The Great Ruler - Volume 11 - Chapter 1018
The air/Qi of dreadful murdering, is carrying endless frigid wells up in the Mu Chen mind, is washing out the Mu Chen mind continuously, then made his both eyes faintly become scarlet-red. As if there is air/Qi of bloodthirsty, ascends from the innermost feelings. When realized that this point, Mu Chen immediately decisively has also interrupted the induction, both eyes that then shut tightly opened, complexion slightly somewhat serious. This Sacrifice Demonic Fist indeed terrifying, merely only cultivation, unexpectedly will be murdered to affect by that bloodthirsty. However Mu Chen has not felt any deeply worried but actually, if this grade of Divine Ability so easily on able cultivation, that really could not be joined to the name of Divine Ability. It seems like the following these days, must daily induce that to murder, after gradual adaptation control, able tries cultivation.” Mu Chen talked to oneself. To display this Sacrifice Demonic Fist, must make own mind be at that type to murder the condition, only then has that type has laughed in the face of death the imposing manner, able plays the Sacrifice Demonic Fist true might. However although this Sacrifice Demonic Fist cultivation is extremely difficult, but the Mu Chen secret heart is as before happy, the merely only first type that although he obtains, but if able cultivation is successful, definitely will become he most formidable trump card. Sigh. Mu Chen takes a deep breath, suppresses the joy in heart, was steady the mood, started to be in that piece to murder in the mind the battlefield once again, from now on, he will want the day and night sensibility that to murder frigidly, strives for soon able its adaptation. Because he anticipated very much, when his able displays Sacrifice Demonic Fist, that fist, actually will be having the strength of what kind heaven startling. ... Next morning, when the dim light of night just dissipated, Mu Chen one line of then from the cultivation condition in revive. Then slightly makes the reorganization, then directly once again leaves. But under hurrying along of this uniform acceleration, Mu Chen is also starts the experience to the boundlessness and vastness of this Divine Beast Homeland. Moreover occasionally in some regions, is covering entirely the abyss. If bends down to look at from the upper air , will then discover that these abyss, unexpectedly completely by tearing of great hand forcibly, that just like the entire earth, was disrupted same. These, are proving ancient time. When that Outer Territory Race suddenly to Divine Beast Homeland launches the destruction attack, is actually the what kind destroying day to extinguish...

But as for in these abyss, even if some areas have confounded nuisance sending out, but Mu Chen they do not dare to penetrate, because even if away from ten thousand thousand years, has the evil aura to corrode as before, Spiritual Energy between these evil aura and world is incompatible, once falls into, will have possibility within the body Spiritual Energy very much by the rapid consumption completely, even was corroded by the evil aura. Wound and Divine Soul. In that hurries along, Mu Chen one line of also met many other race powerhouses in groups, but same is the opposite party after seeing Mu Chen their this line of lineups. Being far away that then is quite tactful goes. After all if superficially, their this line, have five people are genuine Seventh Rank Sovereign, another three people, besides seeming delicate Mo Ling, as if nobody is affable, then, has cancelled peeping at some intention illegal teams actually, thus made to hurry along smoothly even more. Therefore. Full speed hurries along in this daytime, at night self-torture Sacrifice Demonic Fist. During the sensibility murders, two day time. Rapidly. When the 3rd day, Mu Chen they suddenly discovered that more and more Spiritual Energy fluctuations start to appear, moreover direction that goes, unexpectedly is the extraordinary consistency. This makes Mu Chen know, that free transaction point that perhaps Han Shan said that should must arrive. But also in the Mu Chen heart reappears so the thought that his present field of vision immediately suddenly widens, then he then sees, in that remote horizon place, has huge hill to appear unexpectedly, above that hill, able sees some ancient giant stone the building, innumerable [say / way] boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation, from that sends out. In the surrounding world, but also continuous has the light to come, finally during fell into that piece of giant stone to construct. Obviously, that region, should was the free transaction point that Han Shan said. We arrived.” Han Shan also with a smile nods in this time, they were saying to Mu Chen: „After later enters the transaction point, we then respectively separate, purchase some able to resist the thing of death qi, facilitates us to enter ten thousand beast graves, in your hands also has the material order, if meets, may receive conveniently, these thing, many, are many for one point to safeguard.” Good.” Mu Chen hearing this also nods. ! Counted the stream of light passing over gently and swiftly horizon, rapid approached that transaction point, then in that surrounding landing under.

Falls outside this transaction point, in the Mu Chen eye was also passed over gently and swiftly wipes surprisedly, this place lively with scale, actually somewhat contrary his anticipation, according to his speculation, perhaps the light was in this transaction point, then has more than thousand people. The group along with the stream of people, directly enters this transaction point inside, then Han Shan then led the Demonic Rhinocero Clan three powerhouses to advance to go, leaves behind the Mu Chen four people to stroll respectively. Mo Ling is entering this place is appears especially excited active, likes the lively young girl disposition exposing with nothing left, the Mu Chen three people see that also smiles, their book holds the Taobao mentality to come, therefore also follows in her behind, whatever she strolls in all directions randomly. Transaction point inside quite spacious, surrounding ancient giant stone, presents various stances, some people sit cross-legged on crowded path both sides giant stone, before their bodies, is growing unexpectedly sturdy stone trees, but on the branch, is hanging some glittering the light beam crystal ball, in the crystal ball, is various dazzling utensils. Has scroll, there is cold and gloomy Gu sword, woods white bleached bone, there are various types seems quite unusual Heaven and Earth Treasure, seems, light beam is actually dazzling, noticeable. Mu Chen strolls to walk, occasionally met some able to resist the death qi material, was gets rid to purchase, these materials were also rare, but same price in several thousand Sovereign elixir inside, this regarding Mu Chen, obviously and inadequate any issue. But in sweeping, Mu Chen had discovered actually also some indeed are thing of treasure, but these thing sellers obviously are also very clear, that price naturally is not low, therefore his only looked at one is the choice gives up. Does not need to own use not big thing, to spend big Sovereign elixir. Therefore walks, Mu Chen also sighed that this transaction point many thing, the quality indeed is excellent, most thing, if places in the outside auction market, wants to come also to bring in a high price to compete. The group follow the stream of people, slow entry to transaction point, final four people of footsteps before appears extremely sturdy stone tree stopped. This stone tree scale is not small, compared with former these, at least wanted sturdy, moreover thing that this above was hanging was the quantity is not small, light beam was eye-catching, as if somewhat was extraordinary. Therefore, before here, actually unceasing has crowded, is nosing thing on stone tree. The Mu Chen vision is also the strafe goes, then in the eye is has the surprised color to reappear, because he discovered that on here all thing, as if has covered seal, that seal is quite ancient, lets person radically unable survey depth. Brother, what is this?” Mu Chen looks to that stone tree, there has a skinny man calmly to sit cross-legged, appearance that although he always has a drowsy look, but Mu Chen is actually able realizes in this human body that powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation.

strength of this person, same cannot be underestimated. These thing are I pulls out from ruins, but above has seal, these seal are very unusual, eradicates the success ratio forcefully, only then 30%, once is defeated, treasure self-destruction, therefore who wants to get rid, hands over 50 ten thousand Sovereign elixir, elects thing broken to seal on able casually, naturally... Regardless of becomes or defeats finally, has not related with me, even if you have started out relic, that is also your.” That skinny man caught the eye to look at Mu Chen one, at once sluggish saying. This person of here custom quite out of the ordinary, pattern that this broken seal, basically is the good luck and misfortune also has both, the luck is not good, even if has broken seal by luck, that also has possibility only to obtain pile of trash. 50 ten thousand Sovereign elixir broken seal one time, moreover successful probability half, is it possible that were you insane inadequate?” Nearby that also has making noise that person taunted, obviously thought this person of lion big opened mouth. Such remarks, the surroundings are also many people echo, they looked at for quite a while, is quite excited, but that less than 30% success ratios as well as 50 ten thousand Sovereign elixir time prices, makes the person shrink back at the sight. However that skinny man is actually disinclined to pay attention, his these thing, after being selective, wants to come the insightful people are able blurs induces is unusual to some, if these thing do not have broken seals the probability of failure, he thinks that broken seal completely forcefully, only... he had also attempted, what lets his violent anger is, his luck wonderful difference is incomparable, 50% success rates, he one time cannot succeed unexpectedly. Mu Chen and Nine Nether they look at each other one, raised actually some interests, because they discovered that these are covering the seal treasure, seems somewhat is indeed special. This may tries actually. In the Mu Chen four people of hearts passed over gently and swiftly this thought that then the line of sight then sweeps in that many crystal balls. But their vision have swept moment, Mu Chen and Mo Ling vision unexpectedly is suddenly simultaneous, then locks on a crystal ball that right bottom has been hanging directly. In that crystal ball, has one just likes the fist size, the jet black incomparable black stone, the stone like the egg, the surface as if has had been burnt down the trace. ... ... ( to be continued )