Martial Peak - Volume 53 - Chapter 5209

Everyone didn't expect in this place bitter experience Human Race army, moreover looks at the stance of that army, obviously is prepared early, on the contrary is they, because is extremely negligent, arrives until the enemy has detected at present. Once battlefield above loses the situation, the consequence may be is very serious. Numerous Territory Lord look to Zhe Chong, urgently asked: Meets head-on?” Two clan armies to the distance of half double-hour, are not fight or escape, must result in takes a regulation to come out immediately, trip numerous Territory Lord are headed by Zhe Chong, naturally must look at his meaning. The Zhe Chong corner of the eye beats: „The Human Race that side or has Old Ancestor to assume personal command!” Simply put, if the war decides however the casualty to be serious, cannot do well even their these Territory Lord to confess here. Territory Lord of that question knits the brows: Just now doesn't have the complementary waves that Human Race Old Ancestor and Royal Lord fight to pass on to? That Human Race Old Ancestor not only fights with Sir Royal Lord, and how in this place?” Zhe Chong hears word is startled, thought right, just now really has the complementary waves that the supreme powerhouse fights from and far location/position place transmits, that complementary waves obviously are Human Race Old Ancestor and Royal Lord fight to cause, since that side is fighting, here surely did not have Human Race Old Ancestor. Is Human Race always insufficient to set out two Old Ancestor? He is also indelib, saw before southern Northern Army this huge fleet and own more than one year, no difference that sees, thinks subconsciously Human Race Old Ancestor is also one of them, own has a scare own. Moreover, if the opposite party really has Human Race Old Ancestor to assume personal command, even if escapes at this moment again, perhaps also without enough time. Zhe Chong is also resolute, in the heart the thought has transferred, immediately plainly said : transmitted orders, deploys troops for defense to meet head-on!” 2,000-3,000 Battleship, it is estimated that have 30,000 Human Race at least, although this number only then 10% of Black Ink Clan army, but Territory Lord know, battle strength between two clans are unable to determine the strong and weak by the population forever, let alone, this 30,000 Human Race then represented has dozens 8-Rank Open Heaven. But their Territory Lord many, only has 15-16. At this time if not fight to escape, only to the opportunity that the Human Race one close behind the other will chase down, will therefore deploy troops for defense to meet head-on is the best way, so can reduce to lowly the loss, perhaps might also give the Human Race heavy losses. The transmission of order, the Black Ink Clan hundreds of thousands army then exhibited the battle formation in Void quickly, stimulation of movement the strength of connection fusion of black ink, condenses black ink cloud, covers Void, all Black Ink Clan army covers is one of them, concealment figure. After less than half double-hour, when the Human Race army rushes to comes the time, sees is such a. Looking into the distance, in Void big black ink cloud condenses, inside the undercurrent surges, does not see half Black Ink Clan trace. In the Expelling Black Ink Battleship deck, Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie all surface sinks like the water, has saying that Black Ink Clan the deals to the peak wonderfully, stimulates to movement black ink cloud to cover up the army whereabouts, keeping Human Race from determining the Black Ink Clan intention and trend, Human Race, if kills rashly, the absolute casualty is serious. If Human Race holds troops, was just right for the Black Ink Clan intention, they can definitely reorganize the military power taking this opportunity, formulates the strategy, more long that time delays, the Human Race army attacks the advantage that comes to be smaller.

Facing the this kind of aspect, simply does not have other means to deal, the only means then with the aid of the prestige of Battleship, the bang disperse black ink cloud, compelling the Black Ink Clan army to come. Perhaps this is also Black Ink Clan expects to see, because of then, them can consume the strength of Human Race army, although may present many casualties. Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie look at each other one, all nods. the next moment, an order transmits by way of army Expelling Black Ink Battleship. 2,000-3,000 Human Race Battleship navigate slowly, arranges divide by levels in Void, is away from that huge black ink cloud is about 1 million li (0.5 km) place stops. On formation buzz the cry with Battleship, rays of light twinkling, the wild fluctuation of energy starts to fluctuate. Moment, terrifying light beam change to attack that the shape varies, in the bang toward that black ink cloud goes right in the face. 2,000-3,000 Human Race Battleship, were divided into five batch, each batch have 400-500, when this batch of Battleship attack makes, when savings strength, next batch of Battleship attack follows on somebody's heels. Five batch of attack divide by levels, almost can guarantee that the prestige of Battleship is continuous. That endure compared with the prestige that 7-Rank Open Heaven makes a move to strike full power can rumble to enter in black ink cloud, hit black ink cloud is unceasingly lax, has dazzling rays of light to explode from jet black black ink cloud, looks from afar, the scene is scary. Has aura of life on the wane, but is away from 1 million li (0.5 km) from, in the fluctuation of energy fluctuates under the so chaotic aspect, even 8-Rank Open Heaven are unable very clear of sensation. However that life aura on the wane, obviously hides Black Ink Clan falls the indication in black ink cloud. Human Race this wave of offensive, continued of half day! During getting up, 2000 Battleship storms have not stopped, prestige of Secret Treasure and Formation on Battleship, is divided the raid place to divulge toward that black ink cloud in unceasingly. However makes all Human Race feel what accidental/surprised is, the Black Ink Clan army in black ink cloud does not have the least bit to respond unexpectedly, they as if hide in opportunity , seems to have been separated from battlefield. However even if there is black ink cloud covers up, wants to hide in the eyes of so many 8-Rank Open Heaven is separated from battlefield lowly is also impossible. Therefore the Black Ink Clan army still hides in black ink cloud. They in! Waits for the Human Race offensive to be weak, only then at that time, was the best time that rose spiritedly to counterattack.

