Martial Peak - Volume 54 - Chapter 5370

That Internal Qi just like the acupuncture, such as the shackles, let Yang Kai together such as the burr back at the same time, the space flickers to move does not have the means easily to stimulate to movement. Here Space Force has the fluctuation slightly, Che Kong that Internal Qi then manifests suddenly together immediately, disrupts Void, letting Yang Kai is unable to catch up. Therefore for these years, Yang Kai, although often draws support from Space Principle to flee, but when meets the strength more powerful than too many enemies own, has the distress. The space flickers to move after all is not the non-solution. So long as disrupted Void of Yang Kai whole body, is he does not have the means easily to flicker to move to go. Two forms, graze around Great Evolution Pass rapidly, Yang Kai coughs up blood while to grin fiendishly: I thought how long you can insist!” So goes around the line, to Che Kong was really disadvantageous. Around Great Evolution Pass many arrangement in city wall, can definitely divulge the strength to him heartily, on the contrary is Yang Kai that front flees, any was not affected. One after another. Insisting was less than three, Che Kong then somewhat could not withstand, the huge body is hit by attack that side Great Evolution raided shook crazily continues, so only came under attack does not hit back what's the matter. Angry , a fist rumbled toward Great Evolution in the past. Outside Great Evolution that this fist pounds light barrier sways, actually does not damage the slightest. Front Yang Kai sees that curls the lip fiercely, now in Great Evolution five 8-Rank assume the core, the strength of stimulation of movement protection, independent Che Kong wants to cause the harm to Great Evolution, simply is dream of a fool. Acts while him instantaneous, the disorder of energy, Yang Kai stimulates to movement the strength immediately, broke locked in own Internal Qi, next one flickered, the Space Principle stimulation of movement, vanished in place. Che Kong is detected that anything, turned head suddenly, then saw that Yang Kai has appeared sky over King City, is situated in palatial Black Ink Nest above. 5 million li (0.5 km) distance, was too short, in situation that no one diverts, a Yang Kai thought can span. He does not have immediately to destroy under foot that Black Ink Nest, but separates to empty with Che Kong is looking at each other, in the eye full ridicules the look. Che Kong rave: You dare!” Yang Kai ridicules one: Such annoyed, evidently this was really your Black Ink Nest!” Pestered with Che Kong was so long, Yang Kai was not harvestless, at least, he had detected faintly Che Kong taking advantage of the position that the strength originated. So follows up a clue, was not naturally difficult to find to belong to Che Kong that Black Ink Nest. This fellow luck is just now good, Yang Kai destroys three from more than ten Black Ink Nest one after another, cannot affect him, this time Black Ink Nest that found the opposite party, Che Kong is unable to maintain the own good luck again. When angrily roars, Che Kong then must throw toward King City, wants to prevent the Yang Kai following movement.

However with enough time? 5 million li (0.5 km) from, are skilled in the Space Principle person to Yang Kai like this, truly is the twinkling, but Che Kong speed, even if quick, needs 12 breath times, did not prevent. looks at Yang Kai lifts the big hand helplessly, in the palm the world mighty force surges, a palm prints ruthlessly toward below. Under the wild strength sweeps across, huge Black Ink Nest suddenly shakes, explodes instantaneously is ashes, the strength of rich black ink in Black Ink Nest contains, changes to huge black ink cloud suddenly, covers the King City big range. Had learning from another's mistakes of beforehand Royal Lord level Black Ink Nest, Yang Kai for fear that started insufficiently ruthlessly, could not affect Che Kong, therefore completely destroyed Black Ink Nest of opposite party directly, even the fragment has not survived. But in the Black Ink Nest destroyed that flash, imposing manner that on Che Kong that soared to the heavens obviously slid much, the figure also stagnated slightly. Black Ink Nest destroyed instance, affects, not only the single is he with the strength, to some of some of he obviously also subtle influences. If the common time, this type affects to disappear, too has not in a big way harmed to him. But at this moment, actually the eye, observed closely this instant flaw in secret. Intends to destroy Black Ink Nest in Yang Kai, that flash that Che Kong imposing manner slides, in Great Evolution Pass, the person's shadow shoots up to the sky together, rumbles to gather a potential for a long time palm ruthlessly. Swift and fierce Internal Qi Che Kong locking, back attack like urgently pressing rune/symbol sound, making the Che Kong ghost all brave. 8-Rank! This critical time, had Human Race 8-Rank to act to him unexpectedly. How many 8-Rank in Great Evolution assumes that? Che Kong does not think clearly, because he pursued Yang Kai to kill to Great Evolution before twice, ran around Great Evolution for the second time several, sign that but that several 8-Rank had not begun. Che Kong thought that they should because of some reasons, not be easily able to act. Otherwise he not unscrupulously back in the Great Evolution direction. But this time has 8-Rank to start to him unexpectedly. The Black Ink Nest destroyed anger boundless was replaced instantaneously panic-stricken, so the moment, which Che Kong also worries about to chase down Yang Kai, naturally is to maintain life importantly. Turns around hastily, the strength of black ink surges, lifts hand Secret Technique to rumble. The 8-Rank world mighty force and Territory Lord the strength of black ink collides in one, two forms all shake crazily, person's shadow that then rushes ahead from Great Evolution, come rapidness, gone is quicker, with a Che Kong swiftly contact, if then the flying arrow flew, in the midair spat up blood to continue, although Che Kong the also hit figure exploded draws back, did not have the opposite party is so pitiful. These fights, Che Kong got the absolute winning side, opposite party that swift and fierce offensive, if unexpectedly the paper sticks general collapses at the first blow. Who Che Kong was also sees this to attack own 8-Rank finally is. Zha Pu!

