The Great Ruler - Volume 11 - Chapter 1006
Above black stone tablet, fiery star in seventh bronze lamp after flashing before a meeting is the dissipation goes, so the situation, lights the failure obviously, but Mo Feng look actually quite tranquil, therefore does not feel depressed, the only receiving palm slowly returns, golden phoenix feather above arm is also disappearance gradually goes. Formerly that palm, seemed like only is superficial, however he actually knows that was his fleshly body strength peak palm. Behind that Zong Teng complexion somewhat not too attractive is looking at this, before he and Mo Feng fought, both were everyone do nothing anyone, has not thought that now under the competion of this fleshly body strength, he actually slightly lost a point. although this is not representing the Mo Feng true battle efficiency compared with him, arrogant Zong Teng, somewhat is not quite after all comfortable. He He, Brother Mo this palm is actually fierce, when observes you formerly took control, unexpectedly has the phoenix cry sound to get up, it seems like Brother Mo and one of the Phoenix Clans, should has the great relations?” That Han Shan vision dodges, at once says with a smile. Mo Feng shows neither approval nor disapproval, has not paid attention, only both eyes tight stared at front black stone tablet, in the eye is having the scalding hot color to pass over gently and swiftly. Buzz. But under the gaze of Mo Feng, that black stone tablet also quickly had the sound, sees only his Bei Mian to vibrate, is has air/Qi of chaos to gush out, the Heaven Devouring Divine Beast essence that this stone tablet spurts, obtains compared with beforehand Zong Teng, must richly. Mo Feng is looking at the air/Qi of that these chaos, is the mouth attracts, direct one it all pouching within the body, immediately in his eye seems has Chi Yan(scarlet flame) to burn. The body surface, has a hot flame continuously to ascend, a boundless feeling, slowly sends out from its within the body. The sound of Mo Feng within the body, has continued for nearly several minutes, then other source opens both eyes, a lightly constriction, spreads from its within the body, obviously. After absorbed these Heaven Devouring Divine Beast essence, he also obtained the enormous promotion. In is appropriate to be tranquil, Mo Feng then before that black stone tablet has drawn back, but draws back along with Mo Feng, at present in this stretch of ancient square, then only has Han Shan and Mu Chen they have not gotten rid. The Mu Chen line of sight is going to the Han Shan projection. The latter is the [say / way] of smiling: Looked two, I was the hand was also itchy, then came by me?” Mu Chen hearing this gently nods, expressed not the volume objection. Han Shan sees that is the steps goes out, but along with his going out. In body refining tower in tower, almost all lines of sight. Is the gathering goes. Mentioned from some angle, this Han Shan in entering body refining tower ten supreme talent, should was the top level, his battle efficiency, even if were proud such as Zong Teng this grade of person, has to acknowledge, if the light were the strength of competion fleshly body. Perhaps is Han Shan of rhinocero demon clan, will have certainly the big superiority. Naturally. fleshly body strength, merely only real battle efficiency part, therefore strength of tyrannical person fleshly body, if when true life and death fight, gains the final victory on able not necessarily. By Zong Teng their these supreme talent, wants to come should has some methods, makes up on strength of fleshly body some disparities. Han Shan silhouette, then under the gaze of that numerous vision, stood before black stone tablet, he crossed the hands behind the back to stand, raise one's head was staring at stone tablet, only so careless standing, was has a alarming constriction to send out merely. This time he, just liked is soon will dash the ancient times rhinocero demon of world, the hoof the place, the mountains and rivers has cracked.

Both eyes of Han Shan, closing gradually, his body gradually becomes must be red, that is the sign that within the body vitality starts to surge crazily, finally the vitality seems to pass the body, finally gradually in its behind, condensed one roughly about dozens zhang (3.33 m) blood red great rhinocero. That great rhinocero is treading the earth, top of the head, a blood red frontal bone stands upright slightly, that wipes the peak, in shaking, including the space by cutting, was being demonstrated the extreme fearful sharpness slightly unexpectedly. Great rhinocero static standing erect in Han Shan behind, the first hoof friction tread slowly, although any sound has not passed on, but all people are able realize that the imposing manner of that great rhinocero, as if in this time crazy overlay. Han Shan whole body the light of vitality, is gradually rich to the extreme. His both eyes, open in this time suddenly, the double pupil unexpectedly is becomes blood red, the next flash, he one step steps forward, simultaneously two fingers and tune, suddenly to that black stone tablet first under. In its behind, that blood red great rhinocero also flushed in this time, penetrated Han Shan body directly, the head has hung, the frontal bone rose, unexpectedly was just with two fingers that Han Shan selected, perfect fusion in one. That finger, just likes is rhinocero demon destruction in society, the frontal bone that raises, will pierce in society any defense. Thump! Han Shan two fingers, pierced void in this time, finally under the gaze of that countless people gaze, the numerous points above that stone tablet, that impact, is makes its two fingers split the slit directly, the blood then seeped immediately. However, entire stone tablet tablet surface, in this time suddenly was vibrated, the naked eye obvious ripples fluctuation, proliferation rapidly from tablet surface. That sound, must come intrepidly compared with the beforehand Mo Feng three people! Mu Chen their lines of sight, in this time tight is staring above stone tablet, there ripples proliferate, finally in the black dark azure copper lamp, has the eye-catching fireworks to sweep across immediately! Flaming! During only breath, that first five bronze lamps almost burn merely in the same time, that sixth bronze lamp has stagnated slightly, the blood red flame appears, is puff one, by thorough ignition. When the sixth bronze lamp burns, Mu Chen their vision are almost as if by prior agreement direct has locked seventh, because their able feels that Han Shan this finger of strength, has not spent freely completely. But under their gazes, in that seventh bronze lamp, really once again presented the fragmentary flame, these flame little appearances, start to gather finally at a slow speed. That speed although is slow, but compared to before Mo Feng that time. Actually wants to be firmer. !

