Martial Peak - Volume 55 - Chapter 5490
Swallowing Sea Sect is situated in Spirit Province above, this Spirit Province is the Sect base industry of Swallowing Sea Sect, as swallowing sea area most powerful Sect, Swallowing Sea Sect does not coexist with many mortals like Profound Abundant Sect in Universe World.

The Swallowing Sea Sect existing form, is similar to Void Land. Void Land is also situated on Spirit Province, but that Spirit Province is the back shell of Bi Xi. At this moment, in Swallowing Sea Sect, three thousand disciple gather one, is ready and waiting, on these young immature faces mostly is emerging the anxious and tense look, many female are weeping gently, loses presence of mind no use. In just now, the Inner Sect high level transmitting orders entire sect preparation evacuated. However now the Black Ink Clan army sieges Swallowing Sea Sect, wants to evacuate easier said than done? Even if these have not experienced the wind and rain, cultivation level superficial disciples have also known, this evacuation, can live perhaps does not have many. The words that does not evacuate, are waiting for death. Is headed by Yang Qing, Inner Sect several 6-Rank Open Heaven all look up to raises the head, has Sect Protecting Formation to cover, under disciples looks at the not clear outside situation, but Yang Qing and the others can actually see fuzzily. Under focuses attention on, they see Wang Xuanyi that squad, controlling are making tattered, Battleship that almost it can be said that leaks out everywhere, charges into the Black Ink Clan army outrageously, Secret Technique and Secret Treasure prestige can bloom brilliant multi- color rays of light beyond the day, the place visited, the Black Ink Clan casualty is unceasing. This is an experienced squad, each member has experienced every big and small over a hundred more than times with fighting of Black Ink Clan, how should do to guarantee facing so the situation own biggest strength display, they want clear compared with anybody. Their clear, this perhaps is their last war! They unashamedly are divulging their strength, must bloom most dazzling rays of light in the end point of life journey! unscrupulous of Human Race squad enraged these Black Ink Clan feudal lords quickly, covering up that about ten feudal lords with the aid of subordinate army, encircles quietly. Their also clear, here Human Race strongest strength is this Human Race squad, so long as solved them, remaining is the fish on block, rubs to pinch conveniently! Therefore the feudal lords reach the agreement in extremely short time, cuts to extinguish this squad at the strongest strength! Many feudal lords stick out suddenly in the flash launch an attack, the powerful strength fluctuation is unconstrained, is clearly that in Swallowing Sea Sect feels. Yang Qing and the others are tense, the pupil stares in a big way, the vision flickers does not move. That Secret Technique bombardments come, situated in Battleship of abandonment edge, will solve the body shortly, have several a team member injured. Then is Wang Xuanyi and another 7-Rank, was swayed by the figure of this powerful attack bang, a strength is sluggish. Does not wait for them to recover consciousness, many feudal lords attack again jointly. The Wang Xuanyi complexion concentrates, shouted severely: Ties!”

The words fall to flicker, 13 people the figure rocks immediately, takes in the team two 7-Rank for formation eye, each other figure hands over the scattered position, Internal Qi is close, suddenly the time constipation has together the mysterious battle formation. The people simultaneous stimulation of movement world mighty force, in an instant, beyond the day rays of light puts greatly, 13 forms disappear do not see, startled of displacing is a shocking great sword! Weihuang of bright overweening arrogance that great sword, sword intent soars to the heavens, many feudal lord and Black Ink Clan attack hits, sword light suddenly dark a point, inside hidden has the sound that stuffy snort/hum and spits blood to spread. Obviously some people were injured. The great sword that is condensed becomes that purely by the world mighty force is only the long revolution, will then kill toward the recent two feudal lords will pass. That two feudal lord sees that quickly then must withdraw, wants to hide in subordinate army to cover up the figure, unexpectedly why however this flash does not know, unexpectedly is the pressure like the mountain, cannot move. That great sword has only delimited in their side, the two feudal lord eyeball stares in a big way, the body was broken like the tofu is two halves, eyeful is incredible, resembles does not understand how own died. In the great sword, Wang Xuanyi is also startled slightly, this together battle formation that they have although is also good, but is impossible to have such prestige energy. However this moment situation is critical, cannot allow him to think anything, Only thinks that is that two feudal lords extremely causes negligently, a sword light revolution, then kills toward another feudal lord. On the wane of feudal lord aura, passes on by Sect Protecting Formation to Swallowing Sea Sect, such obvious sound, was cultivation level not high disciples also detects. for a moment, many disciple are terrified, does not know what that falls is the enemy or the friend. Yang Qing felt the anxiety of disciples, raised the arm to shout loudly: Was my Human Race 7-Rank cut the two Black Ink Clan feudal lord!” Through Wang Xuanyi they, Swallowing Sea Sect also roughly understood that the strength division of Black Ink Clan, the so-called feudal lord, that is the Human Race 7-Rank Open Heaven suitable powerhouse! 7-Rank to Swallowing Sea Sect, keeps aloof, cannot touch. Nowadays, had two to endure compared with the 7-Rank Black Ink Clan feudal lord unexpectedly is cut! Then long time? But heard this news, the disciples nervousness really gentle many, although anything could not see, is supine the head, is looking at beyond the day, that eyeful overflowed completely an issue of wing and hope rays of light! Yang Qing here the voice just got out, there is a powerhouse aura sound on the wane together to spread. Also is together! Together!

