Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4802

Song Yun the Elder Sister words saying very vicious, Chu Feng also felt on her the gives out chill in the air. Chu Feng knows, she is earnest. But Song Yun Elder Sister this words fell, actually traded to lock soul sect disciple one to laugh wildly. Originally has the backer, no wonder so will be wild.” I said the little miss, your backer is not much.” Is Fourth Rank Martial Venerable, dares to speak this boast , when I did lock the soul sect no one?” Locks disciple of soul sect, a face satire looks at Song Yun Elder Sister. They did that not place in Song Yun Elder Sister the eye, was because of Song Yun the Elder Sister pressure, is the release, she was also only Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable. „......” However, the taunt of surface blockage soul sect numerous disciple, Song Yun Elder Sister was also sneers one. Today, one is one, you lock disciple of soul sect, do not want to live.” Song Yun Elder Sister said. Good extremely arrogant girl, does not give you today the lesson, you also when really I lock the soul sect, is a fruit cake is inadequate?” Locks soul sect disciple even more was not happy. They threaten, must make a move to Song Yun Elder Sister. „, Presses two girls, seems somewhat improper?” Injustice has a debt to have main, you must look for trouble, looks for my trouble.” Chu Feng station. When Chu Feng speech, before Song Yun and Song Yun Elder Sister body walks. Even if cultivation realm is sealed now, but Chu Feng, will not stand in two women behind. Especially, strength weak in own woman. But when Chu Feng after Song Yun the side, looked to Song Yun Elder Sister, he was somewhat curious, what female Song Yun Elder Sister was. Song Yun Elder Sister, without doubt was also a big beautiful woman, the clear face, has wipes the aloof the makings, this was a typical iceberg beautiful woman. Although is very beautiful, is on the body of this beautiful woman, Chu Feng actually could not see that she with the place of resembling Song permits. The Chu Feng's first response is...... Their two are, really the blood sisters? However lets some Chu Feng accidents/surprises, was this Song Yun Elder Sister, she looked that was somewhat different to the Chu Feng's vision. That look, knew that probably Chu Feng is the same. But Chu Feng, clearly the first time was looked, sees Song Yun Elder Sister. Should be wants.”

Chu Feng is thinking like this. Wa Wa Suddenly, Chu Feng body one crooked, the body probably by a giant iron slab, in pounding of heavy was been same. Chu Feng flying upside down goes, departs the far distance, is falling on the ground. On this skill, but also thinks that the hero does rescue beautiful?” After Chu Feng stands firm the figure, locks looks at Chu Feng that soul sect these disciple faces sneer. Especially, on the face hangs is disdaining with the self-satisfied two mood. He, is that Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable Realm disciple. Previously was also he acts, Elder Sister that but was actually permitted by Song blocked. Although was repelled by the enemy, but Chu Feng not by what wound, even if Chu Feng cultivation realm were sealed, but Chu Feng actually Fifth Rank Supreme Venerable mortal body, but attack Chu Feng's, but is Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable. Therefore Chu Feng not only does not get angry, instead is with smile on the face. Although in smiling, but if careful, will then make one be afraid. This wipes the ice-cold smile.Is I who you hit, I remembered. Chu Feng looks at that said to lock soul sect disciple that oneself make a move. „A waste, but also dares to threaten me, is really laughable.” You said that you did remember me? Good, I make your memory more profound, I make you unable to forget me for a lifetime.” Saw Chu Feng to say like this that to lock soul sect disciple that Chu Feng acted, then prepared to act again. Sees him to act, on the Chu Feng face does not have a scared look. The opposite party is only Fourth Rank Supreme Venerable, so long as he does not promote cultivation realm, theoretically said that he is unable to injure to himself. And, Chu Feng can feel, so-called Tyrant Xinghun of oneself within the body is poisonous, as if melts with the soul thoroughly, therefore Chu Feng by cultivation realm of seal, is rising again. Quick, Chu Feng's cultivation realm will restore, at that time, Chu Feng will make this lock soul sect disciple pay the price. Even if, disciple of these lock soul sects behind, that soul builds with the soul will support forever, but Chu Feng will not let off him absolutely. This brothers, wait.” When on that locks soul sect disciple to be going to act, together the voice of man actually suddenly resounds. Waits and sees along the sound, the crowd becomes in a tumult immediately. On disciple of chain-like soul sect, the vision has also changed. That newcomer, is the honored guest in tyrant star mountain village, Saint Light Clan Young Master, the Saint light now secure. This brothers, before I look at you, does not have the too big contradiction.”

Enmities should unmade and not made, does not know whether to me a face, this matter even.” The Saint light numerous disciple of peaceful blockage soul sect says now. Since the Saint light brother opens the mouth, I lock soul sect face to give.” Has not needed these lock soul sect disciple opens the mouth, above the horizon then to broadcast together the sound. Is locks most disciple of soul sect, the soul rampart!!! „The many thanks soul builds the brother.” The Saint light Anchong the opposite party is holding holding the fist in the other hand now. But the soul builds also returns by a ritual. Looked coming out, some Saint Light Clan sign surface, if at least locks soul sect influence, must give the Saint light to settle several points of face now. Afterward, locked soul sect disciple then to depart, coming out that no matter what who looked, disciple of most lock soul sects, were somewhat unwilling. Especially before leaving, looks to the Chu Feng's vision, is threatening. Brothers, are you all right?” The Saint light secure arrives at side Chu Feng to ask now. I am all right, many thanks.” Chu Feng sets out saying that secure says to the Saint light now. The Saint light/only secure, this mild-mannered and cultivated student makings, make Chu Feng very comfortable now. But he just lent a hand to assist, is to make Chu Feng to his impression good. Young Master as Saint Light Clan, the status is aloof, properly speaking the person of this family background, mostly the whole body lofty and unyielding character, humiliates others the matter to do completely, may help others the matter, will actually rarely do. But this Saint light now secure, seeming like genial. Is all right well, thanked does not need.” Brothers your cultivation realm is inferior to the opposite party, but also dares to stand is two girls supports, this courage really admires below.” Does not know how the brothers should call?” The Saint light secure asks now. He does not have the keeping aloof rack, talked by the stance and Chu Feng of treating as an equal. „Below Chu Feng.” Chu Feng said. Originally is Little Brother Chu Feng.” Little Brother Chu Feng, two girls, if did not mind, we do travel together to be good?” The Saint light secure asks now.

Coming out that but Chu Feng looks, he wants to protect Chu Feng and Song Yun the sisters. After all so long as has him, will lock soul sect disciple to him several points of face, but if he will not be, will lock soul sect disciple to meet Chu Feng again they, unavoidably will act again. Actually, at present Chu Feng's cultivation realm has started to restore, and quick will return to normal. Besides that soul builds with the soul forever, even if meets to lock other disciple of soul sect, does not fear. However the Saint light settles a good intention now, Chu Feng is not good to reject. Does not need.” But who once thinks, but also does not need the Chu Feng opens the mouth, Song Yun actually to be the opens the mouth. Looks at this time Song Yun, Chu Feng somewhat is unexpectedly strange. She no longer like fresh previously, instead a face ice-cold. That feeling, aloofs. Such being the case, that Little Brother Chu Feng, I advance one step.” The Saint light is not angry now peacefully, but smiles, then left directly. The Saint light secure Gang leaves now, Chu Feng then felt, fragrance jumps into the bosom. Unexpectedly was Song Yun !!! Song Yunla the Chu Feng's arm, is looking at own Elder Sister grinningly. Brother Chu Feng, gives you to introduce, she was my Elder Sister, Song Xue Er.” Looks at Song Yun this time appearance, thought of her again a moment ago, treated the Saint light the peaceful attitude, Chu Feng understands a matter now suddenly. This girl, does not seem like treats everyone, like treating him enthusiasm. Permits, how can be so intimate with a man?” Suddenly, a hand Song Yun, pulled away from Chu Feng. Was Song Yun Elder Sister, delivered Xue Er. After pulling away Song Yun, Song Xue Er looked to Chu Feng. But she receives the words, is lets Chu Feng is also the heart trembles. Chu Feng, you ganged up with others also even, that did not close my matter, but if dares to gang up with my younger sister, I forgave you certainly.” Song Xue Er to Chu Feng, said in the tone of warning. But if only the warning, but her tone, seems her to know that Chu Feng is the same. Do they really know inadequately?