fiery star are getting more and more, when they after condensing to a degree, finally is thorough blooms, finally changes into the flame flaming combustion, that seventh bronze lamp, thorough ignition. The seventh bronze lamp, lights successfully! Whish! Outside body refining tower, sound resounding through continuously in an uproar, all powerhouses are an exclamation and admiring of face. This Han Shan really worthily is in a rhinocero demon clan most outstanding supreme talent, this, almost complete Zong Teng, Mo Feng they gave to suppress. This Han Shan, is indeed fierce.” Nine Nether is small head lightly, although this stone tablet only depends upon the strength of fleshly body. But she actually understands, this Han Shan complete force, even if in Seventh Rank Sovereign, is suitable is not weak. Lit seven bronze lamps unexpectedly.” Mo Ling also praised without cease, formerly linked her brothers is can only fire point fiery star in the seventh bronze lamp, actually could not be the degree of ignition. Obviously, if the light discussed the fleshly body strength. Han Shan must win a Mo Feng point. Then knows that big brother Mu Chen has not gotten rid, does not know that what progress he will make?” Mo Ling curious [say / way]. Nine Nether is also shook head , regarding Mu Chen the strength of fleshly body, her also indeed knows not many, knows only, is this fellow had not relaxed fleshly body cultivation, from past Divine Lightning Body. Until now dragon phoenix body, these were build up in the body the law of extremely mysterious building up body. But Mu Chen, has the extremely high attainments. Therefore Mu Chen although is not Divine Beast, perhaps but this fleshly body , compared to the most Divine Beast, must come to be intrepid and overbearing. By his strength, must through this Fourth Layer test should not difficult... But as for whether to compare favorably with Han Shan, that later again looked.” Nine Nether hesitates saying that this Han Shan result, in the situation that in she knows able was counted outstandingly, whether Mu Chen could surmount, her also indeed lacked self-confidence. ... Sound in an uproar when that body refining tower is intermittent, in that ancient square, the Han Shan behind blood red great rhinocero is also the dissipation goes, he is reclamation two fingers slowly, the scar of fingertip gently is shaken by him, is the rapid restoration goes. He is staring at seven bronze lamps of that combustion, gives a calm smile, obviously does not feel many accident. buzz. Black stone tablet starts to shiver, the stone tablet surface, as if reappeared some lightly blood marks, air/Qi of faint trace chaos seeps, but this time, in the air/Qi of these chaos, unexpectedly was contain a faint trace dark red meaning. That is...” Mu Chen is staring at these and beforehand somewhat different Heaven Devouring Divine Beast essence, in the eye light beam dodges. That is in the Heaven Devouring Divine Beast flesh and blood contain Blood Qi, compared with essence pure... However only has the performance extremely outstanding person, just now able obtains.” Mo Feng tranquil [say / way].

In that not far away, the Zong Teng look is also somewhat blazing and greedy is staring at the air/Qi of these chaos. Mu Chen slightly nod, it seems like that this should is only then lit the praise that talented person able of seven bronze lamps won. Before stone tablet, Han Shan takes a deep breath, directly suction of these slightly dark red chaos breathing one's last number, again then, his body then suddenly becomes blood red, in his behind, the blood red great rhinocero that originally vanished concentrates unexpectedly once again presently, then rapidly inflated, that fierce and tough overbearing aura, even more rich. Sigh. The change of great rhinocero has continued long time, is dissipation gradually goes, Han Shan also recovers the original condition, he looked down a palm, showed a faint smile, then turned around to go. Obviously he regarding this time advantage, quite feels satisfied. But opens along with drawing back of Han Shan, that Zong Teng, the Mo Feng vision, was the projection comes, to stop on the body of Mu Chen. Meanwhile, outside that tower, curious vision was also the condensation Mu Chen here, obviously, they want to know very much that this in the dark horse that in body refining tower rose, in this test, actually did able make what progress? Is dark horse striking back primary form? Once again soars? Regarding this, the people are express the unusual anticipation as well as the curiosity. But also under the gaze of that numerous vision, Mu Chen also gradually took, moved toward that black stone tablet. ... ...( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you) !!