Peerless Battle Spirit - Volume 31 - Chapter 3026

After five double-hour, the immortal flame of does not have any sound, has had a change finally continuously, the flame one flutters from the pond, drills into Qin Nan within the body. Instantly, Qin Nan felt that an incomparably pure strength, submerges his state of mind and in the god body, Spiritual Consciousness and divine power directly, making them grow stronger rapidly. In addition, in Qin Nan Sea of Consciousness, but also had/left one inch white flame, drags unceasingly, as the immortal flame submerges within the body unceasingly, this white flame also grows gradually, is only the speed is slow. Only passed three breath time on this, in the Qin Nan heart resounded whining noises, that leaf can lead to the god sovereign Boundary front door, appeared in his front again, so long as stepped gently, can vertical to become sovereign. Can help me break through the god sovereign quickly?” Qin Nan one startled, has not thought that this immortal flame unexpectedly is so astonishing. However, the feeling of this mysterious, quick was broken, because has a picture, appeared gradually in his heart. In the picture, towers a palatial celestial mountain, at the foot of the mountain is being fully occupied, is only the form of everyone, is quite fuzzy, cannot see clearly the appearance/portrait, but Qin Nan was one detected, hid in immortal Great Emperor of crowd middle age youth. The picture flashes, in the next picture, the people start the mountaineering, when the one after next vice- picture, is young immortal Great Emperor was frustrated, was taken by surprise...... These pictures look like have the strength of some mysterious to be the same, making Qin Nan sink to quickly, breaks through the matter of god sovereign to forget by him, as if he is the youngster in that picture. The youngster after ten thousand dangers, by the itself will, touched immortal valley Guzhu finally, under does obeisance to cross the threshold, naturally just started is also only small Registered Disciple.

Youngster aptitude is ordinary, later he rushes to places of the major chances, is abundant by the fate, finally achieved wishes, heaven-defying changes the fate. But, this also lets his aptitude, changed is like many disciples. Then, the youngster is growing day-by-day, his luck seems ordinary, although he braves death to intrude in many restricted area, because of all sorts of reasons, he has not obtained these big chances, merely was only some advantage. With his disciples of same time, some people have started to rise, some people of famous, the youngster was still obscure, no improvement, but he with own all-out effort, caught up with the step of same time disciples, had not been flung is too many. Spring the last fall, the summer fell the winter solstice, one passed year after year. With his disciples of same time, some people have risen completely, the subordinate disciple are innumerable, was respected by countless people , some people of falls/dies outside, change to the loess, belongs to the nihility, the youngster actually was still that youngster, was still mediocre, strove for success as before firmly. Did not know many years/passing of time, Qin Nan suddenly when good luck comes the wits are sharpened, therefore he then saw, the youngster headed into a big chance. This time, the luck of youngster came finally, he chose essential one to say right, and various small methods by his so many years having, successfully reduced and solved various bad risks, adopted the test, obtained that biggest chance. At this moment, in the golden scales pond the thing, meets turmoil then to melt the dragon can it be that! The youngster start to rise, in all sea whole wide world, blossoms in radiant splendor, his rays of light, can look straight ahead to no one radiantly.

The picture to here, was more unreal, Qin Nan that therefore changed can only see indistinctly, the youngster stepped into the broader world, met more powerful God's favored ones, he continued in these God's favored ones unceasingly upward, participated in heavens-frightening moving the place the war, finally resulted in the immortal Emperor Dao position. The picture ended, the consciousness of Qin Nan also sobers, in the heart is very complex. Although has not seen clearly the story on immortal Great Emperor to become emperor road, making him quite regrettable, but looks when immortal Great Emperor grew step by step, in his heart had big touching. If makes him appraise this immortal Great Emperor, he only has two characters, ordinary. Will Immortal Emperor, possibly be how ordinary? But, truly is ordinary, when Immortal Emperor of Qin Nan understanding, currently has the lord of Azure Vault, certainly law Immortal Emperor, universe Immortal Emperor, Red Sleeves Immortal Emperor wait/etc., they are almost young has shown talent for the first time, the body has the big destiny, mixes eight side turmoil! Compared with them, immortal Great Emperor was really peaceful, perhaps finally immortal Great Emperor can prove to result in the position of Immortal Emperor, at that time some countless people did not believe immediately. At this time, in the pond the flame had a change, Qin Nan mind had observed, opens eyes to look, in that flame presented immortal Great Emperor illusory shadow unexpectedly, although the facial features were fuzzy, but can make people feel, his corners of the mouth had a smile. This, defended in Qin Nan Wu Di and Fang Ruyu had not found, they had not even detected Qin Nan has opened eyes, but is thinking secretly, how Qin Nan did aura stop motionless? In this immortal flame, leaves leeway my 90 nine dao intent wills, sees different will, I then present as a gift the different chances.” Immortal Great Emperor said with a smile lightly: Young fellow, I then presents as a gift you today immortal fire seed, formation, Forbidden Technique, Cultivation Technique, wishing you to rise to challenges, unique Grand Dao, the conscience results in the immortal.”

Conscience results in the immortal......” Qin Nan to be startled, mutters two, the immortal Great Emperor immortal two characters, doesn't could it be that refer to the itself life span? The conscience, the conscience, the Cultivator millennium lives, long ten thousand years of years/passing of time, all things are little troubled, to maintain the conscience to be how difficult? Isn't how easy? Many thanks the senior directs.” Qin Nan deeply inspires, was alerted, regardless of he is anything should tribulation the child, what secret the body has, he wants not to forget the conscience. Immortal Great Emperor shows a faint smile, no longer said a word, belongs to the nihility. This is he leaves world final presenting.