Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4878
Mother, we have no alternative but to manage Chu Feng.”

Chu Lingxi very anxious said to Gu Mingyuan. She also received Chu Feng's in secret sound transmission. Who whatever is, suddenly receives Chu Feng such sound transmission, can realize, Chu Feng could encounter the mishap. But from the present situation, will be disadvantageous to Chu Feng, that only had Shengguang Clan. But does Shengguang Clan exist? That is Saint Light Galaxy Overlord, if they really must feel embarrassed Chu Feng, Chu Feng may really be disaster is imminent. But relates by Chu Lingxi and Chu Feng's, even if knows person who cannot offend, she will not see somebody in danger and do nothing. Lingxi, should not be anxious, perhaps Chu Feng will not have the matter, after all he also makes us temporarily leave.” Chu Feng is different from you, the matter that he experiences are many, therefore handles affairs is also quite discrete.” I think, he should is afraid Shengguang Clan, regards as the threat him, thus is disadvantageous to him, but he cannot determine, but had suspected, or is his own worry.” Therefore he makes us first leave, but provides against contingencies.” Although Gu Mingyuan is urging Chu Lingxi like this. But in fact her innermost feelings are also very anxious. Shengguang Clan was too powerful, like pressing a day in top of the head, is they existence that regardless of is not how impossible to defeat. Although Chu Feng the growth is extremely fast now, but his after all junior. How to contend with Shengguang Clan? If Shengguang Clan, really must cope with Chu Feng, that can be a nightmare absolutely. Afterward, Gu Mingyuan and Long Daozhi also discussed.

They felt, if Chu Feng really encounters the problem, is not present they can help solve absolutely. If acts rashly, will only put to trouble to Chu Feng, therefore they decided finally, obeys the Chu Feng's words, first temporarily leaves. If later, Chu Feng and Shengguang Clan do not have the contradiction, they come back again. Therefore, Long Daozhi then leads the Ancestral Martial Dragon City person, but Gu Mingyuan also leads the Ancient Wanshou Clan person, immediately leaves this Storm World. ...... Actually, Chu Feng's is unable to determine firmly, Shengguang Clan will be whether disadvantageous to him. He really provides against contingencies. After all Shengguang Clan, is Saint Light Galaxy Overlord. This Overlord level influence, often has a problem, that threatening existence of own position will strangle. But this is also only Chu Feng's guessed, Chu Feng is also unascertainable, actually Shengguang Clan is what family. Actually Chu Feng also felt, likely was he considers thoroughly. Especially at present, Chu Feng and others arrives at Shengguang Clan, camp after situated in Storm World, Shengguang Clan appropriately placed Chu Feng. Chu Feng was arranged to rest in a luxurious palace alone. Not only in the palace has the servant to serve, outside the palace also has the Shengguang Clan guard. But the servant, is the Shengguang Clan guard, to the Chu Feng's attitude very friendly. Such attitude, is not the resembles must cope with the Chu Feng's appearance. In fact, walks, Shengguang Xuanye has been chatting with Chu Feng, he showed extremely the attitude of appreciation to Chu Feng. Said honestly, impression of Chu Feng to Shengguang Xuanye, was quite good.

Because of Shengguang Xuanye, expensive/noble is Saint Light Galaxy most powerhouse, that type has not kept aloof, if I can not do it , who can rack, at least treats Chu Feng, is very affable. But according to the Chu Feng's experience, often this affable powerhouse, is very good. After short rest, Chu Feng and Long Xiaoxiao and others, then gathered one. Shengguang Clan, is Chu Feng and other juniors, held a very sumptuous banquet. Not is only the strongest later generation competition, obtained the position later generation to be able participate, such as Long Family Clan Head, Monster Horde Temple Hall Master, the great people in these Saint Light Galaxy, complete participate. The atmosphere in banquet very good, and conducted for ten days and ten nights. After the banquet ended, other juniors obtained Shengguang Clan, left here for the prize that they prepare. But such as Chu Feng, Long Xiaoxiao, Yu Lie wait/etc., the top ten people, their rewards are different. Therefore they also require here the stay First Rank time. When Shengguang Clan, after will reward prepares, the personally is self-sufficient they to deliver. But in the Shengguang Clan camp, after experiencing ten days and ten nights having a friendly chat over a cup of wine, vigilance of Chu Feng to Shengguang Clan, reduced, but Chu Feng has not therefore relaxed vigilantly. Hope was I considers thoroughly.” Chu Feng can only comfort itself like this. Because of Shengguang Clan, how to regard him, how also plans to treat him, this is not Chu Feng can decide. But is considers thoroughly, quick will have the answer. Because he knows, the Shengguang Clan person, went to prepare for him, Saint Light Bloodline Water. Saint Light Bloodline Water, is this time strongest later generation competition, the first prize. But Saint Light Bloodline Water, regarding Shengguang Clan, is thing of the extremely precious cultivation.

Chu Feng felt, if Shengguang Clan will really regard as eye-sore, will not give oneself true Saint Light Bloodline Water inevitably. Although, even if Shengguang Clan, true Saint Light Bloodline Water will give itself, is still indemonstrable, they will certainly not cope with themselves. But at least, Shengguang Clan copes with own possibility, was smaller. Words said that my within the body Niantian True Qi, what's the matter?” When the waiting reward arrives, Chu Feng observes own within the body again. Since these ten days, Chu Feng is unclear, is many times, observed own within the body. Reason that the unceasing observation , because Chu Feng knows, Niantian True Qi of his within the body, and Niantian True Qi of others are not quite same. Long Xiaoxiao, Yu Lie they also obtained massive Niantian True Qi. But their Niantian True Qi, can be used for cultivation directly. However Chu Feng's is not. Although Niantian True Qi of Chu Feng within the body, most boundless. May actually be similar to great formation to be the same, plate in Chu Feng's within the body. Only if can decode, otherwise this boundless Niantian True Qi, is unable to use for Chu Feng. PS: Unsurprisingly, tomorrow in addition.