disciples all however, does not know that ignorant at present is what situation, simultaneous turns the head to look to Yang Qing, expected that he can give the explanation. Yang Qing red light over the face, shouted loudly: Five feudal lords had been cut, Team-Leader Wang and officers marvelous ability are really unparalleled!” Several 6-Rank Elders nod the head freely. At this moment what the people think, the strength of Black Ink Clan feudal lord such disappointing? Facing Wang Xuanyi their 13 people, how were slaughtered with the chicken young generally. But before these Black Ink Clan feudal lords displayed is not bad. Also or was said that Wang Xuanyi and the others previously did hide the strength? Now is their true strengths? However said no matter how, cuts five feudal lords continually, to Swallowing Sea Sect was one good not able the good news, this time they have completed the worst plan, actually did not think the Wang Xuanyi squad fiercely in this way. Five feudal lords have extinguished, cuts several again, here Black Ink Clan feudal lord did not have, but without assuming personal command of feudal lords, by the strength that the Wang Xuanyi squad showed that these Black Ink Clan army numbers were no doubt many, about also killed a matter. Quick, beyond the day transmits the feudal lord aura falls sounds one after another. Yang Qing and the others the heart sobbed, 7-Rank of Cave Heaven Paradise family background, was really immeasurably deep! This kills the same step Black Ink Clan with killing the pig butchers the dog to be the same, non- general martial artist can compare. But on this occasion, Wang Xuanyi is also a face ignorant however, not only he, the members of entire squad all so. Yang Qing and the others do not know how the strength of Black Ink Clan feudal lord, thinks these feudal lords have Rank spatially, not actual strength, but how they can not clear. The feudal lords in a section compared with the Human Race 7-Rank difference, are not so no doubt easy to kill. The feudal lords really want such waste, these years Human Race is also insufficient so many damages. But in fact, the great sword formation potential, these feudal lords does not have the strength of resisting, but struck then others cutting. The team members heart rouses, Wang Xuanyi and another 7-Rank actually detect keenly unusually some. This has the person of high skill to assist in secret, these killed feudal lords are not do not want to resist, is only in the face of the powerful strength, could not resist, therefore they can go well with ease. Realizes this point, Wang Xuanyi is unscrupulous, with another 7-Rank pulling great sword formation potential, rushes ahead in the Black Ink Clan army back and forth, having nothing may keep off the enemy! Short the moment time, all feudal lords had all been cut, the remaining Black Ink Clan unrests get up. But a bigger unrest, actually spreads from the Black Ink Clan army surrounding.

When does not know from, that surrounding resounded the sound of killing, rounds of round of hot suns, crescent moon lifts off continuously, vanishes lives imaginary, is dark the light that big Void shines. Wang Xuanyi is confused, does not know that this is what situation, leading the great sword formation potential to rush ahead to the Black Ink Clan army surrounding, catches the eye looks, immediately dumbfounded. Saw only that side to present some strange lives unexpectedly, is slaughtering to keep with the Black Ink Clan army, the phenomenon of these fierce Yang and crescent moon, these lives displayed the strength to make. Wang Xuanyi has never seen the this kind of life, they seemingly stupid, no spiritual wisdom appearance, each one such as jumps from the stone, whole body stone Gan. He even saw that a this kind of life by being split up that Black Ink Clan hits, does not have fresh blood to flow out, but changed to one pile of crushed stones! What fellow are these? Although does not know where these lives come, but they are actually conducting to encircle to the Black Ink Clan army at this moment kill, five ten thousand Black Ink Clan armies watertight of entire Swallowing Sea Sect surrounding, these Black Ink Clan are surrounded nowadays unexpectedly by these stupid fellows. Really really complied with that thirty years the river goes east, thirty years the river goes west, the proverb that the geomancy transfers in turn. These fellows are seemingly darling, may get up with the Black Ink Clan battle is actually fierce does not fear, savage! The strength of black ink Black Ink Clan that is proud, does not have an effect facing them completely. Wang Xuanyi also treats looks again, actually detected that keenly great sword formation potential some are not steady. He led this round of rush, the team members consumes too did not say greatly, many people are injured, the battle formation has been unsustainable. This had dead in battle the heart of this place, but this time is really not necessary, a sword light revolution, Wang Xuanyi got the team members to charge into Swallowing Sea Sect, sent greetings by far: Sect Master Yang please open!” Where Yang Qing dares to neglect, to a Formation both hands point, Formation is opening wide together the gap in a hurry immediately, the great sword formation potential lightning flash to/clashes, drops in Swallowing Sea Sect, more than ten team members cannot maintain the battle formation again, rolls makes one group, the big mouth respite, as if came to the verge of death the fish. Yang Qing gets the person to come to aid, seeing the Wang Xuanyi people are all pale, many person corners of the mouth overflowing blood, are seemingly horrible to look, immediately a pair of eyes red, respectful ritual: Laborious.” Wang Xuanyi beckons with the hand, takes out under the Spirit Pill clothing/taking with the team members, sits cross-legged to control one's breathing. https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address: Cell phone version reading website: