Martial Peak - Volume 54 - Chapter 5372

sword light falls, 8-Rank withering away. scoundrel!” Smiles Old Ancestor to fly into a rage, is in front of her, that 9-Rank black ink disciple cut 8-Rank unexpectedly, how this lets smile Old Ancestor not to get angry. The distant palm lays out, seal in that 9-Rank black ink disciple back, hit he spits blood to continue. 8-Rank that another four live also catches up at this moment, four sides attacks. Powerful divine ability Secret Technique erupts, ripped the innumerable fragments that 9-Rank black ink disciple form directly. Four making a move 8-Rank are startled slightly, however also without enough time joyful, these fragments such as intelligent is unexpectedly ordinary, changes to sword glow, across their numerous protections, gathers toward hundreds of thousands miles away rapidly. Almost is only the time of a blink, that innumerable sword glow then pieced together that 9-Rank black ink disciple form. Compared with just now, this 9-Rank obvious imposing manner drops sharply, look dispirited. Ten Thousand Swords congealing body decides!” Also in distant place smiles the Old Ancestor look one cold, lays bare with one word Secret Technique that 9-Rank black ink disciple just now displays. Great Evolution ends, although has the 30,000 year, however as one of the 72 Paradise, has the own originality and not passing on secret. The Ten Thousand Swords congealing body definitely is one of them, perhaps 8-Rank do not know, may smile Old Ancestor to live from that age, how can not know. This secret of not passing on, then in Cave Heaven Paradise is not the casual anyone can practice, only has these aptitude is quite splendid, in the true person Dragon and Phoenix, can comprehend thoroughly, has acquired achievements from study. This 9-Rank black ink disciple can practice successfully the Ten Thousand Swords congealing body certainly, showed sufficiently his aptitude goes against heaven's will, otherwise impossible after was melted by black ink promotes 9-Rank Open Heaven. The Ten Thousand Swords congealing body is extremely powerful Secret Technique, hearsay practice sends definitely, body Ten Thousand Swords, in the world may cut the person all. That 9-Rank black ink disciple used this Secret Technique at this moment, only to flee. Mo Zhao has fallen, smiles Old Ancestor to stop doing to cope with him, he does not run away, must go to the Mo Zhao footsteps. Condenses flesh body, 9-Rank black ink disciple body sword light, with Indestructible Sword Qi, breaks through toward battlefield outside crazily, that sword light place visited, the Human Race officers resist incompetently, explodes in abundance is the blood fog, is Battleship, was divided into two by sword light, direct comes shatter. Smiles Old Ancestor, although immediately pursues to come, a short time is pursues unexpectedly can not. Naturally, if time grew, that 9-Rank black ink disciple is not necessarily able to escape smiles the pursuit of Old Ancestor, but at present he is actually invincible. Out of the way!” Smiles Old Ancestor to clench teeth to drink tenderly. Human Race that although the front obstructs the road is not necessarily able to hide. Next flickers, smiles Old Ancestor Hua Rong/beautiful face to change colors, severe howl said: Circles him not dead, I give your way out! You dare to kill him, I chase down you to the Horizon cape, must extinguish you!”

But is smiling the Old Ancestor frontline propaganda previous moment, just now cut to kill Che Kong Territory Lord, while high-spirited Yang Kai suddenly flesh one tight, scalp feeling numb. This time he, is preparing to support Old Turtle Squad. Old Turtle Squad imprisons Territory Lord with the aid of the prestige of own Battleship, how now does not know the situation, Yang Kai many some do not feel relieved. If that Territory Lord were really compelled to go all out, Old Turtle Squad is not necessarily able to block. But has not waited for him to leave , swift and fierce Internal Qi locks him by far together, the hold of that Internal Qi, Che Kong also only matches to pull on shoes. 9-Rank black ink disciple! His didn't expect, this 9-Rank black ink disciple breaks through absolutely from the own war circle, came to own unexpectedly, does not know that is intends or has no intention. However from this 9-Rank black ink disciple performance at this moment, may be is intentional. battlefield is so big, the Human Race 8-Rank quantity are also many, each one with the Territory Lord dogfight continuous, each other is hard easily to withdraw, if this 9-Rank black ink disciple wants to kill 8-Rank, at this moment will intend to capture at will. But he in view of any Human Race 8-Rank, has not instead stared at Yang Kai this Xiao Xiao (small) 7-Rank. This must say that does not intend, Yang Kai does not believe. Was the light of purification attracted his attention? Perhaps this 9-Rank black ink disciple also realized, own is the source of light of purification. Therefore even is escaping at this moment, can still first cut own? Smiles the Old Ancestor sound to transmit from afar, that 9-Rank black ink disciple figure obvious paused, at once with a more resolute stance, toward the Yang Kai rush. Smiling Old Ancestor more is, even more explained that his judgment is right, more explained importance of this 7-Rank in the middle of Human Race. The character, is so rare, how can not cut! Sees that to smile Old Ancestor to be angry, the figure rocks sharply pursues to come, however that 9-Rank black ink disciple by the body about the sword, in the speed natural has the enormous superiority, a short time, smiles Old Ancestor unable to catch up unexpectedly, shouts to Yang Kai distantly: Escapes!” Another side, from a Yang Kai recent 8-Rank Territory Lord regiment, Human Race 8-Rank Open Heaven after engaging in fierce battle of long time, gets the winning side thoroughly, the hit opponent spits blood unceasingly, does not have the strength to hit back. So long as gives him again a tea time, he can cut to kill that Black Ink Clan Territory Lord absolutely at the scene. But at this moment, this Human Race 8-Rank actually decisively the meritorious military service that gives up soon going well, even has not had scruples the own back reveal to that Territory Lord, rushes to directly toward Yang Kai. Is good is saved from death because of that Territory Lord, wholeheartedly only wants to escape, completely no thoughts make a move to sneak attack in this time.

