told. that tyrant star mountain village Village Master, was also introducing these two status, almost said same as Song Yun. But in fact, these two people in this world, are famous existences, besides Chu Feng, almost few people does not know them. Even if did not introduce, everyone still knows who they are. Because their talents are too strong, even many people felt, to lock soul sect influence, does not match to have the talent of this rank. But they, are honored as, since has locked the soul sect Jianzong strongest talent. Besides locking the soul of soul sect forever and soul builds two little friends.” Today also invites another honored guest fortunately.” Tyrant star mountain village Village Master continues to say. His words saying , there is a form together to tread to be spatial and good, walks toward tyrant star mountain village the direction of Village Master. That is a youth, similarly is handsome, but like the soul like that will actually not look forever is the playboy. This youth, mild-mannered and cultivated, seeming like ordinary like the student, making people think very comfortable. But after he enters the stage, the crowd also raised the dreadful monstrous waves similarly. People do not recognize him, but actually recognizes the token of his waist. Sees the token of his waist, in Chu Feng's eye, is emerges to wipe the dignified color. This such as the student mild-mannered and cultivated youth, the waist is hanging generally the token, writes four large characters.

Saint Light Clan. He, is the Saint Light Clan clansman. What Saint Light Clan is, that is Saint Light Galaxy today's ruler. Chu Feng has not thought, here, will see the Saint Light Clan clansman. I introduced for everyone.” This, is our friendly forces Galaxy, the Saint Light Galaxy ruler, Saint Light Clan Young Master, the Saint light now secure.” Tyrant star mountain village Village Master to a people introduced. But his words fall, below also resounds warm welcoming shout. Although Nine Souls Galaxy many people, generally look down upon the Saint Light Galaxy person. Felt, Saint Light Galaxy weak in Nine Souls Galaxy, they then have a superiority feeling. But Saint Light Clan is an exception, that after all is the Saint Light Galaxy ruler. Even if this powerhouse such as in Nine Souls Galaxy of forest, can truly strong the Saint Light Clan influence, is not many. Therefore, the Saint light peaceful presence, will win the respect of these people now. Stir that the Saint light causes now peacefully, even must exceed the soul to build two people with the soul forever. It seems like, the influence of powerful is the backer, is very useful.” Looks at the Saint light now secure, obtains the welcome of people, the Chu Feng's corners of the mouth raises wipes the light smile. Is the person of Saint Light Galaxy, the Saint light secure can obtain such treatment now, Chu Feng's felt, is quite good. After simple introduction, dominates star mountain village Village Master, finally leads the people, goes to that cultivation restricted area to be at the place that. The cultivation restricted area, is an independent world, it is said then existed from Ancient Era. But now, that stealing, was stranded in Xiandong of this cultivation restricted area most deep place. Chu Feng just entered the cultivation restricted area, has not gone toward the deep place line, was blocked the way. Is, person who locks the soul sect. Not only locks soul sect that several, previously beat Song Yun disciple. Their behind, but also had/left several people, cultivation realm higher lock soul sect disciple. But in fact, is not only they, Chu Feng notices, that soul forever and soul rampart, will stand above the horizon of distant place. They, although has not come to press Chu Feng and Song Yun, may actually eye covetously is looking. That stance, clearly to lock these disciple of soul sect is the backer. If these sphere Chu Feng's disciple, can tidy up Chu Feng. If these disciple, is not the Chu Feng's opponent, the soul Yonghe soul rampart, will not stand by inevitably, but will act to Chu Feng. Was surrounded by the people, Chu Feng not only did not fear, the corners of the mouth also passed over gently and swiftly wipe the light smile.

Chu Feng has long known, these people will not give up, Chu Feng is also prepared early. But also does not need Chu Feng to speak, before the form then leapt up together suddenly the Chu Feng's body, was Song Yun. „A person works a person to work as, has anything to come to me.” Song Yun stretched out the arms, protected Chu Feng behind. Yo, where comes the Little beauty/Mei female?” I said the boy, your colorful great, unexpectedly has such Little beauty/Mei person to support for you?” But, you were just not the imposing manner very strong? Now how like the turtle, to hide in a little girl behind?” Previously, that acted to Chu Feng, locked soul sect disciple the color narrowed the eyes looks at Song Yun, while whole face bad looks at Chu Feng. „Were you blind?” „The person who before you hit was I.” He to save me, acts to you.” Matter cause is I, you have the skill to clash me to come, do not press him.” Song Yun said. Is you?” Listens to this words, that several lock soul sect disciple is very accidental/surprised. Everyone figures out, this lock soul sect disciple, bullies the girl not to calculate, unexpectedly is also unforgiving, locking the soul sect is this does not know the influence of sense of honor?” Song Yun shouted loudly. This indeed brought to the attention of many people. Although the people discuss spiritedly, but actually no one, dares to go forward to help. Although no one goes forward to help, but that face that locks soul sect disciple, was somewhat ugly. Obviously, they do not think, was regarded as that type, humiliates the small and weak unprincipled person. Smelly girl, you little talked nonsense, this Sir never hit the woman.” He said to Song Yun loudly, but was actually arguing to the people. What's wrong, dares to do is not at all?” However Song Yun is actually not willing to give up. Song Yun the voice was getting more and more loud, the surrounded crowd were getting more and more. But that several, previously beat Song Yun disciple, the complexion is also even more ugly, does not know at once unexpectedly should should do. Smelly girl, shut up.” Suddenly, shouted angrily to resound, at the same time, a Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable pressure, was releases. Was locks another disciple of soul sect to act.

The time of previously beating Song Yun, he not on the scene, locks the helper who soul sect that several disciple looked. He first utilizes the pressure, lived in Song Yun bound, later then went to Chu Feng that bad vision. Boy, this Sir comes to you today.” „Aren't you do not lock the soul sect to pay attention to me?” That makes me ask for advice your strength.” The words, the pressure that locks soul sect disciple, then sweeps away, directly soars Chu Feng. But his pressure, does not want bound to live in Chu Feng is so simple. If this pressure hits Chu Feng, is the no small matter. Bang Suddenly, thunders crack. Locks soul sect disciple in that with the Chu Feng's center, hurricane, to sweeps away to go in all directions. Is that pressure that locks soul sect disciple, was counter-balanced. But at this time Chu Feng notices, a female, stood before oneself body. That female is turning away from Chu Feng, Chu Feng cannot see her appearance. But after that female, by Song Yun who bound lives, not only helps people overcome their difficulties, but also swoops to the female bosom, closely grasped the female. Elder Sister, you came finally, the disciple qualities of these lock soul sects.” Song Yun spoke, cried unexpectedly, that called a grievance. But that female, is comforting Song Yun, while said: Permits do not cry, Elder Sister has not told you.” No matter, so long as bullied you, Elder Sister will make him die like a dog.” ps: Finally, has not disappointed everyone today. Thanks, thank you. Thanks to care about my person, to my encouragement. Also thanks to scold my person, to my urging on. Regardless how you see me, you like this book, actually real. Thank you to like my work, how regardless of you saw me, but I loved you. Was you approved my work, gave me the confidence. I will continue to try hard, strive for the future, I can let everyone happy reading, little to everyone some disappointed.