The Great Ruler - Volume 10 - Chapter 919
Chapter 917 The human bone bone mountain [lineage/vein] above space is surging, at this time all influence that astonished vision, looks to old silhouette that there presented once again, but that silhouette, impressively is of Heavenly Eagle Emperor Great Luo Heavenly Territory three emperors. All influence exudes the low sound in an uproar in this time, actually that Battlefield of Death deep place had what, have these top powerhouses suddenly braved why? But Mu Chen, Asura King, Nine Nether they look at Heavenly Eagle Emperor that comes to suddenly, is relaxing of feeling relieved, had Heavenly Eagle Emperor here, that Nether World Palace today also on do nothing they. Nether Flame Elder complexion, when Heavenly Eagle Emperor appears, was slightly gloomy, at once coldly snorted said: Your this old codger but actually indeed is also haunted by the ghost.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor smiled, then look at by Heavenly Demon King that he coagulated, lightly smiled is said: Was good, the today matter first arrives at this end.” To this end?” [Say / Way] that Nether Flame Elder measures cloudy: Your Great Luo Heavenly Territory harms my Nether World Palace only Battle Array Master to die/to fall, you think that this matter was so good?” That is not you massacres.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor said with a smile: Read, in you lost in a Battle Array Master share, my Great Luo Heavenly Territory did not need you to give that 400,000 Death Source Pill.” He poured is also natural, waves to exempt 40 ten thousand Death Source Pill, because Heavenly Eagle Emperor was clear, wanting Nether Flame Elder to hand over 40 ten thousand Death Source Pill, that radically was the impossible matter, especially at present, that Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure already under discovered premise. You!” In the Nether Flame Elder eye the ominous light surges, at once he slightly cold and gloomy vision then went to Mu Chen, but was swept by his vision, Mu Chen skin immediately one cold, has one type by the feeling of poisonous snake locking. This command Mu Chen complexion fluctuates slightly, because he knows, if Eighth Rank Sovereign iron core must kill him, he will also fall into the extremely dangerous region, when the time comes, cannot protect him Asura King. Heavenly Eagle Emperor gets rid, then achieves Seventh Rank Sovereign Heavenly Demon King to trig strength, although has the surprise attack, because, but also sufficiently revealed that actually between Seventh Rank and Eighth Rank have the big disparity. He He, Nether Flame, I urged you to restrain these thoughts, when you got rid, this Heavenly Demon King feared can by me immediately obliterate.” However when Nether Flame Elder eye glow ominous light glittering, the Heavenly Eagle Emperor lightly sound, once again transmits. Now you, if must handle this mutually wounded matter, I want to Nether World Palace, not many advantage.”

Nether Flame Elder look hidden in the shade even more, he is staring at Mu Chen stubbornly, but finally is slowly opens the line of sight shift, because he knows that Heavenly Eagle Emperor said indeed right, no matter he gets rid quickly, even if his real thunder cut to kill Mu Chen, but their Nether World Palace, shortly will lose Seventh Rank Sovereign. This compared with losing Lin Ming has made people grieved. This time calculates that your Great Luo Heavenly Territory is ruthless, but you also leave happily are too early, after my family Palace Master knows, cannot with your let go!” Nether Flame Elder smiles densely, at once coldly snorted, the sleeve robe wields, figure then baseless vanishes to go, when appears once again, already before that Nether World Palace army, but at the same time, Heavenly Eagle Emperor also brought Glacier King to appear in the Great Luo Heavenly Territory various kings front. They are the Eighth Rank Sovereign top powerhouses, therefore they have not resorted to some senseless methods, because they are clear, if they must disregard to get rid, each other powerhouse of subordinates will lose seriously. Sir Heavenly Eagle Emperor!” various kings sees to appear in front Heavenly Eagle Emperor, holds the fist in the other hand to salute in this time hastily. Heavenly Eagle Emperor beckoned with the hand with a smile, then the vision then looked to Mu Chen, said with a smile: Congratulates King Mu becomes Battle Array Master, my Great Luo Heavenly Territory these years, have a appearance of Battle Array Master finally.” Voice, he was held responsible the most important issue: This Death Source Pill collection how?” After the statistics, in our hands altogether has 43 ten thousand Death Source Pill.” Asura King returns to say. 430,000?” Heavenly Eagle Emperor eye micro bright, at once gratified saying with a smile: Good, were more than much previous Great Battle Hunt, Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure although somewhat that these time discovers is unusual, but wants to come should to be also enough.” This Great Battle Hunt, if not King Mu leads, perhaps we are also very difficult to collect enough Death Source Pill.” Splitting Mountain King said with a smile in this time, during the spoken languages was to have obviously is the meaning of Mu Chen being overly proud. Right, in this 43 ten thousand Death Source Pill, majority is attains by King Mu their this group of troops.” Asura King has not concealed but actually, said truthfully. Heavenly Eagle Emperor hearing this cannot help but somewhat surprise looked at Mu Chen one, wants to come not to think that the latter will display in this Great Battle Hunt so prominently, moreover including arrogant Splitting Mountain King, Asura King, will usually regard with a special fondness to it, is so polite. Splitting Mountain King overestimated me actually, if were not various kings together, only feared that I was also helpless.” Mu Chen he pushes regarding crack mountain Wang Jiang is the micro feeling is also stunned, but he has not displayed many to be favorite as well as wildly arrogant but actually, the only smile said. He He, it seems like Territory Master and Nine Nether have not misread the person.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor regarding Mu Chen free from arrogance and rashness felt appreciation actually quite, the [say / way] of his somewhat sigh, most starts him to be genial to Mu Chen slightly, that completely looks in the Nine Nether face, afterward words, then because of looking after of Great Luo Territory Master to Mu Chen, however now, other source understands that this young people, indeed are having some unique charm as well as the abilities.

