Peerless Battle Spirit - Volume 31 - Chapter 3025

Although from battle strength, Qin Nan dark green be stronger than much, but Qin Nan may never belittle excessively dark green, with dark green fights, he naturally must prepare completely safe. The dark green complexion changes, did not seem to expect Qin Nan to be ahead of time to arrange this point, therefore the jaw bit, the profound brilliant hand castrated, no longer went toward the fire of immortal, but grasped to pond that many heavenly material treasure. Under on the one hand grasps, about half heavenly material treasure does not see, including that six petal golden lotus and nine petal golden lotus. Cuts Blade Secret Art, third style!” Also in this time, radiant incomparable blade glow, appeared together in the entire main hall, that boundless vast blade intent, actually made the main hall slightly tremble. Fellow Daoist Qin Nan, has not thought, I obtained the inheritance of dragon Huai Immortal Emperor, is well below you unexpectedly.” Dark green sees this situation, crumb Zhang Xian fu, sighed: Hope will not be bumping into you next time.” The immortal symbol was shattered, changes says divine glow innumerably, the dark green figure will swallow completely. Bang! A blade cuts, has not actually cut the dark green figure, but cut on the main hall, making the entire main hall tremble fiercely, in the ground had/left a five-ten feet slash. The Qin Nan complexion immediately becomes a little ugly.

This time cannot cut dark green! „, That gathers a day of basin also to use, you hold back one trick fortunately ahead of time, otherwise must make him carry off the flame of this immortal.” Wu Di walked, quite rejoices to say. Qin Nan, you do not need is too disappointed, in the dark green hand has the symbol of Immortal Emperor, this time is not definitely able to strike to kill him.” Fang Ruyu sees the Qin Nan complexion, said comfortably: „The symbol of such Immortal Emperor, will definitely not have too, after solving seven big most precious objects, you can certainly cut to kill him.” „After can only wait .” Qin Nan spat a foul air, said that said that he is very regrettable. To keep the abundant huge technique is coping with seven big most precious objects, he will stimulate to movement the abundant huge technique a moment ago without hesitation, erupts itself strongest battle strength, does not give dark green stimulates to movement the Emperor Talisman opportunity, the direct move striking to kill him. Made that boy take away half of heavenly material treasure.” Wu Di is looks at around the mouth, said: „Were that two golden lotus also taken away? I also want to take a look at them am what heavenly material treasure......” Such remarks, in the Qin Nan mind flashes through the thought that the figure stiffens together fiercely. Bad!” The Qin Nan complexion, immediately changes is uglier, said: Our fell into a trap, dark green was just possibly using diversionary tactics, his goal from the beginning, is that two golden lotus!” That two golden lotus? This impossible? Although that two golden lotus I did not know, but from sending out aura, is stronger than here other heavenly material treasure, flame of basic impossible and compared with this immortal, this flame, but Immortal Emperor inheritance.” The Wu Di whole face does not believe.

Qin Nan, do you want?” Fang Ruyu does not believe. By me to dark green understanding , he if really wants the flame of this immortal, should easily independently not be right.” The Qin Nan brow closely wrinkles, said: Now wants to come carefully, method that he used a moment ago , is quite indeed simple, a little does not conform to the common sense.” Qin Nan, your boy a little was too tense, this dark green, although resulted in the inheritance of dragon Huai Immortal Emperor, but his cultivation level is also only god king peak, definitely many methods have more than enough.” Wu Di thinks little, said: Your battle strength on were too more than him, he in situation of beating , can only draw back to seek the time.” You said indeed is reasonable, but I do not feel right, should be given misleading by him a moment ago.” Qin Nan shakes the head, Wu Di and Fang Ruyu to the dark green understanding were too shallow. Ok, even if your boy said is reasonable, that two golden lotus indeed are perhaps important, but what is done cannot be undone, has said that now anything was useless.” Helpless Wu Di said: You continue to think that with it this matter, might as well grasps the time the flame of this immortal to refining, attacks the god sovereign boundary.” You said reasonable.” The Qin Nan innermost feelings sighed one lightly. At this time, Immortal Emperor spirit seal in his Sea of Consciousness, trembled suddenly, bloomed weak brilliance. Un? Did some people find that heavenly material treasure?” Qin Nan the eyes shines. Found?” Wu Di and Fang Ruyu hears word are slightly one happy, said: „Then everything is ready!”

Had the main medicine, stretch/open Xuanling the poison, can refine! I must make the best use of the time, attacks the god sovereign!” Qin Nan returned to normal a mood, arrived at the mouth front rapidly, sits cross-legged to sit down, sprang a drop of god blood to that flame. Meanwhile, outside immortal valley. The dark green figure drops from void, his complexion somewhat is slightly pale, encountered with Qin Nan a moment ago, in addition stimulates to movement Emperor Item and stimulates to movement Emperor Talisman, made him have very big consumption. „, Qin Nan this venerable/main body battle strength, is so unexpectedly powerful. Had not made him detect a moment ago fortunately, otherwise these two golden lotus, but also was not really good to take.” On the dark green face, exuded a light happy expression, has not lost the disappointment of Immortal Emperor inheritance slightly. Six petal golden lotus, nine petal golden lotus, should be similar.” At this time, the hoarse sound, resounded in his mind together: I calculated a moment ago, ten thousand li (0.5 km) place east that the treasure trove, happen to suits you to awaken.” Good.” Dark green nods, in the eye flashed through rays of light. At this moment, he had waited for a long time.