Tales of Demons and Gods - Volume 5 - Chapter 491

The son, never expected that you really lived, good! ” Ye Mo tears. Ye Zong is wrinkling the brow unties slowly, looks at Ye Mo, in the facial expression filled moved. He knows, in these days that he died, the father undertook certainly. Always, between he and Ye Mo, the exchange is few, Ye Mo also often stops over outside the Glory City city, gathers little leaves many. Has not thought that meeting, became parting forever time unexpectedly. He of dying and being reborn, the innermost feelings was full of many feelings. But the present scene, making him quite awkward, changed a child, was being lifted by Ye Mo, must feel strange strangely. Ye Zong traces the Ye Mo sending silk, returns to the world, has a feeling. Sees such small Ye Zong, probably returned to the young time, Ye Zong, do you want to eat the sugar?” Ye Mo smiles was saying, „my asked the person to prepare.” Ate the sugar......” the eyebrow of Ye Zong to shake shaking, the complexion broke down instantaneously, when Ye Mo really he was the child? Right, I remember that you most like the candy figure of corner Auntie An family/home, oh, I forgot, Auntie An over 120 years old, have not made the candy figure.” Ye Mo could not bear laugh suddenly, good strange feeling.” Ye Mo put Ye Zong. The Ye Zong board a face, was looking that said to Nie Li: Your boy, so harms me to become the present appearance, I punished you not to with Ziyun meet for half a month!” Father-in-law Sir, you just the rebirth, the body returned the universe, midnight will perhaps wet pants, I have means that monopolizes midnight to wet pants, does not know whether you must attempt.” Nie Li draws Ye Zong one side, gathers near the ear of Ye Zong. Nie Li, you dare to shame me......” Ye Zong to be annoyed, but also cannot help but lowered the sound. Father-in-law Sir, I means.” Nie Li said very much earnestly, by some chance you, if midnight really urinated the pants, but really affected your prestige. When the time comes, only feared that entire Glory City knew.”

Ye Zong cannot help but trembles at heart, asks: This is real.” „After slowly your mortal body with spring of again condense life, gathers the entity, will also have the excess moisture content to discharge outside the body, time urine pants of sleeping are unavoidable.” Nie Li shakes the head to sigh said. What means does that have?” Ye Zong also felt, if oneself really urinated the pants, that may really be the matter of humiliation. I and Ziyun matter......” Nie Li sighed. Nie Li, you threaten me......” Ye Zong to say wickedly. Doesn't dare, I want to help the father-in-law Sir.” Nie Li said grinningly. I, no matter then.” Ye Zong said very much depressed. This is day of source Divine Technique, spring of the especially qualify life condenses the mortal body cultivation that becomes. The spring of life condenses the mortal body that becomes, has the strength of powerful day source, the speed far supernormal person of cultivation. This powerful God Level cultivation technique day source Divine Technique, the father-in-law Sir perhaps is in addition quick to cultivation Martial Ancestor Realm, when the time comes can change the appearance, restores the original appearance.” Nie Li shows a faint smile to say. Heard the Nie Li words, the Ye Zong eye shone, asked: Really can restore the original appearance?” Good.” Nie Li said, this considered me to give the father-in-law Dawry of Sir.” Dawry? What did you say?” Ye Zong stared in a big way the eye. Naturally the father-in-law Sir can not receive, I took carry back.” Nie Li said grinningly. Nie Li, your bastard......” Ye Zong is staring Nie Li bitterly.

Haha, the father-in-law Sir, my is cracks a joke.” Nie Li said with a smile, this cultivation technique gave to you.” Nie Li cultivation technique toward a Ye Zong bosom stopper, said: Father-in-law Sir cultivates well!” Nie Li, I have arranged some people, moves to Divine Feather Sect Glory City everyone one after another!” Du Ze looked that said to Nie Li. Un.” Nie Li nods, he knows, the Demon God Sect person is will not give up absolutely. Entire Glory City kept bustling about, Ye Mo looks at the city wall that declined, long sighed. Nie Li stood in Ye Mo behind, showed a faint smile saying: Father-in-law does not need to feel to regret, left Glory City, we will go to a better place, later wants to come back to come back momentarily, by that time, Demon Beast could not threaten us again.” Before we think that Glory City was the only homeland, many ancestry kept fighting for generations, was in order to survives in here, until now, I understand, originally Glory City in this world, was only the place of such common negligible.” Ye Mo said sigh with emotion. Yes, outside is the endless broad world, only then walked, we can know. Glory City is in Small Exquisite World, a very small place, but Small Exquisite World, is one in three thousand Small World, Dragon Ruins Realm, is one in three thousand Big World.” Nie Li raises head to look at the day, outside is the infinite huge domain.” Beforehand we, but also is really frog in a well.” Ye Mo heaved a deep sigh to say. At this moment, Glory City corner, the loud sound of bang, the shock-wave of that terrifying, swept across the surrounding all. Nie Li hurries with Soul Force, covered Ye Mo et al . Nie Li, what happened?” Ye Ziyun asked. I feel probably, erupted to Abyss Prison realm that strategy.” Xiao Ning'er she used the Soul Force sensation one to say.

Strategy to Abyss Prison realm? Duan Jian?” In Nie Li heart slightly one cold, was Duan Jian ran into what matter? Nie Li remembered anything suddenly, in Abyss Prison realm, they had bumped into a mysterious old man, the strength of that mysterious old man, powerful incomparable, far ultra Legend Rank. That time he could not have induced the strength of opposite party in what degree, but that old man was not common. Moreover in Abyss Prison realm, that mysterious stele, and legend about Emperor Kong Ming, made Nie Li have some not good association. We had a look in the past!” The Nie Li sinking sound said, whiz, changes to flowing light in the direction that the explosion originates, grazes to go. Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning'er, Du Ze and the others follow in abundance, is only the flash, they then arrived at magic formation side, fell in abundance, at this time, magic formation had been destroyed in a complete mess, the surroundings are stretch of ruins, the position that magic formation is, now had turned into surrounding area dozens meters pit. The channel to Abyss Prison realm, had been thoroughly destroyed. Nie Li, the channel to Abyss Prison realm does not have, what to do? Duan Jian also in inside!” Du Ze is frowning to say. ten thousand Jiexian the trace honorable person play, Youku broadcasts hotly, a very attractive flat and thin piece, everyone is interested to look at one. ( This chapter ends)