The Great Ruler - Volume 10 - Chapter 913
Chapter 911 Devouring Demonic Technique, Devouring Demonic Battle Seal!” When Lin Ming that cloudy and cold sound spreads in this stretch of world, sees only its rear area, that giant incomparable dark skeleton great mouth is also opening slowly, black fighting intent crazy is condensing, but in the great mouth surrounding space, then quietly splits cracks, that is because there fighting intent is extremely wild to cause. Probe that this Lin Ming after just started, obviously is also prepares but for fully. Mu Chen looks at fighting intent that in that dark skeleton skull great mouth is condensing, the look also slightly concentrates, is facing vigorously of Battle Array Master, but is, he will not be obviously stupid does intentionally to neglect. Therefore he aspirated lightly, both hands close up slowly. Bang!” Above dark skeleton skull, over ten thousand Battle Pattern glittering eye-catching gloss, that fighting intent bellow also even more wild, finally sees only one group richly to extreme black light(Hei Guang), slowly raises from that skeleton skull mouth. That rolls black light(Hei Guang), is almost rich just likes black hole same, making the person not see clearly thing, but that from fluctuation that filled, was makes this day within numerous powerhouse slightly hearts be startled. black light(Hei Guang) inside, as if has any thing in swallowing, quick, in black light(Hei Guang) starts to shrink, a moment later, black light(Hei Guang) diverges all, the innumerable powerhouses concentrate the item to look, saw only spatially on that day on, together roughly black light seal of hundred zhang (333m) size, baseless suspension . Above that [say / way] black seal, is covering entirely quiet black Battle Pattern, among Battle Pattern glittering, just likes is evil demons mouth same. Made one feel the intermittent chill in the air. That black light seal static suspension in sky, however sends out the fluctuation that made that piece of space distortion gradually get down directly. Goes.” Lin Ming smiles to Mu Chen densely. Palm outstretch slowly, that black light prints also suddenly to fly to shoot immediately, under dodged appears in the Mu Chen sky, black seal rose suddenly in this time against the wind, several thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge, that momentum scary suppression, has exuded in an instant then being unable to withstand the load the sound of shattered including the space. Bang. although that just liked mountain black seal still also has the remote distance from the ground. But that fearful pressure, made below ground avalanche leave a piece of vast gulf as before directly. Once this Lin Ming gets rid thoroughly. Sixth Rank Sovereign is looks at the eyelid anxiously to jump. The darkness covers from the sky, hand imprint speeding up that even more but Mu Chen raise one's head, only that has not actually fluctuated, afterimage as if under form in it. Thump!

Just likes mountain black seal shakes suddenly. The space shivers, a fearful oppression strength sends out, is makes Mu Chen body shake unexpectedly directly, then had been depressed the number hundred zhang (333m) from that upper air... This looks in Great Luo Heavenly Territory various kings complexion changes, wants to come realizes that Lin Ming overbearing of offensive. Ha Ha!” Lin Ming densely smiles in this time, sees only his palm once again fierce depressing, then once again successively depresses like mountain black seal, but body of Mu Chen, then under the gaze of that innumerable [say / way] line of sight. Unceasing was shaken falls the horizon. At present so, was Lin Ming has obtained the absolute winning side without doubt. However, is facing this time powerful Lin Ming. Mu Chen actually is still the eye hangs, the face appears extremely tranquil, both palms of only that knot seal, is actually fluctuates more and more complicated. Bang! Also is a numerous oppression, the body of Mu Chen directly is forcibly was compelled to fall the sky, then fell above a mountain peak. When its both feet steps that mountain peak, above peak. Immediately has crack to spread following his, will put in order a peak to cover. fighting intent that his whole body fills, was affected in this time, thus becomes somewhat comes loosely. You damn!” But when the fighting intent somewhat scattered in disorder that flash that the Mu Chen whole body fills, in the Lin Ming eye cold brightness suddenly suddenly attack, at this time is his killing move thoroughly falls! Bang! Hanging black seal, erupted ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) black light(Hei Guang) in this time, that each black light(Hei Guang) seemed just likes black hole same, was unable penetrates including the ray, then that black seal then layer on layer has suppressed. The mountain peak of Mu Chen under foot starts irrelevant shattered, obviously to the edge of avalanche, then, that black seal has howled, directly in that countless people shock vision, being relentless layer on layer has suppressed Mu Chen. The mountain peak avalanche, black seal suppresses, jumped together with that directly the broken mountain peak as well as Mu Chen silhouette, the suppression of forcibly in this stretch of earth. Bang! The trim earth, as if shivered in this time. Black seal stands erect in the world, just likes a gorgeously motionless mountain, but many powerhouses are silent, look somewhat vibration is looking at that ice-cold and wild black seal.

Above black seal, Battle Pattern just like is the mouths of evil demons, unceasing creeping motion distortion , strange. Lin Ming flies high to stand, his look dense is looking at that black seal, said with a smile ferociously: Mu Chen, I know you to have the method, but you were stupid somewhat to be arrogant, my this Devouring Demonic Battle Seal, so long as were suppressed, unceasing was swallowed the strength, was swallowed completely till your whole body strength!” This Battle Seal, depending on your strength, basic breaks seal on unable!” The Lin Ming grinning fiendishly sound within spreads on this day, is caused that in numerous powerhouse hearts vibrates, so did the confrontation, decide the victory and defeat? Was hit by the Lin Ming so overbearing offensive directly, wants to come is Sixth Rank Sovereign must defeat without doubt, that Mu Chen, is more unfortunate than fortunate. The Great Luo Heavenly Territory place, many powerhouse complexion are pale, the Asura King brow closely wrinkled, but that Nether World Palace aspect, then all looks the happy expression, wants to come not to expect facing powerful Lin Ming, Mu Chen unexpectedly will appear such not being able to withstand. This Mu Chen so collapses at the first blow unexpectedly.” Fang Yi is looking at this, shaking the head sneered that cannot bear, who can expect, before also powerful Mu Chen, can actually by Lin Ming defeating easily. You thought too simply Mu Chen.” Zhan Tai Liuli beautiful eyes lightly looked at his one eyes, then the line of sight changes that just likes mountain black seal, attractive pupil slightly narrows the eyes, why does not know, under that black seal, she seems faint heard some palpitations sounds, that sound, seems thunderous roaring. Fang Yi hears the Zhan Tai Liuli words, wanted to say anything actually, but the words have not exported, suddenly the sound of thundering, within resounded through together suddenly from this day, then he was sight that the eye pupil shrank, that by black seal that Battle Pattern filled, shivered in this time unexpectedly. Lin Ming that a originally face grins fiendishly, the pupil also suddenly shrinks in this time. Bang! Bang!” The sound of that thundering, starts becomes rapid, but shivering of that black seal also even more fierce, to afterward, all influence line of sight was to concentrate to come, in the eye was filling surprisedly. buzz! Suddenly, in the bottom of that black seal, has eye-catching dazzling lightning to bloom, among dazzling lightning violently shoots, above black seal, was torn cracks directly, dazzling lightning seeped from that crack. Lin Ming complexion at this time drastic change. Bang! However has not needed he to have any movement, fluctuation under that black seal, suddenly becomes wild incomparable, the thunderous great sound resounds through together, that suppresses the Sixth Rank Sovereign black seal sufficiently, is comes by the scrap in this time unexpectedly directly. Black seal changes into everywhere black light(Hei Guang), that Lin Ming complexion is also becomes a paleness, he has not thought obviously that he just also said the words, but the next quarter, this confident Devouring Demonic Battle Seal, directly was broken by Mu Chen.

How possible! My this swallows demon fighting intent to be overbearing, how possible to unravel depending on this Mu Chen to result in!” The [say / way] that Lin Ming clenches jaws, his inheritance, was named swallows the demon to fight Battle Array Master of king from ancient times one, this person also quite had the ominous name in that ancient times, the inheritance was also set up a new banner, although was strange, but cancould be underestimated absolutely. Overbearing?” In the place of that black seal suppression, in the earth of avalanche, has the lightly sound together along with it resounding, then there giant stone jumps to break to pieces, together silhouette, from that avalanche earth, raising slowly. that silhouette, wraps in radiant dazzling lightning, that dazzling lightning extremely unusual, that is not the true thunder, but by fighting intent, but in dazzling lightning, Mu Chen gained ground, look faint looking to the direction that Lin Ming is. Since overbearing, I defeated it with the overbearing way am good.” The Mu Chen faint sound resounds, must discuss really overbearingly, he will make Lin Ming know that perhaps overbearing of Nine Tribulations Battle Emperor, is not he able understood. When the voice falls, palm that Mu Chen grips tightly, in this time little opening, but along with opening of his palm, radiant dazzling lightning comes out from its palm violently shoots immediately. Roar! Just likes is the dragon roar sound, spreads from the palm of Mu Chen in this time, together roughly sees only dazzling lightning of palm of the hand size slowly from the Mu Chen palm raises. When dazzling lightning raises, in world numerous powerhouses just now discovered that said dazzling lightning, unexpectedly was one roughly zhang (3.33 m) about miniature Lightning Dragon, this Lightning Dragon extremely unusual, it did not have the entity, carefully looked that discovered on able, it was actually by innumerably said Battle Pattern condensed... Roar! Miniature Lightning Dragon is stretching the body in the Mu Chen front, in the small body, actually erupts heaven startling moved the dragon roar sound, this time it, seems the god of thunder, rules by force sufficiently destroys the day to extinguish. In this small Lightning Dragon Battle Pattern, almost condensed all fighting intent of five armies! That strength, is makes all influence powerhouse heart shake directly, the pupil of that Lin Ming, sharply shrinks in this time suddenly, obviously realizes a fluctuation of extreme danger. You like overbearingly, I make you take a look, who is overbearing...” Mu Chen stares at Lin Ming, mouth corner is raising, at once counts on the fingers a ball, sees only that miniature Lightning Dragon immediately to fly to shoot, the time, the thunderous sound, vibrated the world. Nine Tribulations Lightning Prison Visualizing Law, nine tribulation thunder dragon pattern!” ( to be continued )