Has saying that leading Black Ink Clan Territory Lord can endure the temper, trades to make the short temper, perhaps has led the army to rush ahead from black ink cloud. However this is Human Race most is also undesired. After the half day, covers Void huge black ink cloud gradually becomes thin, although Black Ink Clan stimulates to movement the strength of black ink to condense black ink cloud during this period unceasingly, may be unable to resist the wanton bombing of Human Race Battleship no stopping. Because if not for Black Ink Clan within the body that died overflowed the strength of massive black ink, filled the black ink cloud density, they have revealed the figure. Now can insist half day time, is the limit. Thin black ink cloud was unable to cover up the form of Black Ink Clan army completely, strength profound 8-Rank have been able to endure the impediment of broken black ink cloud, actual situation that spies on the Black Ink Clan army. The situation makes 8-Rank not quite satisfied. In half day uninterrupted attack, truly caused some casualties of Black Ink Clan army, however is too far with the expected phase difference. Near 500,000 Black Ink Clan army, only falls less than 50,000, had almost 10%. The this kind of score really somewhat with does not act, they think that at least can wipe out 30% Black Ink Clan. The bombardment of Human Race Battleship is still continuing, now black ink cloud becomes thin, lets attack of Human Race army with a clear goal, suddenly, the Black Ink Clan casualty becomes serious. That side Black Ink Clan also discovered this issue obviously, therefore Territory Lord order, four 100,000 Black Ink Clan armies withdraw from black ink cloud unexpectedly rapidly, runs away toward the distant place. Black Ink Clan must escape! How the Human Race army will look on with folded arms, Ouyang Lie ordered to pursue immediately. However escape of Black Ink Clan is a false appearance, when the Human Race army visits that piece becomes the thin black ink cloud region, this in the Black Ink Clan army of fleeing suddenly transfers the direction, wheels around and strikes at the pursuer. The of peaceful 30,000 year Great Evolution war zone, in this time, from Void beyond Great Evolution several days distance, erupted the wars of two clan armies finally again. Although before then, eastern Western Army has attacked a Territory Lord territory, however that fights from the present situation is different, the enemy who encounters may not place on a par completely. Dealing of Black Ink Clan makes Ouyang Lie and the others feel accidental/surprised slightly, however also was only restricted in this. When Ouyang Lie ordered to pursue, Mi Jinglun is guarding, because Black Ink Clan, although had some casualties, however both sides have not fought from the start officially, four 100,000 Black Ink Clan armies were impossible not to fight to escape, leading Territory Lord also knows, once started to escape, they really ended.

Facts showed that plan that Black Ink Clan has not escaped from the start, they want to introduce in that black ink cloud region the Human Race army, is own makes the advantageous terrain. Although this black ink cloud became thin, but still had a big boost to Black Ink Clan, was Human Race places on the contrary, will have various types to impede. Now although Expelling Black Ink Pill widely applies on battlefield, so long as takes ahead of time, in short time will not need to be worried to be corroded by the strength of black ink, but time grew, the drug efficacy will vanish that not to say. Moreover Expelling Black Ink Pill this thing, taking the number of times are more, the effect is also worse. That side Blue Sky Pass had performed the experiment of system, in a month, 6-Rank Open Heaven, approximately can take two Expelling Black Ink Pill, many words, the drug efficacy must sell at a discount greatly. 7-Rank can take three. But time that a Expelling Black Ink Pill drug efficacy can maintain is also limited, at most about three double-hour. The place and Black Ink Clan that if real black ink cloud floods battle, but also needs fights a battle to force a quick decision, once time lengthened, to Human Race is very disadvantageous. The counter-attack of Black Ink Clan just right, battlefield diverts in range that perfectly, in that thin black ink cloud covered. However the performance of Human Race also lets them amazed, they think that battles in this environment, Human Race is surely timid and hesitant, Human Race as if simply had not actually been affected by the least bit unexpectedly, when both armies encounter directly, Human Race 7-Rank Open Heaven leaps in abundance from Battleship, muddy, no matter the strength of black ink to their corrosion. Numerous Black Ink Clan are startled, in their inherent concepts, strength of Human Race to the black ink is evading like the disasters, boundary lower Human Race is so, only then some 8-Rank Open Heaven, can short time resist the corrosion of strength of black ink. But, these Human Race 7-Rank, can have a good swim in black ink cloud now unexpectedly, is slightly not affected. What situation is this? Black Ink Clan are startled, Human Race squads actually start to assume an awe-inspiring pose, teams, each and everyone 7-Rank, regarding own Battleship, protects other squads to battle with coordinated, but puts in an appearance then makes the Black Ink Clan casualty serious. Is 30,000 to 400,000, the population disparity huge? To the Human Race officers, the disadvantage in quantity is not always the issue, since ancient times, Human Race continuously under this type of environment and Black Ink Clan battle, regarding this experience is it can be said that rich. Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: