Martial Peak - Volume 53 - Chapter 5210

Although the collisions of two clan armies are intense, but appears restrains very much, there is no side is rashly radical, because here is vast Void, to Human Race or Black Ink Clan, there is no barrier to depend on. If the behavior is extremely radical, once the war is disadvantageous, that will be very likely to cause the collapse of entire battlefield, when the time comes will decide however the casualty to be huge. The scene of if from remote upper air overlook, battlefield of two clan officers at this moment presenting can be said as understands simply, the Human Race 30,000 army and Black Ink Clan 400,000 armies on the mighty current that such as two sizes vary, collides in Void unceasingly, the contraction, collides again, contracts again. When collision, is respective killing strike falls, Secret Technique simultaneous/uniform flying time, when contraction, is two clan officers is regrouping after a defeat. The Human Race high level had not counted on can rout the opposite party in a upfront conflict, therefore can only use this way, in short contact impacts, nibbles the strength of Black Ink Clan army, gradually seizes the advantage. What lets Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie didn't expect is, the fellow who Black Ink Clan that side director army battles unexpectedly is also this thoughts. The mentality of both armies commander can say happens to hold the same view, Territory Lord of done Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie to directing this time combat somewhat attracted each other. Directs the Black Ink Clan army so to battle, naturally is Zhe Chong. His Territory Lord, is quite strong, the courage is small enough, the disposition is also discrete enough, if this is not the case, before outside Wind and Cloud Pass was ambushed by the Human Race army promptly will not then flee, thus saves a life. Although he is Black Ink Clan Territory Lord of Great Evolution war zone, but in this 30,000 year, command the army to go to support the experience of Wind and Cloud Pass or Azure Void Pass dozens times, although each time taking away is army basically hit torn to pieces, can live the side are few. But because of this type with the Human Race army's rich operational experience, is making him formulate the most correct strategy in this time. Before facing the surprise attack of south Northern Army 30,000 army, making the Black Ink Clan army condense black ink cloud to cover up the figure, stems from his handiwork. Trades to make other Territory Lord in this chancellor, when saw the Human Race army attacks, ten have 98 to but directly on. Has saying that his all sorts of strategies no doubt seem like instigated very much, makes Human Race feel extremely uncomfortable. Mi Jinglun and Ouyang Lie expected Black Ink Clan army who runs into, naturally is that type does not have the brain, only knows that the dependence population advantage is then thinking a war decides the universe. How could it not be wants to bump into one to know that unexpectedly thinks. This is the unusual matter, they and Black Ink Clan battle so many years, first time bumps into this kind of Commander Black Ink Clan. The mighty current that two clan armies gather, each collision has aura of life on the wane, falls is Black Ink Clan. Human Race Battleship broken, basically the contingency has what risk. But if Battleship was broken, the member of that entire squad may encounter the danger. So encounters more than ten times, the scene gradually became somewhat chaotic. Causes this confusion, is not Human Race.

Although the Human Race army has the 30,000 numerous, automatic rhythmicity that because the extremely strong sense of discipline and in the strict obedience on battlefield made, the order that therefore handed down from generation to generation to the high level can carry out meticulously. Black Ink Clan different. The hundreds of thousands Black Ink Clan army, is Zhe Chong leads in name, but said is more than ten Territory Lord is the army to spell to crowd together. Each Territory Lord has the idea of own. Saw with own eyes that Black Ink Clan suffers a loss in collisions one after another, but Human Race as if no falls one person, numerous Territory Lord hearts get angry, in the action unavoidable was more radical. Their radicals, bring a bigger loss and casualties to Black Ink Clan. This even more makes them become angry out of shame, finally the fate acts personally. How 8-Rank Open Heaven allow them to be wild, Territory Lord do not begin, 8-Rank are still watching changes quietly, when Territory Lord start to take action, 8-Rank naturally can make a move to stop. By after two clan armies encounter a double-hour, the fight suddenly becomes intense, battlefield above, finds at everywhere the complementary waves that Territory Lord and 8-Rank fights. On Expelling Black Ink Battleship, Ouyang Lie said one: I went, here had Rau brother.” Mi Jinglun nods slightly, Ouyang Lie one step treads, presents a hundreds of thousands miles away Territory Lord front instantaneously, the wild fist rumbles, that Territory Lord does not observe for a while, was pounded to fly unexpectedly. However after all is Territory Lord, although was hit by Ouyang Lie somewhat dumbstruck, but quick then adjusts the good figure, makes one group with Ouyang Lie games. During the fierce combat, Ouyang Lie is timid and hesitant, instead is that Territory Lord unscrupulous. Does not have him, around location/position that two people is, not only many Black Ink Clan, some Human Race, that Territory Lord can not have scruples the Black Ink Clan casualties, has the stingy offense, Ouyang Lie actually has no alternative but to have scruples the life of Human Race officers. By, even if the sneak attack intended to seize the opportunity, took this Territory Lord to have no good way. Not only Ouyang Lie so, other most 8-Rank Open Heaven situations all are so, the Black Ink Clan Territory Lord despicable approach, making Human Race 8-Rank unable to unshackle. army Expelling Black Ink Battleship, spans in Void, remote is apart from the battlefield 1 million li (0.5 km). This location/position is not far, if there is a Black Ink Clan Territory Lord surprise attack, several breaths can arrive, naturally is not too near, stands on this location/position, Mi Jinglun can take on the overall situation very well. In south Northern Army two Regiment's Commander, Ouyang Lie grasps by the fist convincing idea, the matter that therefore this director army battles, naturally fell to him on. Not only here only then Expelling Black Ink Battleship, several health/guard level Battleship, closely are protecting Expelling Black Ink Battleship, on that health/guard level Battleship, but has 8-Rank Open Heaven to assume personal command personally, full health/guard personnel establishment!

