Martial Peak - Volume 55 - Chapter 5489
Under only 200-300 people of battlefield, the light of purification covers thoroughly, the strength of all ink are nothing left, in a flash scattered cleanness.

Zhuge Xingwei is wanting to express gratitude, the Yang Kai figure is actually missing in a flash, only then the sound conveys together from afar: I, and goes to Swallowing Sea Sect, you and others advanced healing, later said.” Profound Abundant Sect people heart relaxed. Although where this high-rank Open Heaven does not know to come, but also heard that Pang Elder to say obviously a moment ago, this was must support Swallowing Sea Sect. Has this person, Swallowing Sea Sect should be able to be safe and sound, swallows the sea area also to preserve. Zhuge Xingwei then main point hanger-on disciple returns to the entrance to repair and maintain immediately, actually one side listens to hear the sound of wailing suddenly, turns head to look, sees disciple of Zhou to hold a female corpse, usually in the iron tower man has tears streaming down the face at this moment, sorrowful in the extreme. The profound Yi sect is not big, Zhuge Xingwei knows the whole story to hanger-on these Open Heaven Stage, then recognized this disciple identity by one. This Zhou disciple strength invasion by that strange the black ink, in the war the treachery was just now quarrelled, but was hugged by him in bosom female is his lover, each other accompanying has several hundred years, usually in matrimonial harmony, couple affectionate, however just now a war, he actually killed the opposite party personally, is relentless! Although the first time is fought with Black Ink Clan, although the first time is facing the strength of black ink, but just now scene also let people many understanding treacherous of strength of black ink. That is can twist the martial artist conscience the strength! Once were corroded by that strength thoroughly, becomes will refuse to acknowledge family. Just now the treachery quarrels, makes a move to kill the same side , to continue this Zhou disciple person, this moment others are also over the face pain and guilty look. As for other same side, is all looking at them at this moment vigilantly, is maintaining certain distance with them, resembling is feared that these same side stick out suddenly again launch an attack. Although Zhuge Xingwei thought that this matter is unlikely to happen, after all just now that high-rank Open Heaven displayed Secret Technique, scattered these dark strengths, but those images and scenes, he does not know how should solve. The will of the people dislikes, the atmosphere that does not trust covered everyone. Zhuge Xingwei asked for advice Black Ink Clan terrifying profoundly! Their great strength, not only displays in strength, causing trouble of strength of black ink! Senior Brother Zhou!” Some people shouted loudly suddenly. The Zhuge Xingwei complexion changes, the figure fine motion duplicate/restores stops, sighed layer on layer/heavily, front not far away, that is holding lover body Zhou martial artist, in weeping bitterly was miserably howling, suddenly under crashed own Small Universe, the world mighty force overflowed, oneself body aura was rapid, that vitality, as also the escape of aura passed. Killed the own lover personally, Zhou martial artist was also hard to withstand remorse in heart obviously, then settled, following the lover to go. At point of death, the Zhou disciple double pupil is red, looks at Zhuge Xingwei to entreat: Asked Sect Master to bury my two people in the apricot blossom forest!”

Profound Abundant Sect has an apricot blossom forest, is he and place of lover presenting a gift. Zhuge Xingwei nods difficultly: Old Man meeting!” Zhou disciple corners of the mouth have a smile: Many thanks Sect Master!” ! The people heart is intimate. Zhuge Xingwei said hastily: Along with me returns to the entrance, when that senior came back to say again.” He really feared that has other disciple unable to withstand remorse of innermost feelings again, studies Zhou disciple to mediate, immediately urges the strength, binds the people then to plunder in the Profound Abundant Sect direction. Swallowing Sea Sect, as swallowing sea area first Sect, the strength is also good, could not miss many compared with past Void Land, for many years under accumulated, Inner Sect had more than ten 6-Rank Open Heaven to assume personal command fully, even also had two people actually to have the qualifications to promote 7-Rank. Because the heart dreaded, is short of the resources, since by does not dare to promote at will, wastes time. Previously Cave Heaven Paradise recruited to make, Swallowing Sea Sect 6-Rank Open Heaven walked half, now is also left over about half, two months ago, said suddenly rubs checked the army Western Army respective squad to arrive swallows the sea area, looked for Swallowing Sea Sect directly, making them pass on message entire big territory all Sect, Prepares for the evacuation and migration as soon as possible. Black Ink Clan army to! rubs checks the army anything, Swallowing Sea Sect has not heard, they only know Mosha Heaven. This is one of the 36 Cave Heaven, swallows the sea area Mosha Heaven nominal lead(er) to govern the range. But comes to rubs to check among the army Western Army respective squad members, before is having their Swallowing Sea Sect, 6-Rank Elder that was recruited. This Elder the territory of emptying has been attending and Black Ink Clan war, that is also Swallowing Sea Sect was recruited to enter the war in several 6-Rank that is a rear survival. Other 6-Rank Elder, including Vice Sect Master, the territory of emptying had been dying in battle! Came Swallowing Sea Sect Elder to explain by this, the matter whole story that Swallowing Sea Sect ravels quickly, where dares to neglect, dispatches disciple to go to the major influence transmission instructions, itself also arranges to evacuate the matters concerned actively. However has not waited for their here to prepare, the Black Ink Clan army then attacked. That is a share of true Black Ink Clan army, although assumes personal command without Territory Lord, actually about ten feudal lords, the subordinate commands about five ten thousand Black Ink Clan. Entire Swallowing Sea Sect how many people, the considering everything are 3000, facing in this way the powerful enemy, which the opponents? Is good checks army Western Army respective squad battle strength to be splendid because of that rubs, a 13 people of team, two 7-Rank Open Heaven, team level Battleship, rushes ahead in the Black Ink Clan army unexpectedly, cut a Black Ink Clan feudal lord unexpectedly, injured another.