On chaotic battlefield, having 9-Rank killing intent is full instead, has the 8-Rank urgent support. Yang Kai received Azure Dragon Spear slowly, in by that 9-Rank black ink disciple Internal Qi locking, complexion also flurried, at this moment was actually tranquil like the water. He has not wanted to flee. Internal Qi locking of 9-Rank Open Heaven, he simply does not have means stimulation of movement space divine ability to flicker to move, stimulates to movement Space Principle that flash in him, the enemy disrupts Void sufficiently, leaves behind him forcefully. Counted on that 8-Rank rescue is not realistic, although the opposite party is recent from own, immediately rushes to rescue to come, but in the speed is inferior to 9-Rank black ink disciple, perhaps that 9-Rank black ink disciple cut own, 8-Rank has not caught up. The so critical juncture, only has the self-help! Common 7-Rank stared by the this kind of powerhouse, must die without doubt. Yang Kai thought that own also vitality, he carries dragon vein after all, flesh body, non- general 7-Rank may compare. If the opposite party dare to look down on own, is not necessarily able to go well. Yang Kai is motionless, wants to crack Ya Zi/eye socket that smiling Old Ancestor looks, she also knows that those images and scenes Yang Kai feared wants to move unable to move, can only even more pursue to come rapidly, for this reason, even does not hesitate to burn blood essence, only for can before 9-Rank black ink disciple acts under blocking. That 9-Rank black ink disciple also detected obviously behind smiles Old Ancestor Internal Qi, he actually remains unmoved, dazzling sword light pulls out a brilliant band of light in Void, in ten million/countless the place, then, flickers to move compared with the Yang Kai's space in a flash does not flaunt lets. Cannot see clearly him to have what movement, when sword light of opposite party trembles slightly, Yang Kai stimulates to movement dragon vein immediately. In the flesh, the strength of dragon vein stirs, just like ten thousand rivers to gallop, close Dragon Scales appears piece by piece suddenly, covers his whole body, on the face does not have the exception. He must stimulate to movement the ancient Long's body to resist opposite party sword. Incarnation ancient dragon, the strength of protection many that the person is more powerful , the opposite party now not be the most flourishing posture, is not necessarily able a sword to cut to kill him. So long as a sword cannot kill him, that pursues later smiles Old Ancestor to be able the opposite party to block, is this 9-Rank black ink disciple time of death. However when Yang Kai preparation incarnation ancient dragon, at present suddenly one bright, gave up the original plan, then faces forward to pound a fist slowly. This fist is slow, seeming like is also light does not have the strength, is three -year-old child stands before him, is not necessarily able to strike down. The fist leaves, Space Principle is fierce. Hits the cow! If the opposite party is Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, Yang Kai is not necessarily able to use what method, may come, since is black ink disciple, that Yang Kai did not mind to him a pleasant surprise.

Hits cow Secret Technique since the foundation, repeatedly performs outstanding service, often can make Yang Kai defeat a superior enemy, in the past coped with Blood Crow by the boundary of 6-Rank in Shattered Heaven, previously outside Great Evolution Pass, coped with 8-Rank black ink disciple by 7-Rank Open Heaven, hit cow Secret Technique to display great erupts to use none who does not. However hits cow Secret Technique, although is powerful, actually the drawback, that is needs engaging in fierce battle of long time, Yang Kai can follow the strength of opposite party, getting to the bottom, this time length is uncertain, must look at the opposite party Small Universe firm degree, if opposite party Small Universe is meticulous extremely, perhaps Yang Kai Secret Technique by powerful enemy killing. However until now, Yang Kai has not bumped into keeps him from displaying dozen of good opponents. No matter Small Universe of Open Heaven Stage powerhouses is how meticulous, must always stimulate to movement the world mighty force, the stimulation of movement world mighty force, Yang Kai has the opportunity of racing to the source. In a moment ago, that 9-Rank black ink disciple acted kills, Yang Kai discovered that own follows the origin of his world mighty force in the flash unexpectedly, investigated the opposite party Small Universe basis to be. This lets Yang Kai accidental/surprised, was he gave up originally the idea, then the stimulation of movement hit the cow Secret Technique reason. He does not know that this Secret Technique does have the effect on 9-Rank black ink disciple, but he is actually not willing to sit waiting for death. No opportunity, has this opportunity now, even the death, must gnaw the opposite party together flesh, since ancient times, the Human Race officers who visits black ink battlefield innumerably guarded this faith with the life, killed Black Ink Clan is scared. This is he does not have the immediately incarnation ancient dragon reason, incarnation ancient dragon, although defends is more powerful, actually does not facilitate the stimulation of movement to hit cow Secret Technique. Only has the person, can bloom completely this Secret Technique prestige. the next moment, the Yang Kai whole body shakes suddenly, the close Dragon Scales fluttering, half body was numb , in Consciousness Sea transmits the severe pain, simultaneously Small Universe seemed broken through by a powerful strength. The Small Universe sky, was cut a huge fissure directly...... This flash, Yang Kai encountered flesh body, Divine Consciousness, and even Small Universe tertiary cuts to strike. A 9-Rank sword, terrifying in this way. Yang Kai felt that own died probably generally, consciousness a fuzziness, at present is jet black incomparable, the figure staggers. He then lost instantaneously to the outside world, to own all sensations. This feeling does not feel better very much, and seems to have met before. Let Yang Kai remember unavoidably initially in Star Boundary, was hit that moment of exploding by Great Demon God...... That feeling, is how similar to the present.