Martial Peak - Volume 53 - Chapter 5208

Now discusses again the past mistake does not have the significance, Yang Kai has promoted Open Heaven, moreover was compelled to promote 5-Rank, because although has taken middle-rank World Fruit, in the future limit hopeful 8-Rank, but misses with 9-Rank eventually. Only if can find Open Heaven Pill that in Universe Furnace of that world spontaneity breeds. But Universe Furnace does not have the trace indistinctly, no one knows when it will appear, even if Universe Furnace appeared, Open Heaven Pill that inside breeds also not necessarily has the Yang Kai's share. Major Cave Heaven Paradise, exhausted 8-Rank Open Heaven life-long cannot the inch go a step further, has plenty of such people, these person of which don't urgently need compared with Yang Kai Open Heaven Pill of that world spontaneity? Here is speaking, the fluctuation that made the person palpitation suddenly, transmitted from the remote Void deep place. Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie look at each other one, all the body, arrived in the deck in a flash, looks in the direction that fluctuation originates. Yang Kai also stops to wait and see in the deck, but that fluctuation, although can the clear sensation, be possible to originate the place to be obvious and far. Old Ancestor and Royal Lord fought.” Ouyang Lie said solemnly. Mi Jinglun nods slightly. The so intense fluctuation, obviously is not 8-Rank Open Heaven and Territory Lord can collide, takes a broad view at this stretch of war zone, only has battle between Old Ancestor and Royal Lord, may bring such intense turbulence. This is Black Ink Clan Royal Lord first fight of Yin-Yang Pass Old Ancestor with this stretch of war zone, who wins who lost/carrying unable to judge. However from obtained news, Yin-Yang Pass Old Ancestor will definitely not suffer a loss, because only calculates that respective practice the words of years, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord is inferior to Old Ancestor. The Black Ink Clan Royal Lord of present, is the 30,000 year ago that promotes. As for another survival years remote Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, has perished together the 30,000 year ago with Great Evolution Old Ancestor. The might that two clan supreme battle strength fight is really big, two forms pester unceasingly in length and breadth Void, torn to pieces that only the complementary waves, then in Universe World of deathly stillness Void hit, trillion li (0.5 km) Void subverts turbulently, universe disorder. However at this moment, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord has bitter being able to say. This Royal Lord after knowing the Human Race army attacks the Black Ink Clan territory unexpectedly, then left Great Evolution Pass urgently, searches the trace of Human Race army, finally under the half-way general Human Race Old Ancestor truncation. So long as intercepted Human Race Old Ancestor, his King City will not lose. However has not waited for him to be relieved, the following accident then makes him be somewhat caught off guard. Originally in his idea, this is the first time that fought with Human Race Old Ancestor, everyone should be primarily probing. After all is in the respective clan to high battle strength, is impossible easily to brave hardships and dangers by the body. Probes mutually, verifies the details of opposite party, in the future will scheme slowly, the side is a kingly way. He thinks, thinks Human Race Old Ancestor also thinks.

But Human Race Old Ancestor absolutely does not have this idea. Although this Human Race Old Ancestor is female, the conduct is quite crazy, one fights with him swiftly, then exhibited one to with the stance that he perished together, the divine ability ruthless offense, Secret Technique was brutal, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord was hit directly ignorant! Then, although Black Ink Clan this Royal Lord then promotes the position of Royal Lord the 30,000 year ago, number of times actually to grasp that but fights with Human Race Old Ancestor truly may count. Has, but only has one time. Then after is he promotes, with that Royal Lord jointly cut to kill Great Evolution Old Ancestor that war. After that Great Evolution Pass was occupied by Black Ink Clan, here did not have the war again, Black Ink Clan this Royal Lord had not fought with Human Race Old Ancestor again. The 30,000 year, he is then defending his war zone, once for a while dispatches subordinate Territory Lord to aid Wind and Cloud Pass and Azure Void Pass war, own has actually never left this stretch of war zone. The experience that therefore relatively speaking, he and Human Race Old Ancestor fights has nothing worthwhile. The Human Race Old Ancestor conduct is extremely in addition crazy, causing both sides to fight, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord then fell leeward, was being pressed hitting by the opponent unexpectedly. this kind of aspect, makes Human Race Old Ancestor feel accidental/surprised slightly. However was quick she then to understand the whole story, Black Ink Clan this Royal Lord, was fights to fight inexperienced! This may really be happiness of the accidental/surprised. Thinks her, when that side Yin-Yang Pass assumes personal command, with the Black Ink Clan Royal Lord hundred years of Yin-Yang war zone a small war, a millennium war, both sides anything divine ability Secret Technique, what way character, has not been the secret. Has a few words to call most to understand that your is not the friend, but is the enemy. That side Yin-Yang Pass, Old Ancestor acts, Yin-Yang Pass Black Ink Clan Royal Lord apparent she must do, can formulate to want the countermeasure instantaneously, therefore each other pestered the innumerable years, no one can do to anyone. However to here on different, she had with the rich experience that Royal Lord fights, although changed an opponent, may experience experiences, here Black Ink Clan Royal Lord did not have this skill, 30,000 year ago perhaps fought him to dismiss from mind, 30,000 year calm and steady also made him lose the heart of keeping forging ahead, fought with the powerhouse of 9-Rank this rank rashly, always had many illness. The idea of Human Race Old Ancestor is very simple, since brought Yang Kai, she does not need what scruples, hitting ruthlessly, many put together several mutual wounds with Black Ink Clan Royal Lord by all means. Was injured did not fear, she can quickly restore the injury with the aid of Yang Kai's Small Universe, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, although can also draw support from Black Ink Nest healing, but in the healing efficiency should compare her. Each healing, she can rob some advantages, this advantage possibly cannot see the effect one time twice, accumulates several words, Black Ink Clan Royal Lord definitely cannot bear. When the time comes she is even hopeful Black Ink Clan Royal Lord cuts to kill!

Therefore with Black Ink Clan Royal Lord fights, she unscrupulous, shows the stance that must perish together. Opponents delapidated weak, made her strengthen the original plan. Fight of two supreme powerhouse, eastern Western Army has not paid attention, when Old Ancestor goes to meet the approaching enemy Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, eastern Western Army according to the original course , to continue to march. Although eastern Western Army 60 8-Rank Open Heaven, if goes forth to battle together, can help Old Ancestor have the enormous superiority on battlefield absolutely, but no one can guarantee, meddles this level the battle to cause 8-Rank falls rashly. Eastern Western Army also has a more vital duty, that the Black Ink Clan army this stretch of war zone hits remnantly, regains Great Evolution, is their ultimate objectives. , In all Black Ink Clan territories had only been left over the mixed soldier of being able to amount to something along the road, the meaning that eastern Western Army has not paid attention to from the start, dashes to the position that King City is. Until now, where they have not known King City specifically, from them far, so long as toward this direction marches forward, one day they will arrive in beside King City, attacking army has reached the city! Is thorough, the eastern Western Army situation naturally is the danger, because of thorough of distance, eastern Western Army can obtain the possibility of southern Northern Army aid to be minimum, so long as south Northern Army can block Great Evolution Pass Black Ink Clan, they do not need to be worried about the own rear area. Since arriving in this stretch of war zone, 30,000 eastern Western Army only experienced a war, later during then in marches rapidly, however fighting intent of army does not have therefore to extinguish, as instead thorough, is even more powerful. It can be predicted that when this army arrives in King City, deciding to make Black Ink Clan be panic at the news. ...... The southern Northern Army fleet headed by Ouyang Lie and Mi Jinglun, after 1st time vanguard rapidly, arrived in location/position. This location/position, Mi Jinglun infers, should with location/position that the Black Ink Clan army encounters. However, the Void length and breadth is looking into the distance quiet, does not find Black Ink Clan army. However considers two clan army marching speeds the differences, that side Black Ink Clan the possible route of march changes, therefore had not discovered even if the trace of Black Ink Clan army, Mi Jinglun does not have many to be disappointed. Scouted the team to be dispatched, inquired all around situation. Quick, then has the news to transmit, in the distance army less than location/position of double-hour on, discovered that the form of Black Ink Clan army walks from Great Evolution Pass. Mi Jinglun long shouted the one breath, ordered again, the army attacked. In this case, laying an ambush is impossible, because simply does not have time to choose good laying an ambush, makes all sorts of deployment. Now the southern Northern Army only choice, is the army straight run, comes a head confrontation with Great Evolution Black Ink Clan.

Is good Human Race knows that the Great Evolution Black Ink Clan trend, Black Ink Clan actually knows nothing about south Northern Army, this is the advantage. The enormous and powerful fleet passed over gently and swiftly Void, after half double-hour, the Black Ink Clan army is in sight distantly. But to this time, the form of Human Race fleet was also discovered by Black Ink Clan finally. A feudal lord rushes to the Zhe Chong place hurriedly, said startled: Sir Territory Lord, discovers the Human Race Battleship trace.” Zhe Chong these days has somewhat restlessed, always has to feel that what not good matter is going to happen, because just has the this kind of worry, therefore he, when leads from Great Evolution Pass comes out, will circle a small circle specially, avoids the Human Race army who that had not made an appearance as far as possible. Following several days live in peace with each other actually, now he only worries then in the Black Ink Clan territory four in that Human Race army who plunder. Also does not know where will encounter, if really bumped into, they not necessarily are the opponents, after all he has personally seen the grandness of that army, that has Human Race Old Ancestor to assume personal command. When the subordinate comes to report, he has a scare. Runs into the Human Race army on this location/position, will have that Human Race Old Ancestor assumes? Where is at? Is far from this place?” Zhe Chong is startled to ask one. The feudal lord points at a direction: Perhaps then in that side, half double-hour then can encounter.” Zhe Chong flickers the direction one to look toward that side, really sees a huge fleet. These Human Race Battleship are dense and numerous, little said that also 2,000-3,000, seems like before own more than one year exactly the same that sees. But direction that they march forward, is not comes, but hit a lead slightly, then, can the upfront after half double-hour intercept the Black Ink Clan army. How to bump into the Human Race army in this place? Zhe Chong does not think clearly, is disinclined to think, Human Race Old Ancestor terrifying made him lose the discretion, bellowed panic-stricken: Human Race attack!” Several other Territory Lord hear this word to be startled. Turns head to look, really discovered the trace of Human Race fleet, for a moment, Territory Lord are utterly confused.