Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4821


The rending pitiful yell, in locking the stretch of the world of soul sect is resounding through. But the bystander, is actually anything cannot hear. Originally, has white mist, blocked locked the soul sect. That white mist, not only covered the line of sight, not only impediment sound, has the formation general strength. It was cut off some people to enter locks the soul sect. But this strength, continued an enough several days time. At first, this strength, but was cut off a small number. But after several days time passes by, disciple and Elder that not only returns from outside more gather. Guest who locks soul sect visiting, more gathers. But with spreading of death of Hun Lei Hun Yong , many people want to know that locks the reflection of soul sect, therefore the person of surrounding are also getting more and more. But without exception, these people were stranded outside. This what's the matter?” Locks soul sect within/inner, what inadequate had?” Regarding this situation, people are very curious, this strength came from where. They gather in this, is unable to enter, can only discussed that while guessed. Looks quickly, this strength, weakened probably.” But quick, has the people sound to shout. Really, that prevented the strength of people to vanish. At this time in the crowd, emerged the complex mood. Has the anxiety, has the excitement, naturally also has to be anxious and fear. „Can Oh God!, how like this, how like this?”

However, when the white mist dissipates thoroughly, after people can see clearly locks the soul sect all, the person of presence, is the complexion big change. Brave good, timid turning around then runs, some people fainted directly. Even the juniors of many psychological fragilities, lie on the ground, is vomiting unceasingly. But the people of these lock soul sects, are wail again and again, cannot believe the present all. Locks the soul sect, complete unscathed, but locks beside the soul sect, actually locks the body of person of soul sect everywhere. The corpse are many, but who is actually not able to distinguish is. Because of these corpses, no is complete, their very pitiful. They are split up, and that appearance, was torn probably by the brute force. Miserable, very miserable. But in fact, this scene, with the terrifying described that is more appropriate. How like this, this is who will do, is that named Chu Feng's person?” Said, that two stealing?” The people do not know, all these are Song Yun do. But this matter, buckled on Chu Feng's. After all Chu Feng just in Tyrant Star Mountain Village, killed Hun Lei and Hun Yong, this mountain ridge has had thoroughly. Really, that talent, the origin is not really simple.” Not only Tyrant Star Mountain Village was destroyed, the chain-like soul sect was also extinguished by the slaughter.” „The martial practitioner world, really hidden dragons and crouching tigers, it seems like later worked to want the low-key point.” Perhaps otherwise, which extraordinary fellow offends, will be hit by the total destruction.” When people guessed, this possibly is later that Chu Feng makes, has not blamed, instead is from the heart awes to Chu Feng. This fearful existence, who dares to offend?

But what they do not know, this true murderer is not only not Chu Feng, that true murderer, but also in this world, and is away from this lock soul sect, is actually not far. ...... From locking soul sect in a jungle several hundred li (0.5 km) away, has two beautiful forms. That was Song Yun and Song Xue Er. They come here, has several days time, after all the slaughter extinguishes locks the soul sect, to them, not compared with expenditure too much time. At present, Song Xue Er lay down above a hammock, was quite leisurely and carefree. But Song Yun, then sits, both eyes shut tightly. She in cultivation, since the slaughter extinguishes locks the soul sect, arrives at this place, she then starts cultivation. cultivation, had continued an enough several days time. Suddenly, leisurely and carefree Song Xue Er, stood up suddenly, both eyes closely are staring at Song Yun. Originally was the body of Song Yun had the change, accurate was the forehead place. In the Song Yun forehead place, presented a black mark. That black mark, but also gives out black Mist. But the shape of that mark, is exactly the same as Tyrant Star Demon Flower. Just, this black mark, presents the moment, then vanishes does not see. After that mark vanishes, eye pupil of Song Yun, opened. Permits, succeeded?” Song Xue Er walked up, was really joyful. Was successful.” The Song Yun corners of the mouth go up, on the face blooms the delightful smile. That limpid eye pupil, the clear cheek, in addition this delightful smile, the youth aura, on her, the incisiveness that manifests. If not personally sees, no matter what no one such a beautiful young girl, will extinguish with that slaughter the demon who locks the soul sect links. Your this girl may be really good, unexpectedly used that Chu Feng, obtained this Tyrant Star Demon Flower.” Song Xue Er said.

Originally, Tyrant Star Demon Flower, has not vanished from Chu Feng within the body baseless, but took by Song Yun. Just Song Yun cultivation, that Tyrant Star Demon Flower, integrated in own within the body, because of fusing successfully, will have that mark. That is not the use, I also want to help him, if not for I help him, he possibly is so how smooth , to promote First Rank cultivation realm.” Song Yun said. „, You did not fear, selects Tyrant Star Demon Flower to have the danger directly, therefore makes him do?” Song Xue Er asked. Of course not, I like him, how possibly to harm him.” Song Yun shakes the head to say. Permits, do you really like him?” His status, may not can be joined to you.” Song Xue Er said. Elder Sister, how I felt, you do not think very much I do like my Elder Brother Chu Feng?” Should, you not like him? I know, you and his some experiences.” Song Yun narrows the eye to ask. How possibly, will I how possibly like him?” Song Xue Er shook the head again and again. Heard this words, Song Yun smiled suddenly. That is good that to be good, Elder Sister does not like him being good.” If Elder Sister must snatch him with me, was careful that I did not read the sentiment of sisters, killed you.” Song Yun grinning said to Song Xue Er.