His comes, climbs up from Great Luo Heavenly Territory most common Commander step by step on, that progress, making the person suck the tongue and exclamation, moreover everyone unable knows that future he, actually will arrive at which... Nine Nether saw that Mu Chen is obtaining the approval of entire Great Luo Heavenly Territory step by step, in the heart also feels for him joyful, then said with a smile: Eagle Elder, you formerly said that Territory Master did seek for Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure?” various kings hearing this, raises up the ear hastily, they spell life and death in this Battlefield of Death, to open Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure prepare, but this seeking Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure matter, they do not have the ability to meddle , can only count on Territory Master. Heavenly Eagle Emperor nods with a smile, at once a little helpless [say / way]: Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure looked had found, but actually slightly had an accident...” Accident?” Mu Chen their hearing this, is all startled. In that Battlefield of Death deep place, is the wildest region, there Spiritual Energy storm momentarily sweeps across covers, even if the super powerhouse of Earthly Sovereign rank also the discrete conduct, but after several exploration failures, we poured had indeed discovered a Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure trace, the grandness of this Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure, surpassed any Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure that we had explored in the past.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor [say / way] slowly. Oh? various kings is spirit inspires. „Because this Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure is extremely grand, therefore caused the hosts of major top influence stares at it now.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor helpless [say / way]. Mu Chen stunned of their face, slightly feels creepy feeling at once, so long as because thinks the super powerhouse who 67 Earthly Sovereign ranks squats at the scene of outside that Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure eying covetously, they feel fearful. That begins accidentally, but indeed wants the earth-shattering, their here these battles compare with that level, feels dwarfed simply. We now?” Nine Nether asked. Preparation leaves to go to the Battlefield of Death deep place, no matter what, this Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure cannot give up, according to its grand degree, this Earthly Sovereign master inevitably is quite before death formidable, if able obtains Spirit Divine Liquid that its leaves behind, perhaps Territory Master is able breaks through to Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, if when the time comes by Divine Pavilion's Master or the Nether World Palace lord, Liu Tiandao these fellows obtains, regarding our Great Luo Heavenly Territory, was not good information.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor serious [say / way]. People hearing this also layer on layer nods, although they do not know that between so-called Lower Position Earthly Sovereign and Upper Position Earthly Sovereign have the big disparity, but able was said by so the tone by Heavenly Eagle Emperor, wants to come that inevitably is day place, but their entire Great Luo Heavenly Territory destiny, can be above. Heavenly Eagle Emperor sees that also waves to order, immediately the entire Great Luo Heavenly Territory huge troops are start to transfer.

But in the Great Luo Heavenly Territory troops start to take action, the Heavenly Eagle Emperor look concentrates suddenly, gaining ground that Mu Chen they have also induced, at once the look is small shock. Because at this point, sees only in this stretch of world space unceasing distortion , unexpectedly one after another has several silhouette to come from out of the blue, but these silhouette, each, is sending out the extreme formidable constriction, made the world is shivering slightly. But Demon's Gate, Profound Heavenly Palace and other troops of top influence, then exudes the cheers in this time, silhouette that because these present at this time, impressively is the top powerhouses of their one's own side. Was discovered with that super Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure, the top powerhouses of these top influences are also set aside the hand, starts the huge troops who comes to aid the major influence subordinates. These fellows, come actually very quickly.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor lightly smiles, any stay, the palm lightly has not actually wielded, sees only vast Spiritual Light to send out from its within the body, forms several thousand zhang (3.33 m) light barrier unexpectedly, is covers directly Great Luo Heavenly Territory all troops. Walks.” Heavenly Eagle Emperor figure runs out, that huge incomparable light barrier, is then covering Great Luo Heavenly Territory many troops, as if sweeping across of cloud layer same, suddenly, vanished in the horizon side. But along with Heavenly Eagle Emperor their departures, other major top influences is also to conform shortly, then rapid shooting up to the sky. In this stretch of world, other first-class influences are looking at this, is the secret sigh, they know that then, was the true climax in this Great Battle Hunt, but this climax, without the influence that Earthly Sovereign assumed, absolutely did not have the qualifications to participate. After this Great Battle Hunt, actually does not know the pattern in this Northern Realm, will have the big change, these Northern Realm top influences, do not know that also has several people to stand erect, several people of avalanches... You were reading, if there are!