Martial God Asura - Volume 8 - Chapter 4879
The following time, Chu Feng is doing everything possible, decodes within the body that formation technique comprised of Niantian True Qi......

As after the time passes by, such as Yu Lie and others, separately obtained their reward. The rewarded person, then left the Shengguang Clan camp. Now, has not been rewarded, was only left over Long Xiaoxiao and Chu Feng two people. Long Xiaoxiao that girl, almost will run toward the palace of Chu Feng rest every day. Long Family Clan Head has been urging Long Xiaoxiao, but does, his consoling radically uselessly. But in the fifth day that grand feast ended, the Long Xiaoxiao parents, rest palace, waited for visiting of Shengguang Clan. Is the head, is a lofty old woman. Her named Saint light cloud moon/month, is not only the Martial Venerable Realm powerhouse, is Shengguang Clan Supreme Elder. She can be said as, in Shengguang Clan, besides Shengguang Xuanye, one of the status and strength strongest several people. Facing this Saint light cloud moon/month, Long Family Clan Head does not dare to neglect, let alone, this Saint light cloud moon/month today, she is brings, the reward of Long Xiaoxiao comes. That is an extremely fine jug, the jug, although is not big, but is actually the thing of Ancient Era, only said the jug, is a treasure. But in the jug, is pasting the golden liquid. That, precisely Shengguang Clan, is used to give the junior cultivation treasure, Saint Light Bloodline Water. Sir cloud moon/month.” This...” „Does real plan give the reward of Xiaoxiao?” Should not make a mistake?” Sees the goods in jug, although Long Family Clan Head is very excited, is some are indefinite. According to them knows, besides first of strongest later generation competition, can this Saint Light Bloodline Water, others should not be able to obtain this reward. Yu Lie that at least, has left, has not obtained this thing. Without the means that even if this thing regarding a god light/only clan, is extremely precious. Normal, the reward of Princess Xiaoxiao, indeed should not be Saint Light Bloodline Water.” But, good of very Princess Xiaoxiao performance, Sir Clan Head is very satisfied.” Therefore to her reward, changes to Saint Light Bloodline Water, is meaning of Sir Clan Head.” Saint light cloud moon/month light saying with a smile. many thanks Sir cloud moon/month, many thanks hangs the evening school person.”

When determined, this reward seriously to Long Xiaoxiao, Long Family Clan Head is very excited, smiled grinning with ear to ear. He has worried, after Long Xiaoxiao exposes fierce of bloodlines, will suffer problem-making of Shengguang Clan, but the present, Shengguang Clan to Long Xiaoxiao, as if no meaning of problem-making. Therefore he was happy that is not the reward, but is attitude of Shengguang Clan to Long Xiaoxiao. Princess Xiaoxiao?” Went to Chu Feng young hero there?” Suddenly, Saint light cloud moon/month asked. Yes, Xiaoxiao that girl, the child disposition, likes playing with the friend.” Now other friends walk, but also keeps here, only then a Chu Feng person, therefore she can only look for Chu Feng.” Long Family Clan Head answered with a smile. Right?” But that Saint light cloud moon/month, is actually the eye narrows the eyes, the corners of the mouth raise wipe the quite strange curve. I hear, Princess Xiaoxiao, these days, except for Chu Feng there, had not gone to other place probably.” Moreover on the same day in Crazy Storm Fighting Dragon Stage, Princess Xiaoxiao abandoned the war, only because of that provocation who wears the black clothes, said Chu Feng young hero malicious remarks, Princess Xiaoxiao then flies into a rage, later is full power a war.” In my opinion, Princess Xiaoxiao treats Chu Feng young hero, absolutely isn't the common friendship?” Saint light cloud moon/month, narrows the eye to look at Long Family Clan Head, that vision contains the profound meaning in addition. Sir cloud moon/month, you misunderstood inevitably.” Xiaoxiao and Chu Feng's relate indeed well, but is actually not the sentiment of men and women.” „, Chu Feng had saved the daughter, therefore Xiaoxiao is grateful about her.” Long Family Clan Head hurrying answered. „Do dragon Clan Head this words take seriously?” Saint light cloud moon/month asked. Absolutely true.” Long Family Clan Head said by the definite tone. That is good, franking, the Princess Xiaoxiao talent and good looks are outstanding, my clan many Young Master, like, Saint light Young Master Yu is no exception.” And, my clan Clan Head to Princess Xiaoxiao, is the unusual appreciation.” But my clan, will not always make the horizontal blade to seize the matter of love, if the Princess Xiaoxiao heart has the subordinate......”