However double fist difficult enemy four, this squad to be returned eventually. Their Battleship were many to be damaged in the territory of war emptying, experiences such a war, almost to abandonment edge. Does not have Battleship to assist, battle strength of this squad also weakens rapidly, can only retreat Swallowing Sea Sect, with the aid of Swallowing Sea Sect Sect Protecting Formation, socializes with Black Ink Clan. Swallowing Sea Sect Sect Protecting Formation is also uncommon, for these years makes a move to reinforce the arrangement by way of Inner Sect Formation Law Expert unceasingly, although does not dare to say impregnably, may cope with the this kind of situation, maintains three May/five months is not a problem. What difficult to handle is how can break through, Formation always has one day of being solved, before Formation was broken, if Swallowing Sea Sect these people could not run away, that is inevitably more unfortunate than fortunate. Spirit Province that but the Black Ink Clan 20,000 armies are at Swallowing Sea Sect at present is surrounding in all directions, basic on the no road of escaping! At this moment, a Swallowing Sea Sect Sect Master Yang celebrate face with a worried look, raises the head looks up to outside Formation active unusual Black Ink Clan, heavyhearted. His not far away is that checks army Western Army squad Team-Leader from rubs, calls is king Xuan one. According to that Elder that following this squad evacuates, the duties of their squad, are assist to swallow sea area here martial artist evacuation. If their this kind of squad, there are many, has all gone to various 3000 Worlds place big territories, the evacuation and migration of this time not only swallows a matter of sea area territory, but swept across all big territories. Yang celebrate has also inquired, if evacuates, where should toward remove, king Xuan told him, goal big territory that was Star Boundary is at! Because of present Human Race only two smiling and Wu Qing Old Ancestor, thought that Star Boundary is the foundation and hope that Human Race revives, must therefore preserve Star Boundary in any event! But there, is the paradise that Human Race can survive finally. Yang Qingben also some do not abandon Swallowing Sea Sect these ten thousand years of base industry, but king Xuan one actually smiled, only said that what the Swallowing Sea Sect ten thousand years of base industry was considered as? Now the situation forces, don't said Swallowing Sea Sect, is major Cave Heaven Paradise, must abandon the ancestor base industry and entrance. Listened to him saying that Yang Qingcai felt better. Even the Cave Heaven Paradise this kind of colossus must be compelled to evacuate, how could Swallowing Sea Sect stays out. Withdraw removes, but at this moment is actually not the issue that he does want to remove, but can remove! Turns the head to look, Yang Qingdao: King didn't Team-Leader, have other reinforcements?” king Xuan one shakes the head slowly: „The Human Race army territory of battlefield emptying is losing seriously, smiles Old Ancestor and Wu Qing Old Ancestor, although ordered to withdraw troops promptly, the military that may preserve somewhat was still insufficient, swallows sea area here matter our squad to be responsible , the original plan was within March/three months rushes to the demon to check territory Universe Temple, at the appointed time, accompanies starting off to rush to Star Boundary with the person who other big territories evacuated again together, if we cannot rush to the demon to check territory Universe Temple promptly, time at the appointed time, no one met we.” Some Yang celebrate complexion slightly blanches.

The loss that king Xuanyi said is serious, he has the experience, although he has not gone to empty the territory to enter the war, but Swallowing Sea Sect actually went to six 6-Rank Elder, however is living, only has one merely, another five then died in battle in short several years time in that side. Yang celebrate can imagine leaves, what kind of intensity here war is. Without the reinforcements, is unable to break through, waits for Swallowing Sea Sect, perhaps is not the happy result. Yang celebrate also treats asks anything again, king Xuan one big sleeve has flung, takes a step to go forward: I want the team leader to attack again one time, if can cut that several feudal lords, the danger of Swallowing Sea Sect can be easily solved, hopes that cannot be too big, if the matter cannot, me tear the defense as far as possible, Sect Master Yang leads the person to clash...... to be able at the appointed time to live many then to live many!” Yang Qingtai hand, starts to speak but hesitates, but swallowed the words to the mouth finally. Looks back that king Xuan is departing, this Swallowing Sea Sect Sect Master has profound respect. The innumerable years, these so-called Elite of his this kind of martial artist to coming Cave Heaven Paradise is nothing favorable impression, thought that they were the luck were better, came, if he also came Cave Heaven Paradise, not necessarily cannot achievement 7-Rank. Yet now, knew that Cave Heaven Paradise after that black ink battlefield is Human Race over the years payout, Yang celebrate also has to approve High Righteousness. Has at this moment, king Xuan a vertical knowledge this goes more unfortunate than fortunate, still had the ten million/countless person I toward decidedly! king can't Xuan escape? His 7-Rank Open Heaven cultivation level, if really wants to escape, Black Ink Clan that side big probability cannot block. He has not actually walked, but must go all out for the evacuation of Swallowing Sea Sect. The person without family or friends, actually achieved in this for own Sect, the practice many years, the Yang celebrate mind of disposition ancient well without ripples has also vibrated unavoidably. Facing back that departs decidedly, Yang celebrate bows with hands clasped, for a very long time has not set out. He believes that Swallowing Sea Sect, king Xuan one, in various place big territories, that side each Sect, has innumerable king Xuan one, all so! https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address: Cell phone version reading website: