Martial Peak - Volume 53 - Chapter 5207

Outside in location/position of several days distance from Great Evolution Pass, south Northern Army huge fleet passed over gently and swiftly enormously and powerful Void, rushes to toward the scheduled laying an ambush point. That location/position also makes 8-Rank Open Heaven send out to inquire ahead of time, according to that investigates the terrain 8-Rank saying that if Great Evolution Black Ink Clan sends out, will greatly possibly pass by nearby that laying an ambush point very much, but this matter no one can guarantee anything, therefore this time can lay an ambush successfully, but also needs certain destiny. south Northern Army fleet is hid is approaching the Azure Void Pass direction, at this time army Lei Ting (thunder) attacks, the trend, the route of march is the oblique cutting enters Great Evolution Pass and between location/position Black Ink Clan center. So 35 days flash by. The institute of army Expelling Black Ink Battleship discussing official business, Mi Jinglun and is responsible for several 8-Rank Open Heaven of chancellor all silently not speaking, seems waiting for anything, the one side, Gong Lian is depending on the pillar slantingly, both eyes are atheistic, routine is in a daze. Another side Yang Kai grasps that contact bead, repeatedly toward pours into Spiritual Mind, the attempt and Ouyang Lie have the contact. Previously he returned to Expelling Black Ink Battleship from Great Evolution Pass time, Ouyang Lie must remain to monitor the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan trend, if Great Evolution Black Ink Clan must dispatch troops, then south Northern Army and Great Evolution Black Ink Clan was the overlapping and good aspect, from will pull closer inevitably unceasingly, when to certain location/position, he then can have the contact with Ouyang Lie again. Didn't have the news?” And 8-Rank Garrison's Chief turns head to look suddenly toward Yang Kai. Yang Kai shakes the head: Also no.” That 8-Rank knits the brows slightly: Calculates time, it should be almost done, in half other day, should have the contact with Ouyang brother.” Delayed enough the half day time, obviously had/left what accident. Here voice falls, the Yang Kai then spirit shakes suddenly: Had the news.” The word, Spiritual Mind immersion pass on message bead nosing. One crowd of person vision look. After Yang Kai proving, this said: Sir Ouyang said that from Great Evolution Pass Black Ink Clan as if intends to guard against southern Northern Army, therefore they do not have the straight line to march, but detoured some distances.” Mi Jinglun reveals the color of understanding clearly: Ouyang brother is so no wonder long has the relation.” The news that Great Evolution Pass Black Ink Clan has now are many, then about the Human Race army, has two that they know. Comes from the Wind and Cloud Pass direction, although they had not inquired the trace that this army has, but this Human Race army actually used several tens of thousands puppets to attract their attention, then sneak attacked their territories. But another naturally came from the Azure Void Pass direction, inexplicable disappearance of numerous Black Ink Clan squad, showing is approaching the Azure Void Pass direction all, the Human Race army is hiding, this Human Race army seems only transforming location/position pitifully unceasingly, making them want to inquire clear not to have the means. Royal Lord made, Great Evolution more than ten Black Ink Clan Territory Lord have to command the army, rushed to King City.

However nearby population unknown the Human Race army considering Great Evolution Pass has gone into hiding, therefore that more than ten Territory Lord discussed simply, decides to detour slightly, avoids meeting Human Race. The detoured direction, close to the Wind and Cloud Pass direction, that side Human Race army has naturally entered the Black Ink Clan territory, is definitely safe. If Ok, they rather circle a great-circle, avoids that hiding Human Race army, ensures own security. However time is urgent, they do not dare extremely to delay, therefore only circled a small circle, this small circle, will delay one day distance probably. This is also Ouyang Lie until at this moment with south Northern Army the reason that has the contact. under the public gaze, Yang Kai Spiritual Mind swiftly, is contacting with Ouyang Lie unceasingly, determination each other position. However regardless of Yang Kai or Ouyang Lie, the first time is came to this Great Evolution war zone, is strange to the nearby terrain, between both sides no one has Universe Chart of this stretch of war zone, therefore exchanges to be very troublesome. Yang Kai is unable to determine that Ouyang Lie makes concrete in what location/position, Ouyang Lie does not have the means to determine southern Northern Army location/position. Only what can determine, each other to should one day distance, because this is contacts the bead to obtain the maximum range of relation. During the exchanges, south Northern Army has arrived in the scheduled laying an ambush point. Originally according to that estimate that 8-Rank Open Heaven that investigates this location/position, if Great Evolution Black Ink Clan dispatches troops, will have will greatly possibly pass through this location/position very much, south Northern Army will only need to deploy here ahead of time, can hit completely routed Black Ink Clan. But south Northern Army has arrived at this place now, does not see the Black Ink Clan shadow. The information that in addition that side Ouyang Lie gives, the Black Ink Clan army the possibility that passed by from this nearby is not big. battlefield is this, attending to every detail of manpower impossible consideration, the situation is fast changing, only has to adapt to changing circumstances can the Chang Sheng undefeated. Also exchanges one, Yang Kai is still not able to judge that the Ouyang Lie position, two people description the terrain of nearby Void, cannot obtain the stamped pass in opposite party there respectively. Ouyang Lie is a violent temper, since the exchange does not pass, that does not exchange, pass on message in the past: Waiting!” Then without as follows, how regardless of Yang Kai relates again, has not responded. Reported this matter, several 8-Rank Garrison's Chief were the expressions that had no alternative. However quick, the Ouyang Lie tall and strong body advantage of terrain enters into from outside with stride, not indignation said: This does not have Universe Chart to really be troublesome.”

