Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 486

This does not come from the strength of this world absolutely. The profound water deep bird and black fog Land Dragon frighten are frightened out of one's wits, they responded in a flash, recently ties opening, definitely some powerful existences, across settling arrived at here! They experience from the Dragon Ruins Realm strength, that strength is not they can resist absolutely! Rumbling! The wild strength, strangles to death Demon Beast within surrounding area several thousand li (0.5 km) range instantaneously completely. Ye Mo and the others looked up, sees only in the front ground, is standing several familiar forms. And one, is his granddaughter Ye Ziyun. This flash, Ye Mo has tears streaming down the face, he thinks, could not see Ye Ziyun again. Grandfather!” Sees Ye Mo, Ye Ziyun was happy, threw the forest general like the young swallow, jumped in the Ye Mo bosom. Ye Mo grasped Ye Ziyun, flutters said: Okay good, you came back finally.” Ye Xiu walks, wiped tears of corner of the eye: Young Miss, you came back finally.” Nie Li looked at Ye Mo Ye Xiu and the others, looked at other distant place Glory City these people, in his heart is filled with emotion. They also in! They catch up fortunately promptly, otherwise, only feared that Glory City has changed into the ruins. Thought of here, in the eye pupil of Nie Li passed over gently and swiftly wipes the cold light, his gaze looked toward the distant place. Discovered that Glory City was besieged by beast tide, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the others could not have repressed in the heart was angry, they change to together flowing light, keeps strangling to death all Demon Beast.

The innumerable Demon Beast annihilations, the black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird want to escape, is Du Ze, Lu Piao and the others Aura, definitely suppresses them unable to move, this strength at all is not they resists, they struggle the courage not to have, the whole body is trembling. Nie Li swept a dark eyes fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird, the cold sound said: Keeps them, I have the use.” Yes, master!” Duan Jian should say, his form passed over gently and swiftly from the black fog the side of Land Dragon and profound water deep bird, but passed over gently and swiftly, the fresh breeze that the Duan Jian body brings, made the body of black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird instantaneously covers entirely the scar, the blood scattered. The black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird called out pitifully sad and shrill. Nie Li looks to Ye Mo, smiles was saying: Fortunately we hurried back, is Grandpa Ye Mo good?” I am all right.” Ye Mo shakes the head, Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Formation helped us insist a meeting fortunately.” Ancestral Founder Ye Yan fell on the shoulder of Nie Li, said with a smile: Boy, if you are late again, Glory City was complete.” Fortunately fortunately.” Nie Li also rejoices very much said, he saw the father and mother in crowd, the eye socket slightly one red. The father and mother visit him gently, has tears streaming down the face. „The Nie Li boy, never expected that your strengths, broke through so Realm unexpectedly, really made me broaden the outlook.” Ye Yan said excitedly, you should come back from the high-level potential surface.” Good, a high-level potential surface, is called the Dragon Ruins Realm place.” Nie Li nods to say. „A high-level potential surface......” in the eye pupil of Ye Yan revealed the anticipation, when led me also to look.” Quick.” Nie Li shows a faint smile saying that this time came back me also to bring the spring of life, can the resurrect Ziyun father, but can also for your remold body.” Really?” Ye Yan gawked, „can this really achieve?” Naturally can achieve.” Nie Li nods to say.

Little Brother Nie Li, you came back finally.” Director Yang Xin looks at Nie Li, in the eye pupil also flashes before the tears, she wiped the tears. For a long time does not see, Elder Sister Yang Xin elegant demeanor as before.” Nie Li smiles was saying. Real? The elder sister is older, actually Brother Nie Li, is so outstanding.” Yang Xin is staring at Nie Li affectionately, Nie Li is doomed to have a bright future, but she, in this corner, visits him silently, gives him to bless. I live Monarch not to live, monarch live me to be old. Elder sister chatted, the elder sister meets the lasting youthfulness.” The Nie Li right hand moved, threw bottle of medicine pill in the past. Yang Xin met in the hand, looked at Medicine Pill in hand, the doubts looked to Nie Li. This Medicine Pill not only will increase cultivation level, but can also let the elder sister lasting youthfulness, making the elder sister forever so beautiful.” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say. Heard the Nie Li words, the Yang Xin eye one brightly, looked at Nie Li charmingly: Real?” Naturally real.” Nie Li nods. „The elder sister thanked Brother Nie Li.” Yang Xin gathered near the ear of Nie Li, „, if Brother Nie Li wants anything to repay, can tell the elder sister at any time.” The fragrant wind caresses the face, Nie Li drew back one step, smiles bitterly was saying: Elder sister was really polite.” What fears, can the elder sister also eat inadequately you?” Yang Xin smiles saying that has a lot of time for that you just came back, I did not disturb you.” Yang Xin saw, Nie Li clansmen already encircled toward Nie Li. Nie Li, you came back finally!” The Nie Li mother is sobbing, grasped Nie Li. Nie Li nose acid, hurries saying: Mother Sir, child was unfilial, comes late.”

„It is not late late.” The Nie Li father hurries to say. Slightly left is really the prospect!” Yes, slightly leaves, perhaps our entire Glory City has destroyed.” Nie En, Nie Hai and the others are saying chaotically. Slightly leaves, what Realm were you, have arrived at Legend Rank now?” Nie Hai asked. Un, is Legend Rank.” Nie Li smiles should say, has not gone to say too, looks at these kind faces, his corners of the mouth revealed the happy smile. Different with the previous generation, he changed the Glory City destiny finally, these family members, are also living. Such young Legend Rank, slightly left is really fierce!” Nie Hai laughs saying that our Heavenly Marks Family, had/left a Legend Rank powerhouse finally.” Nie Li towards the distant place looks, Du Ze and Lu Piao and the others, gathered round by their clansmen, closely examines various types of things. Sees appearance of one crowd of person harmony happiness, Nie Li wants to cry loud and long a feeling, he looked up a black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird of distant place, in the eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly wisp of cold light. Is the time, must calculate the general ledger of previous generation!” Nie Li is not thinking. The black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird just want to escape, suddenly felt that powerful Aura locked them, they frightened the urine instantaneously, courage entirely cracks. No matter our matters, we are also take orders from the conduct......” black fog Land Dragon and profound water deep bird to cry saying that they know, today died. Is who makes you come?” Nie Li coldly snort.