Therefore Long Family Clan Head, let alone I have not reminded you, you may probably seize this opportunity.” Is the parents, but must consider for own girl.” Saint light cloud moon/month, patted the shoulder of Long Family Clan Head with a smile, later then led the Shengguang Clan people to leave. What meaning is this?” After Saint light cloud moon/month walks, the Long Xiaoxiao mother asked. „Couldn't this you have listened?” Shengguang Clan, had a liking for Xiaoxiao, wants to make Xiaoxiao marry into Shengguang Clan.” Long Family Clan Head said with a smile, he was very happy. Actually, Long Xiaoxiao mother, how also unable to listen, that Saint light cloud moon/month meaning? This time she, is actually the brow tight wrinkle. What to do can this?” She worries very much, very obviously in her opinion, this is not a good deed. What to do can also, later let Xiaoxiao, to Chu Feng.” Xiaoxiao hear of your words, you urged her words, should be useful.” The mother of Long Family Clan Head to Long Xiaoxiao said. Can't, Xiaoxiao to the Chu Feng's thoughts, you unable to look?” I only hope Xiaoxiao to be able the happiness, can with her beloved person in the same place.” About her matter of lifetime importance, I will make her own take responsibility, I will not meddle absolutely.” Mother very firm saying of Long Xiaoxiao. Absurd.” You think, I think Xiaoxiao does marry into Shengguang Clan?” Xiaoxiao for Chu Feng that little rascal, has exposed the fierce degree of her bloodlines.” Yu Lie why cultivation realm bogs down, aren't you clear?” „Will the performance of Xiaoxiao, above Yu Lie, how Shengguang Clan give up?” So long as Xiaoxiao, can marry into Shengguang Clan, was the Shengguang Clan person, they will not feel embarrassed Xiaoxiao inevitably again.” This does not consider for my Long Family, but considers for Xiaoxiao, to save the Xiaoxiao life.” Long Family Clan Head said.

But......” At this time, the Long Xiaoxiao mother was also somewhat nervous. She hopes that Long Xiaoxiao can be happy, but she hopes that Long Xiaoxiao can live. Not, but, Shengguang Clan meaning is very clear.” Xiaoxiao, must become their people, otherwise if, that consequence will be dreadful.” I think, Xiaoxiao this time has been faced with imminent disaster, has not actually thought that Shengguang Clan made such decision, this is unfortunate lucky, we must grasp.” Long Family Clan Head said. Can be you considers thoroughly?” Shengguang Clan, heart really so narrow, does not permit the talent besides Shengguang Clan, appears in Saint Light Galaxy?” The Long Xiaoxiao mother asked. You hateful are womanly compassion.” World is Overlord, having several hearts open-minded?” Yu Lie is the best example, if not for Yu Lie does not have the threat to them now, you think Yu Lie, but can also live?” Long Family Clan Head said. If really said according to you, the Chu Feng little friend he, wasn't the danger?” Saying that the Long Xiaoxiao mother, is worried about suddenly very much. „The Chu Feng little friend makes a great show of one's talents, properly speaking, Shengguang Clan will not let off him inevitably.” „The Chu Feng little friend, his background is not very simple, Shengguang Clan actually how to him, but must look at Shengguang Clan, the understanding of the Chu Feng little friend has many.” Therefore Chu Feng little friend, how, but also is unable to determine.” But our Xiaoxiao, compared with the Chu Feng little friend, Xiaoxiao do not have the Chu Feng little friend such immeasurably deep background, now she only has a road to walk, that marries into Shengguang Clan, this is the method that she can maintain life only.” Long Family Clan Head said. PS: Once again in addition is defeated, is really unfair to everyone, but I will continue to try hard, strives this week within, erupts one time.