Perhaps to Human Race 8-Rank, the Black Ink Clan floor too did not understand, but such as Che Kong this kind of Territory Lord, how could does not know all sorts of information of opponent. Therefore his eyes recognize this Human Race 8-Rank identity. So that's how it is, unexpectedly is he! When Zha Pu is previously cut the wound by that 9-Rank black ink disciple erupted a sword, if not for the 9-Rank black ink disciple will in Human Race Old Ancestor, a that sudden sword, cut to kill Zha Pu sufficiently at the scene. Vertical is so, Zha Pu also causes heavy losses at the scene, later from the Black Ink Clan army is rescued by Yang Kai that quickly rushes to, returns to Great Evolution Pass in a hurry healing. To be honest, Zha Pu established 8-Rank, is quite strong, what a pity is injured by 9-Rank black ink disciple, had almost previously lost the battle efficiency, after being returned to Great Evolution, then did not have the sound. Che Kong gave to forget him completely. Who can think that heavy losses will sneak attack own in Human Race 8-Rank of body at that time. This also why opposite party displays the reason that so collapses at the first blow, 9-Rank black ink disciple that sword injures the exactly simple injury, in such short time Zha Pu is unable to suppress thoroughly, now acts outrageously, had not been killed by a Che Kong palm of eruption full power is background deep manifestation, in the wound adds under the wound, was impossible to make second to strike. The Zha Pu figure falls to fly in the Great Evolution direction, surface like spirit money. Che Kong almost without hesitation, the figure flashes then to chase down toward Zha Pu. Yang Kai is no doubt hateful, but previous one fights, Che Kong has realized his hard to deal with, the opposite party changes to the person strength to be not strong, may draw support from Space Principle and Great Evolution Pass, actually socializes with him sufficiently, at present own Black Ink Nest was destroyed, is unable to borrow the strength, was not necessarily able to kill the opposite party. Zha Pu different, this delivers to the meat of mouth. Strikes to kill Human Race 8-Rank, to him is a big seduction, Black Ink Nest is also destroyed has become the fact, in view of this, that tempers the Human Race strength. However does not wait for his here figure side Dong, the front then suddenly are many together the form, is almost pasting the surface with his surface. Che Kong instantaneous Ya Zi/eye socket wants to crack: You also dare to come!” He thinks that own did not look for Yang Kai's to be troublesome good, chamotte opposite party after destroying Black Ink Nest, not only has not fled, instead home-in visited, blocked the own way. This is thought that own is good to bully? The Che Kong anger cannot uncover, he also ranks the apex in the middle of all Territory Lord, is Human Race some 8-Rank also not necessarily is his opponent, even if now from Black Ink Nest with the strength, Human Race 7-Rank can't be his opponent? Angrily roars, found out one to grasp toward Yang Kai, grasped Yang Kai on palm. Will make an effort he pinches to explode, Yang Kai suddenly also finds out both hands, changes to two Dragon Claw, covered two arms of Che Kong, the complexion becomes fierce incomparable, in the mouth explodes drinks: Death!” Death!”

Death!” Dead characters, Spiritual Mind then surges crazily one time, the landslide tsunami generalization makes invisible attack, goes toward the Che Kong impact. Che Kong figure suddenly one stiff, in the surface appears suddenly the indescribable pain look, in the mouth is severe howl continues, the complexion becomes the distortion instantaneously. The Yang Kai's complexion twists similarly, the whole body bone by bang that Che Kong pinches the sound, is actually laughing to continue, if shape crazy. Each other really the surface is then pasting the surface, all described fiercely fearsome, let scalp feeling numb that the officers on Great Evolution Pass looked. Even if away from not near distance, they can also clearly feel the wild Spiritual Mind fluctuation that wells up from Yang Kai. At this moment, Yang Kai is obviously colliding with Che Kong Spiritual Mind. This is the it is not fancy fighting method, is the mutually wounded fighting method, the collision of Spiritual Mind is extremely the bad risk, even if a side is more powerful, will be worn down the strength of Spiritual Mind by a small and weak side unceasingly. If Spiritual Mind damages too if serious, that could turn into the living corpse. Spelled! Too savage! Sees this Great Evolution officers, the eye hides all jumps, shocks the Yang Kai so mutually wounded fighting method at the same time, is worried for him. Is Yang Kai own has nothing to be worried that on the contrary from the start, he carries the Mild Soul Lotus matter many Human Race high level to know, has Mild Soul Lotus, Spiritual Mind damage again seriously also no relations. On the contrary is Che Kong...... Before ate his Abandoning Soul Thorn, Spiritual Mind damaged together seriously, where this time could support the Yang Kai so wanton bombing, instant time has a dizzy spell, at present golden star braves. Initially in that Territory Lord Black Ink Nest space, Yang Kai offered a sacrifice to 11 Abandoning Soul Thorn, Territory Lord and 8-Rank that black ink disciple eliminated at the scene was a substantial number. Even if odd/surplus had not died , is damaged seriously, needs massive time to come the training, but also is not necessarily able to recover. Thus it can be seen great strength of Abandoning Soul Thorn. However that is in the Territory Lord Black Ink Nest space, all exists all revealed by Divine Soul Spirit Body, enlarged the function of Abandoning Soul Thorn imperceptibly. In this outside world, Abandoning Soul Thorn, although equally is also powerful, is actually inferior to the Black Ink Nest space invincible. Vertical so, ate Abandoning Soul Thorn, Che Kong was also insufficient the bystander to be the same.