So the protection, can in this remote another region, ensure the Expelling Black Ink Battleship security. It is not Human Race makes a fuss over a trifling matter, is Expelling Black Ink Battleship is extremely really important, all sorts of functions that not to mention it has, on present Expelling Black Ink Battleship and on neighbor several health/guard level Battleship, but gathers all sorts of special talents who this time accompanied the armed forces to come. Item Refining Expert that eastern Western Army that side this time accompanies the armed forces has over a thousand, Alchemy Expert and Formation Law Expert quantity is not below this digit. south Northern Army similarly so. Although these special talents each one are 5-Rank Open Heaven upward, majority even are 6-Rank 7-Rank, 8-Rank has. But they year to year gradually in their Domain, are Human Race officers Item Refining, Pill Refining, arranges Formation, therefore fights to fight the experience to be very deficient, the this kind of person is not suitable to visit battlefield, falls any is the loss of Human Race. They can only stay in the safe place, the waiting war ended. They must stay here, naturally must leave behind the manpower to protect them. Therefore although southern Northern Army was known as that has the 30,000 numerous, but in fact, with the Black Ink Clan battle, actually wants on few 3,000-4,000 people truly. Stands waits and sees in the Expelling Black Ink Battleship deck, Mi Jinglun brow tight wrinkle. The situation on battlefield is somewhat unexpected. In his tentative plan, this war, south Northern Army must win should not be the difficult matter, after all four 500,000 Black Ink Clan armies, at most also on more than ten Territory Lord. south Northern Army here dozens 8-Rank Garrison's Chief, quantity, but these Territory Lord several times have. The high-level battle strength overwhelming superiority, makes up for the vast gap in population sufficiently. However wants is not impossible these Black Ink Clan army kill to the last one/being ruthless, if Black Ink Clan smells there is something wrong, will escape. This fights with eastern Western Army is different in the situation of outside Wind and Cloud Pass laying an ambush. Yang Kai had said with him the detailed beginning to end that fights, Mi Jinglun also knows, that fights eastern Western Army to be able the 300,000 Black Ink Clan army almost to wipe out, time-consuming is extremely short, was mainly east Western Army had the condition of laying an ambush at that time, had Old Ancestor to assume personal command personally, by having to do mental arithmetic Wuxin (heartless), Black Ink Clan simply has not resulted in hits. But southern Northern Army does not have the means to lay an ambush, does not have Old Ancestor to assume personal command, cannot place on a par with the advantage that eastern Western Army had at that time. Vertical is so, south Northern Army can also gain the victory very much with ease, in oneself do not pay in the situation of too big casualties. However the situation is actually not this. On battlefield, the Human Race advantage has not imagined is so big.

Was placed the great expectations by Mi Jinglun 8-Rank Open Heaven, has not had the too big advantage. Reasons for this include, in Black Ink Clan army, some unexpectedly many 7-Rank and even 8-Rank black ink disciple! Pestered so many years with Black Ink Clan, the every big and small war of experience was countless, Mi Jinglun has never seen so many black ink disciple, moreover cultivation level each one high oddness. black ink disciple this special existence, is not unusual on black ink battlefield, in the past each war, on battlefield had the black ink disciple active form, there is unfortunate officers to be changed to new black ink disciple, becomes the Human Race enemy. Since Yang Kai arrives at black ink battlefield, after the light of purification each mountain pass brings, the black ink disciple quantity then sharply fell significantly. Previously transformed black ink disciple or falls on battlefield, either was seized by the Human Race powerhouse, brought order out of chaos with the aid of the light of purification, under premise that in without the new fresh blood fluid supplemented, Black Ink Clan naturally was fewer and fewer. Especially recently the years, Mi Jinglun on battlefield almost could not have seen the black ink disciple form. But in this Great Evolution war zone, he actually saw the black ink disciple active form again, moreover is 7-Rank, 8-Rank Open Heaven cultivation level black ink disciple. The 7-Rank quantity are many, minimum several hundred people. Although 8-Rank does not have such terrifying digit, but is only Mi Jinglun notices, has about 30, the true quantity must certainly surpass this digit, because definitely also has him not to notice. Some Great Evolution war zone unexpectedly so many high grade black ink disciple, this is matter that no matter what no one has thought. This is also only more than ten Territory Lord is the army subordinate situation merely, if includes the situation in entire Great Evolution war zone, that situation may compared with want serious many at present seeing. The situation in no war zone is like Great Evolution. Even if other war zones in the past had the black ink disciple participation war, was impossible to have such high quality, such terrifying quantity. However Mi Jinglun slightly hesitates, then wants to understand the whole story. The Great Evolution war zone is special, because this place lost of 30,000 year, this 30,000 year did not have the war, therefore black ink disciple have enough time to come practice to grow, will not need to be worried falls on battlefield, slowly practice to 7-Rank and even 8-Rank boundary.