If each other has Universe Chart, exchanging to be many on the convenience, only need with the aid of Universe Chart, relaxed be able to determine each other position and distance. However Great Evolution lost of 30,000 year, in the past guarded here Human Race officers is almost annihilated, earlier Universe Chart, has lost. Now here wants the Universe Chart words, but also needs the own plan. But Ouyang Lie can hurry back quickly, naturally drew support from Universe Formation in Expelling Black Ink Battleship. Mi Jinglun is busy at asking: Ouyang brother, Black Ink Clan army now in what position?” Ouyang Lie said: Does not know, but I left behind aura before departure, making me nose that aura location/position, can know the Black Ink Clan army present position.” So saying, both hands is pinching finger joints with the thumb, a transformation. After a little while, on the fingertip 1 red light surges, plunders in some direction, that direction, he leaves before , leaves behind aura location/position. Mi Jinglun understands, nods said: This place must have one day distance from that side, considering Human Race and difference of Black Ink Clan army march direction, my southern Northern Army should also adjust the position, can 2nd about, run into them on the 1st.” Ouyang Lie nods said: That's true.” two people discussed immediately, then set the march direction quickly. The transmission of order, just arrived in the laying an ambush point southern Northern Army fleet to repair and maintain without enough time, sets sail again. Several 8-Rank Garrison's Chief holds the fist saying: I and others also got down the preparation.” If all smooth, after on the 1st to 2nd, south Northern Army then must have a war with Great Evolution Black Ink Clan, naturally prepares good early. Mi Jinglun nods. Honored Master, I.” Gong Lian bows a ritual. Ouyang Lie beckons with the hand. Mi Jinglun then turns the head to look to Yang Kai: „Does Martial Nephew then have what plan? South Northern Army along with me acts together, looks for eastern Western Army?” Yang Kai said: Here, since the war will get up, disciple remained to strive.”

If no war, he from can walk away now, may be then doomed to have a war, he was not good to walk directly, let alone, participated in the following war , the convenience inquired more situations, then that side eastern Western Army can also they report with Xiang Shan here situation. So also good.” Mi Jinglun said: Martial Nephew must stay behind, that health/guard various teams, you select join.” Yang Kai said: disciple wants to handle affairs alone, does not know whether?” It is not after all familiar with south Northern Army here person, joins words of squad rashly, not necessarily is the good deed, might as well he, has no cares. Mi Jinglun smiles to look at his one eyes: Martial Nephew has this confidence, I will not stop, but battlefield above, longs for carefully.” disciple is compliant!” Yang Kai holds the fist in the other hand a ritual, at once asks to be excused. After he walks, the Ouyang Lie corners of the mouth pull: Boy is self-confident enough, unexpectedly wants to act, you also permitted him unexpectedly, this not like you.” Mi Jinglun smiled saying with a smile: I do not know that Ouyang brother has heard this child many facts, if other 7-Rank must so handle affairs, I do not permit decisively, if he, makes an exception also no relations.” Ouyang Lie nods said: His matter, I also listened much, the meter/rice brother do not bully me to be friendless and unlearned, says, 7-Rank Open Heaven then dares to camouflage the black ink disciple thorough Black Ink Clan center, worse that side Black Ink Clan built the temporary palace Secret Treasure important matter, finally unexpectedly can also live, simply is the miracle.” Mi Jinglun said: Yes, although Old Ancestor goes to greet personally, but before then, he has to cut to kill the Territory Lord score in the Blue Sky Pass that side, although that Territory Lord is the body of heavy losses.” Landscape generation has the talent to leave, we were old!” Ouyang Lie sobbed. Mi Jinglun smiles to look at him: Sees Ouyang brother to appraise such high to the later generation rarely, how place? The regret has not met this sooner, income front gate wall?” Ha!” Ouyang Lie laughs, father regrets, the father has the apprentice, although now is inferior to him, but is not worse than others, let alone, my that apprentice future potential of may be higher than him.” Mi Jinglun hears word sighed: Life is unpleasant, ten 98! This child so peerless natural talent, only pitifully is not the material of 9-Rank, if he can promote 9-Rank, the effect on my Human Race may too be big.” Ouyang Lie said: „In the world where had anything to be perfect, says, he now like this is also the root of trouble that I and other Cave Heaven Paradise planted in the past.” If not for that several Cave Heaven Paradise prevented in the past jointly, perhaps Yang Kai really can straight promote 7-Rank, that then be hopeful achievement 9-Rank Old Ancestor. Mi Jinglun shakes the head saying: That several handle affairs, prevents accidents before they happen, after all has had learning from another's mistakes, since ancient times, treated that many hopeful straight promote 7-Rank, the Cave Heaven Paradise attitude all was so. Stood then standpoint, that several have not made the any mistake, but, is actually then completely mistaken now.” Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: