Peerless Battle Spirit - Volume 31 - Chapter 3024

Time points pass. Another idol, is one after another stave, changes to everywhere luminous spot. Until in the past enough eight double-hour, Qin Nan and dark green almost crushed the last idol simultaneously, all around scene fluctuates immediately again, they returned in the main hall. The flash that the figure falls to the ground, dark green begins immediately, in that emperor bead blooming radiant divine glow, the bang approached Qin Nan. In addition, that gathered a day of basin also to appear above his top of the head, before aiming , the flame in Fang Yu pond, release Mysterious invisible strengths. He seems to have no interest in fight with Qin Nan, only wants to hurry to take the fire of this immortal. However, how Qin Nan will make him so easy to go well, Sky Dragon Heavenly Seal and Heaven's Ancient Lamp erupted the invincible might simultaneously, the bang approached that emperor bead. Qin Nan ejects that sovereign seal simultaneously, float in that immortal pond. Person sovereign town/subdues world!” Dihuang locked the universe!” „The emperor bans Grand Dao!” The sovereign prints to erupt radiant golden glow immediately, in that golden glow, but also has three illusory forms, seemed will of that day person three sovereigns. This is the one of several Great Expert strength sovereign prints, prohibits the immortal flame directly completely, even if Emperor Item gathers a day of basin, is unable to absorb the immortal flame forcefully. „Do chaos lose the treasure? Qin Nan, your luck is really good, actually obtained like this good thing!” Dark green the eyes shines, the back 33 stars split rays of light greatly, in the hand also used sword of the illusory stars. Heavenly Emperor cuts! Bang!

Dark green person and sword unites, changed into incomparably radiant sword glow, cut directly to that sovereign seal. Qin Nan look one cold, this idea sword incurred Qin Nan to see, was dark green acts according to itself practice Heavenly Emperor Arts to create. Although its might is overbearing, but the level missed, but dark green this cuts to strike now together, not only overbearing incomparable, inside also contained a filament for the fearful true meaning! In other words, this cuts the level of striking together, is as good to display Emperor Technique! Obviously, dark green when obtaining dragon Huai Immortal Emperor inherits, obtained some big chance, causes many ingenious methods that his itself grasps, had the enormous transformation completely! Cuts Blade Secret Art!” The Qin Nan figure moves, more terrifying blade light erupts together instantaneously. In addition, Qin Nan Body of Source , displayed the strong ability. Boundless vast world's strength, obey the Qin Nan verbal command, came from that in all directions, is ordinary just like the ocean waves, flushes away toward the dark green figure. Immortal Emperor method!” A dark green look cold, single-handed knot seal, behind him appeared immediately a big form, the figure was unreal, cannot see clearly the appearance/portrait, had three heads and six arms fully, is sending out continuously vague emperor's prestige. Dark green as if fuses together with this Immortal Emperor method, when he waves to cut over a hundred sword light, when that Immortal Emperor method is the same also cut over a hundred sword light, moreover fused together instantaneously, making that sharp meaning rise suddenly suddenly several times. world's strength, enters my knife!” Cuts Blade Secret Art, the second type!” world's strength that front wells up, submerged in Breaking Heavens Blade in Qin Nan hand completely, in blade potential that erupts, immediately has Source Aura .

Rumbling! The two people figure, in this main hall, changed to remnant shades, launched hundred and thousand of collisions in the wink of an eye. The dark green complexion is getting more and more dignified, because of Qin Nan each blade, made him feel an incomparably huge constriction. Kun law pen!” Inhibits somebody's activities!” The so chance of a lifetime, how Qin Nan will miss, since acts, that then acts full power, the second chaos lose the treasure to be summoned immediately by him, toward void picture. In a twinkling, the strength of over ten thousand invisible fetter drop from the clouds, the entire tribe on the dark green body, enabled dark green to feel that own body, changed is especially heavy, probably carried Great Mountain. Measures the tribulation tower!” Boundless quantity tribulation!” The third chaos lose the treasure to appear, the town/subdues above the dark green top of the head, gushes out the strengths of destructions from that tower bottom at one fell swoop immediately. „Do three chaos lose the treasure?” The dark green pupil shrinks. Immortal Emperor Talisman!” Dark green not slightly hesitant, immediately in float ancient symbol his Sea of Consciousness to stimulation of movement, ancient aura sweeps across, had/left light purple color light screen on him. Rumbling!

Full murderous intention hit completely on the dark green body, but that say/way light purple color light screen, appeared merely cracks, has not broken to pieces completely. The Qin Nan complexion is invariable, in the hand the long blade released more terrifying will. This cuts Blade Secret Art third style! No matter dark green has what method, has what card in hand, all breaks it by the strength! Gathers a day of basin, melts gathers a day of hand!” Dark green drinks one lowly, that Emperor Item gathers a day of basin is blasts open unexpectedly, changed into golden traces, was ordinary like the flood dragon, twines above the dark green arm. Dark green puts out a hand to search, in prohibiting that that sovereign prints, had/left an profound brilliant hand unexpectedly, in the immortal fire of toward pond grasps. Gathering a day of basin is dragon Huai Immortal Emperor refinement Emperor Item, once had captured many most precious objects with it, its wondrous use, may not only be only the chaos that has not transformed loses the treasure to block. „The fire of Space-Time!” However, Qin Nan has prepared, from under of that sovereign seal, gushed out grey-white flame, goes toward the fire of that immortal. So long as the fire of dark green capture immortal, will be hit by the fire of Space-Time, thus Space-Time recalls conditions before over a hundred breath, changes to the nihility.